The Angels: Creating

angel messageMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are always creating! The reality you experience today was one you created yesterday, perhaps even yesteryear or in lives past. The reality you experience tomorrow, or even an hour from now is one you are creating in this very breath.

Are you creating what you want?

Take a breath. Focus on one challenge or problem in your life for just a few seconds. As you do so, know that you are re-creating that challenge or problem for yourself in that very moment. You are inviting it to stay with you by your charged focus upon it.

Now, let’s change this. Focus instead on what it would feel like to experience a better reality. Ask yourself, “What would it feel like to have a better reality right here, right now?” Really allow yourself to imagine it. Even more importantly, allow yourself to feel it.

What would it feel like to have all the money you ever needed, right here, right now? Don’t just answer frivolously. Feel that reality. Imagine it. Immerse your mind and emotions in that reality until you feel the relaxation flood your body.

What would it feel like to be surrounded by loving relationships in all areas of your life and to lovingly, powerfully walk away from those who are not? Imagine it. Feel it. Feel the love of your life with you right now even if you have no clue if one exists. Do this until you feel it in your body. Breathe deeply while you are doing this.

Your imagination is a radio tuner that selects the frequencies and therefore the realties you call into being.

Your breath is the carrier or spiritual energy.

As you breathe and feel, you are attuning yourself to the life you wish to live. When you think of something upsetting with great emotional charge, you are tuning into that experience. When you think of something you passionately want with great love an excitement, you are dialing into that experience.

Where the process gets tricky for most of you is that you dial into something you want to experience with great fear that it will not come about, and in so doing, you are dialing into “not having it” it more strongly than “having it.”

Dear ones we love you! We want you to embrace the fact that you are powerful creators! With each breath you inhale spirit. With each focused feeling you tune into the reality you wish to experience next. Use these powers more consciously every day for these are superpowers that each one of you is blessed with by your very nature!

The saying that you must “become as a child to enter the kingdom of heaven,” is true, for children focus on their dreams and desires with great love. In so doing, they experience a joy that is long forgotten by most adults – who have learned to allow yesterday’s creations – what you are experiencing today – to dictate what you think possibly tomorrow!

Breathe. Dream. Feel… and then your tomorrows will unfold with miracles and grace.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


» Source – Channel: Ann Albers

3 Replies to “The Angels: Creating”

  1. Chris and my Guardian Angels

    My moniker reveals the truth and compels me to comment whenever our lovely Angels give us a few tips. I really DO see mine, constantly. Tiny specks of energy that never stray beyond my field of vision. Only one other EnLightened one, a 35 yr old man in Rome, admitted to seeing the same. That was about 5 years ago, I AM 70 and do not keep a diary. You would think, the very day your Guardian Angels appear, would be recorded for posterity! For a writer, three unpublished books, one would think that would be a matter of rote.

    This ‘writer’ was born in Kenya and had a truly happy childhood. Folks from the UK and after four years in England, I emigrated to Canada, at 18, and got a job working for Air Canada. My starting wage was THREE times the national average for a working man in the UK! Talk about slave labour!

    Let the good times roll. They did. I flew around the world, wining and dining beautiful ladies!

    Not a spiritual person at all. still not, so why God chose to allow me to see my Guardian Angels is a mystery for the Ages.


    1. Cheri

      Hi Chris, interestingly Magenta Pixie just did this short video on these dots of light in our field of vision that more and more people are seeing now. It appears to be the unified field of love all around us.

      I am just exploring it to like pixels in our field of vision of the god source that we are all apart of. The very nature of creation.

      Congratulations on living a life of joy, that is the key to the kingdom of heaven within. Here is the post to share. With love to you and your guardian angels!!

      1. Chris and my Guardian Angels

        Thank you Cherie for the link.

        I actually don’t see dots. I see specks of energy connected by a gossamer. About six or seven with one being larger than the others. Guardian angel, angels and spirit guides? They change shape constantly, always remain connected, and never stray beyond my field of vision. Move my eyes and they also move. When I let them lead the way they always lead my eyes to my heart chakra. Sometimes they spin me around in circles until I am dizzy! When I switch the light off at at night they glow blue in the dark. Quite amazing really. My third eye also sees them.