Aquarian Age Awakening

aquarious ageOn Saturday the Sun enters Aquarius – sign of our new Aquarian Age.

With two eclipses coming imminently (on January 31 and February 15) activating the Leo/Aquarius axis, these next few weeks with the Sun in Aquarius are going to be momentous!

We are being reminded of our galactic heritage, as the Sun’s movement into Aquarius opens our mind to access higher knowledge and wisdom.

Freedom is the keyword now – and the greatest liberation happens when you risk embracing each moment fully!

Aquarius governs the 11th house in astrology. We are now firmly in an 11 year.
11 represents two relating to the world as one – a gateway into LOVE.
11 adds up to 2 – number of balance, peace and intimate partnerships.

The 11th house in astrology symbolizes friends, relationships, groups… and future goals – your hopes and wishes… your aspirations for your life and how you fit into the human experience as a whole.

There is such exhilaration and peace when you live in the present moment!

Just like the number 11, Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, speaks to the sheer thrill of exploration.Inspiration fuels the excitement, and at the same time… all inspiration is born in the womb of peace.

The Aquarian Age is giving you a big green light to “go travel there” – to the galactic womb.

In other words… Explore your OWN ENERGY!

You are a Being of Light. You have untold powers of creation. Make it a point now to consciously embrace your treasure trove of inner gifts.

Use words of great positive power.
Harness your emotions and turn them into passionate proclamations!
Focus on actions that flow in harmony with your true wishes!

You are a multi-dimensional being.

You have an infinite amount of tools at your service.

Aquarius loves to remind you of your reach, your powers of creation, and your galactic origins.

Infinite expansion, unending explorations await you! They bridge seasons, star systems, timelines, universes…oceans of pulsating potential.

Aquarius is the Awakening of Awareness.

YOU are an extension of the Divine. You are NOT separate from the divine. Listen closely, relax and speak from the heart.

There is nothing conventional about Aquarius, just as there is nothing conventional about the number 11!

With our coming eclipses in Aquarius/Leo in this stunning 11 Universal Year, the quest to explore yourself in a new Light will be tremendous – and will set you free.

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle.


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