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Today I wish to write a little bit regarding some of the readers’ unhappiness with our choice for adding political articles on the web page.

Donald Trump Invites Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell for Camp David Weekend

donald trumpPresident Donald Trump wants to spend more time with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan in the new year.

The three Republican leaders are planning a weekend trip

The Moon Has Not Done This in 150 Years

full moonIf you were awestruck by the New Year’s Day super moon, hold onto your pants.

On January 31, around midnight, the full moon will not only be super, it will be a blue moon and

No Electronics in the Bedroom

sharewhatyouknowThe California Department of Health issued guidelines highlighting the health risks associated with cell phone radiation exposure, and encouraging the general public to minimize their exposure

Monthly Astrology Forecast, January 2018

monthly energies eraoflightIt’s easy to reach the end of a year realising we’ve failed to achieve the goals we set twelve months before. We may take a deep breath and then resolve, once again, that this year will be the year we finally make

Master El Morya: Three Ways to Accelerate Your Ascension This Year

el moryaGreetings, I am Master El Morya, the Chohan and overseer of the First Ray of Light. It is my purpose to oversee and activate within others the Creator’s qualities of wisdom, divine will, power, courage and action. It is my purpose to assist and encourage

Shifting Matter Shifting Consciousness As Light

thebluerayWhile you appear to be at least in part ~ still living in the OLD World. The restructuring of Consciousness ~ as LIGHT ~ being Matter ~ is re patterning itself, as I write. The Shattering of the old patterning ~ allows the new thought

Galatril from Atlantis: We Are Here

new earth era of lightI am Galatril and I am grateful for the opportunity to come back today. I have happy news to tell you. Since last time that I spoke with you several visitors have arrived to Atlantis. They became impressed by

Sleep Better, Conquer Insomnia With These 10 Home Remedies

careforyourbodyeraoflightInsomnia is caused by a wide range of ailments, such as joint and muscle pain, restless legs, anxiety, fear, acid reflux, and pain from chronic disease. Something as common as drinking too much coffee late in the day, or staying