Zap/Poofness 1/28/2018


Greetings and Salutations,

The moneys are en route; not to say I know when they will land

January 31 Leo Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon, Let’s Really Release

astro energies eraoflightYOUR FEELINGS ARE POWERFUL ALLIES

We intentionally create our lives through what we feel, which in turn, directly affects our thoughts as The Law of Attraction promises. Lunar energy from

The Council: Speedbumps, Potholes, and Brick Walls

ascended beingsLet us begin today by pointing out to you something that many of you tend to miss when it occurs. You have been passing through a short period of quiet. The momentous amount of change that you are bringing about is happening in what you may characterize as a

Sandra Walter: The Eclipse Transformations: Timelines, the Logos, Change and the Heart

sandra-walterBlessings Beloved Light Tribe,

We continue to receive this strong Light code bombardment flowing through the cosmic stargate floodgates. The current influxes are harmonic-based, although they appear as vibrant light in

The Angels: Creating

angel messageMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are always creating! The reality you experience today was one you created yesterday, perhaps even yesteryear or in lives past. The reality you experience