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The Group: A Balancing Wave

Greetings from Home. I am the Scientist of the Heart. I have joined you this day to tell you about some interesting things taking place on your

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Father God: Inner Chamber

Hello, children. It is I, your Father God, here to represent the male energies. What an inspiring message last night from the ladies of the house. I always enjoy listening and learning from their expressions and voices. For there is … Continue reading

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Indicting Lawless Leaders Who Protect Illegal Aliens in “Sanctuary Cities”

For years tens of millions of Americans living in so-called “sanctuary cities” and other jurisdictions have pleaded with state and federal officials to act against elected officials responsible for implementing said policies in violation of

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States of Consciousness

Let us not automatically assume the emotional response to situations is a given. It depends on the state of consciousness and frequency of the BEING inhabiting the form. THEIR awareness and consciousness level. It is a frequency vibration

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Universal Mother Mary: You Are in the Seventh Dimension and Higher

You are just getting used to these high vibrational levels of existence while wearing these magnificent physical vessels. Greetings my sweet Annas! Dear children of my heart, angels and

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Archangel Gabrielle: Expect the Unexpected

There is great wisdom and reward at the end of any undertaking that is soul directed. Greetings dear ones! I am Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, archangel of light, lily of love, trumpet of the truth, messenger

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