The Andromedans and Arcturians: Collective Memory Unfolding

galaxies eraoflightWe Andromedans with to open up your new year celebrations with hearty congratulations from your biggest fans! We are excited and proud to be viewing – witnessing your accomplishments as ever climbing upwards in the never ending spiral of ascension. It is true, one is always trying to exceed and be and expand more than the previous – in your term ‘year’ in our term ‘cycle’ – because that is the nature of Source, of love; ever expanding bursts of creativity and light and love. And you, Humanity, after long last, are being re-welcomed and re-integrated after being artificially cut off for far too long. It is true to say we have all missed you, our family and our friends. We are eager to reconnect and to be more than eager observers, which is “getting old”, as you may say (we do love your Earth colloquialisms) which we find humorous because we are very old, as are you, you are just starting to remember this.

So Happiest of New Years to you, dear Humanity. May we meet again shortly.

Your friends, the Andromedans.

Greetings dear ones, we are the Arcturian Collective and we have teamed up with our dear friends the Andromedans, in effort to show our unification and solidarity in support for Humanity’s ascension efforts, and to reiterate to you that you are not alone, and you are loved very much.

We have watched and waited and are encouraging you that all is working out well on this new projected timeline of timelines – the ascension timeline of Earth. For dear Gaia has waited just about as long as she can and this year will be the Year of years of the Collective memory unfolding and remembering and rising. Rising out of the depths of sludge and muck and pain into the glorious light of Source, of love and of togetherness. Bliss awaits you dear children, and it will greet you faster if you allow these glorious light encodements of today’s new year and super moons together to build up in your Now. We encourage you to drop what you are doing and go outside and get your feet on Gaia, and share these codes with her, and in turn she will share her glorious green light healing energy into your feet and feel it migrate up, up through your body and into your crown.

For you are one with Gaia. You are her promised protectors, and you are realized now in this mission, are you not? You are remembering, are you not? Therefore now is a call to action. The shells are being brushed off of your head and shoulders and you are fully emerged from your eggs of forgetfulness and you remember. May we remind you, lovingly, that this is why you came; for Gaia, for each other, for light, for love. You are the anchor for that, and the more of you who are awake and who listen eagerly to the quiet whisperings of your heart space – mind will be the wayshowers, the doers, and lovers of this new glorious light encoded reality that is manifesting now before our very eyes.

It is happening dear ones. And this happening is you! We love you ever so. We greet you a Happy New Year. We are the Arcturian Collective and we offer love and encouragement to you today. Be at peace, dear Humanity. Be comforted. All is well. You are loved beyond measure.

» Source – Channel: Galaxygirl