Heavenly Sacred Writings: The Gentle Pulses and Waves of a New Rhythm of Life

thebluerayWe are each a unique rhythm of life, of God/Goddess Essence merged as One, ebbing and flowing with the gentle tides of Heaven on Earth, soft spiralling cosmic stardust, birthing the beauty of Paradise, welcoming in the New.

It comes in gentle pulses and waves; cosmic rhythms and cycles of God/Goddess Consciousness taking us into a new rhythm of life, a new reality so deeply different. These are the silky soft rhythms of true divine nature. The new emerges and is so profound that it takes time to adjust to the ever growing reality of pure Agape Love that has always been here, within each of us and all around us. We are Home.

Everything is different as we emerge deeply into this New divine territory of the Soul. And then, we step out; back into the old as the pulsating rhythm continues between the old and the birthing of the New. It feels like we are being held in a cocoon of love, of soft silky light as we pulsate with the rhythms between the old and the new. I can’t help but feel that something is different now with these rhythms as the New takes over more deeply.

We step back into the old so we can deconstruct the old patterns of living, the old patterns of functioning and the old earth structures, so the New can pulsate it’s innate and pure rhythm of true life and nourishment, placing the New Template of Life into the very existence of the Old. Just as we see with the seasons of life on our earth, the decomposing of old leaves fallen to the ground and the decomposing plant life from the season of autumn provide nutrients and nourishment to the trees and plant life throughout the periods of rest and stillness of winter to the New Growth of spring and summer.

The gateway to the Solstice energy of Dec 21, 2017 can already be felt and experienced. This Solstice energy is very potent with the New and it is evident how deeply rooted we are in this New Silky Soft Energy. Strong, healthy and deeply nourished roots of the New are what has been growing within each of us as we blossom into the beauty of our true Divine Selves as all the earth and the entire cosmos pulsates in harmony with it’s own true nature of God/Goddess Consciousness. The merging of the Divine Masculine & Feminine is the very heartbeat of this New existence. We are each welcomed Home through the pulsating rhythms of true Life. ~ In Gratitude, Love and Pure Joy, ~ Antiera-Andy Rose

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