Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Future of World Being Negotiated

eolnewsThe shutdown of the U.S. government over the weekend is likely to become permanent as top-level negotiations continue to discuss its replacement, multiple sources agree. The Western old-world-order leadership is gathering this week in Davos

The Federation of Light: A.I

gfoleraoflightHello there, once again. I am happy to be able to be of assistance to you in any way I can, as I so very much enjoy our conversations. I know very very little of Artificial Intelligence (AI.) A few have written in asking if you would speak of this. Would

“Miracle” Of Wireless Electricity Hides Century Of Abusing Human Race In The Name Of Power

itstime eraoflightdotcomStrategic Investor has just made a rather breathlessly excited report about the incredible potential of “nano-crystal electricity”[2] – a way to transmit electrical power

Aquarian Age Awakening

aquarious ageOn Saturday the Sun enters Aquarius – sign of our new Aquarian Age.

With two eclipses coming imminently (on January 31 and February 15) activating the Leo/Aquarius axis, these next

Judas Iscariot: Love, Always

judas iscariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas Iscariot and I have a question to pose today. I wonder sometimes how you humans think when you in one moment talk about being in the heart and listen intensively to it, while at the next moment you get irritated with close ones and blame all problems on

Creation Energies: Your Personal Void

heavenlettersDear Ones,

Many of you feel as if all is lost as if you will never be joyful again. Do not fret. This is the void period in which you are learning to operate your new systems