Message from Ra: Cosmic Shifts

eventsuneraoflightSitting in the Sacred I AM PRESENCE Connecting with my Higher Self and with Beloved Ra and he brings forth the following message:

Dear Children, I Ra, come forth this day through my beloved to share

The Next Lunar Eclipse 1/31/2018 Impact

astro energies eraoflightA lunar eclipse occurs when the moon is full and its light is blocked by the earth’s shadow. A full moon is traditionally a time of fruition and harvest, but when eclipsed it heralds, instead, hidden fruits and obscured results. Nothing is quite as it seems

Benjamin Fulford Full Report: East-West Lines Drawn

eol newsIt is looking more likely now that we will see a world government rather than a world war in the coming months and years based on what is happening around the world.

First of all

First time in 152 years, a supermoon, blue moon, and total lunar eclipse will coincide

full moonOn Jan. 31, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing—you owe it to yourself to gaze at the darkened sky.

In the early morning hours of the Western Hemisphere and the evening in the Eastern, you will be treated to

The Arcturians: You ARE your Fifth Dimensional SELF

arcturian gratitude eraoflightWe the Arcturians wish to introduce you to your fifth dimensional SELF, so that through your very own fifth dimensional expression of SELF, we can better show you your/our Starship. We say “your-our” because different groups will live on and work from

Vaccine Industry In Panic Mode As Vaccinated Children Keep Dying From The Flu All Across America

drug industryChildren are dying from the flu all across America, according to media reports. What the media isn’t reporting, however, is how many of the children who died were also vaccine recipients. Make no mistake: If only unvaccinated

Sheldan Nidle 1/30/2018

sheldan nidle eraoflightSelamat Jalwa! Be Righteous. Much is happening. This new year begins with many cabal attempts to derail your promised prosperity by fabricating a war. Today we will discuss the nature of our blueprint to defeat the dark cabal. Our multi-layered strategies

Heavenletters: A Seeker of My Knowledge

heavenlettersGod said:

You may have played around with the idea that, in the manner of a genie, how I might bestow upon you the whole contents of My Creative Intelligence just

Mothers and Pets: Brave Ones

starseedsGood morning, good day, children of my heart! It is I, your dear Mother Mary and I come to bring you good news to comfort your weary hearts. For too long you have suffered in feeling alone and we come today to tell you that could not be further from the truth! For you are surrounded

Soaring Between Heaven and Earth

spiral starDear Ones,

It is as if nothing matters now and yet, everything does for that which you were comfortable with is no more and that which you postponed as long as possible, is

Full Moon Update 1 31 2018

full moonDear Friends,

Our second full moon of the month is a “Blue Moon”, a Super Moon and a total Lunar Eclipse.

This amazing full

White Hats Report #63: #ARRESTtheFED

realnewssource eraoflightdotThe Storm is here.

The releases coming over the next few weeks will expose the details of the methods by which the cabal rules the world through the control of money by showing you

Super Blue Blood Moon And The Leo/Aquarius Axis

monthly energies eraoflightThe Leo Full Moon on January 31st offers a trifecta of attributes which make this lunar event somewhat significant.  Most important from an astrological perspective, this is a total lunar eclipse with very tight angles to the lunar nodes, the points that