Archangel Gabrielle: Expect the Unexpected

aa gabrielThere is great wisdom and reward at the end of any undertaking that is soul directed.

Greetings dear ones! I am Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, archangel of light, lily of love, trumpet of the truth, messenger of the one, and bringer of the news to you all.

I am here to spend some time with you and to celebrate your progress, your advancements and your newly found freedom, for this is what you found once you started shifting and stepping into that magnificent and powerful New You. You have found that you have and always have had that freedom to live life in joy and lightness regardless what happens around thee.

You are refining that knowing that you can choose to see any challenge as a great opportunity to experience new avenues and to learn more about life in general. You have moved out of clinging and fighting for the illusion of the safety of the status quo into enjoying the journey of constant changes and readjustment to your lives by flowing smoothly with your soul’s desire and direction.

And that is because you have shifted from that feeling of powerlessness, limitation and survival mode of the third dimensional and old selves, and discovered that you are able to co-create anything that your heart desires. It is exhilarating for you to see that you can at last create and bring into manifestation quite easily abundance of all sorts and a harmonious reality in which you feel so at home.

This journey is not meant to be traveled sitting low and ‘safe,’ or asking for assistance only when you become greatly overwhelmed and exhausted. This current lifetime was planned to be full of unexpected events, great twists and turns and wonderful surprises if you decide to take action when prompted to do so, if you make up your mind to live your life at your fullest, trusting that you are being guided and directed lovingly to follow only the path of light.

You want peace and calm, you do want harmony and joy in your lives, but that doesn’t imply lack of action and movement, for you can be quite peaceful and at the same time you can enjoy a roller coaster ride with all the ups and downs when you are fearless and worry free.

And yet this example is extreme, but at the same time also simplistic, for your lives are so much more complex and interesting, indeed way more soul fulfilling than a high speed kiddy ride. That is so when you choose to look at everything that is arising on your path with excitement and curiosity, with eagerness to see the lessons and then to find the treasure that is hidden behind the obstacles and the trials that confront thee.

Your experiences of the extremes of the duality, and mostly on the “negative” side, are not meant to be avoided or felt to be unpleasant or a sign of you deviating from your divine plan. For the most part you only need to acknowledge their existence as a probable occurrence in your life. You need to be willing to look into and perhaps briefly experience them, but not to immerse yourselves deeply or worse, to sit with them too long, thereby anchoring your dear selves into these kinds of scenarios.

Joyfully take the pearls and the lessons of the experience, and then see the great expansion and freedom that it brings to you, for as we say to thee “there is great wisdom and reward at the end of any undertaking that is soul directed.”

Expect the unexpected, follow your knowing and the directions of your heart and light, and then see miracles unfold gracefully in every moment of your life! I will close this message now and leave you with abundance of love and golden bubble of joy!



» Source – Channel: Genoveva Coyle