Winter Solstice Energies

astroscopeAt Solstice Grandfather Sun stands still for four days. From our perspective on Earth he is currently at the Tropic of Capricorn his most southern declination. For the Southern Hemisphere this is the time of the longest day and shortest night. But as Grandfather Sun moves northward (from our perspective) the Lunar force becomes dominant again. For the Northern Hemisphere this is our longest night and shortest day time. But for us it is the returning of the Light. From this point on the days grow longer. The Solar force is becoming dominant.

In the Northern Hemisphere at Winter Solstice we now enter the North Direction of our Medicine Wheel. The North is the place of stillness, solitude, and sharing our knowledge with others. It is the place of the Wise Elder. The Spirit Keeper for the North Direction is White Buffalo, the power of the spirit to renew itself. To the First Nations people of Turtle Island this Spirit Keeper was sacred and spoke of a new spiritual life that was being initiated.

Here in the North while the Sun visits Capricorn (Dec 21 to Jan 19) it is the Earth Renewal Time. Beneath the snow covered land new life is stirring even though we cannot see it. Our Animal Totem guide is Snow Goose (she is also the guide for the 3 year Saturn in Capricorn journey). She teaches us to let our thoughts soar and follow our dreams and visions.

In the Southern Hemisphere with Summer Solstice you now enter the South Direction on your Medicine Wheel, the place of growth, expansion, and being guided by your inner knowing. This is the place of youth and enthusiasm. The Spirit Keeper of the South Direction is Coyote, the trickster. He teaches us to be adaptable, flexible, and to not take ourselves too seriously. When we need to lighten up Coyote will trick us into laughing at ourselves.

While the Sun visits Capricorn (Dec21/22 to Jan 19/20) this is your Strong Sun Time. Your Animal Totem guide is Flicker Woodpecker, new spiritual rhythms and healing love. Flicker’s drumming matches the beating of the human heart. It is the guide that supports us as we go through transitions in our lives. Since this is a time of growth and expansion the need to transition from the old to the new is part of the journey.

The Solstice chart influences us until the Equinoxes of March 20/21. But since the calendar year 2017 is coming to a close it also colours the energies for 2018. There are some potent connections in this event chart. The Sun (identity and individuality) is conjunct (merged with) Saturn (a strong foundation) at 00 degrees Capricorn (taking our power in the world and our Soul Purpose Path). Both the Sun and Saturn are authority symbols and they are at the World Point at 00 degrees Capricorn (affecting the rules and regulations of societies). Since Saturn is the ruler of the Capricorn Sun he is very strong. We can work with his strength or we can experience limitation and restriction. They are semi-square (45 degrees) the South Node at 15 degrees Aquarius (letting go of the past). This aspect requires adjustment and revision otherwise we will feel frustrated if we try to do things “the same old way”. Aquarius is associated with the collective consciousness so the things that need to change will require we all become personally empowered.

The Moon (feminine wisdom) is still in her New Phase at 06 degrees Aquarius (strong intuitive knowing guiding new beginnings) but she is square (motivation for change) Mars at 07 degrees Scorpio (manipulation and misuse of power). Mars is conjunct Jupiter at 15 degrees Scorpio (judgment that transforms issues). And Jupiter squares (finding new ways of doing things) the South Node in Aquarius (letting go with love) and the North Node in Leo (releasing ego issues and following the path of the compassionate heart). All these connections say to me the issues that emerged in 2017 regarding men misusing their power can be healed and transformed in 2018.

Mercury Rx at 13 degrees Sagittarius (realignment of our thinking) is getting ready to move direct on Dec 22 at 8.51 pm EST. But he does not clear his retrograde shadow until Jan 10/11 so we are still in the realignment energy until then. In this Solstice chart Mercury is square (motivation for change) Neptune at 11 degrees Pisces (illusion or illumination). Neptune in turn is trine (ease and flow) Mars in Scorpio (healing and transformation) and Jupiter in Scorpio (expansion and growth of our spiritual vision). Mercury and Neptune and Jupiter ask us to focus on our truth and live our life guided by our Cosmic Consciousness. Mars motivates us to let go of anything that stands in our way.

Adding to the mix is Venus (women and self-worth) at 25 degrees Sagittarius (speaking our truth). She is “out of bounds” (thinking outside the box) until Jan 03. On Dec 23 she will cross the Galactic Center (Cosmic Consciousness). On this Solstice day Venus is square Chiron at 24 degrees Pisces (motivation to heal the world wound) and she is trine (removal of obstacles) Uranus Rx at 24 degrees Aries (breaking through to the Authentic Self).

On Dec 25 at 12.26 am EST Venus enters Capricorn (taking our power in the world) and merges with Saturn at 12.55 pm (the right use of will). Just prior to that meeting at 9.08 am the Moon in Pisces (spiritual wisdom) merges with Chiron at 24 degrees Pisces (healing the world wound). I think that is a powerful message on this day that is Sacred to so many.

It look like 2018 is going to be a year where we all have the opportunity to embrace our spiritual power and change the world.

2017 Winter Solstice Northern Hemisphere
21 Dec 2017 at 8.28 am PST- 11.28 am EST- 4.28 pm GMT- 9.58 pm IST New Delhi, India
Summer Solstice Southern Hemisphere
21 Dec 2017 at 11.28 am EST Lima, Peru- 6.28 pm EET Cape Town, South Africa
22 Dec 2017 at 12.28 am AWST Perth, Australia- 3.28 am AEDT Sydney, NSW, Australia

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