Heavenletters: A Seeker of My Knowledge

heavenlettersGod said:

You may have played around with the idea that, in the manner of a genie, how I might bestow upon you the whole contents of My Creative Intelligence just like that. Ho, ho, what a plum this would be for you in this world, even as I say once again, Beloveds, that, because of Our Oneness, all My Children already possess the Totality of Knowledge natural, yet may not have it so quickly at the tip of your tongue.

In your daydream of such an explosion of Knowledge in the world, it may not have occurred to you that you could be overstepping? Taking too big a bite in one swallow? That you could fry your mind? Be blown away?

Beloveds, assimilating and understanding are not quickies. You can’t just sit down and absorb an encyclopedia all at once. Something has to settle in, and you to get comfortable. Something has to click.

You don’t want to stuff your mind. As a matter of fact, your mind is already stuffed.

You do desire accrued wisdom that goes beyond information.

Having directions in your possessions isn’t the whole story. You want to accommodate the directions and reach your destination. Your Heart yearns for more than information. Your being able to recite an address itself isn’t quite enough.

A comparison We can make: For instance, when you desire, why do you? What are your deeper motives? There is more to a baby than its a birth. What do you do with the baby from then on? Basically the care and handling of the baby depends on you. The birth is a specific part of your relationship. There is more to come.

You and the baby serve each other in a mutual exchange. You and the baby benefit each other. We can call the process growth. You serve the baby, and the baby serves you. You fulfill the baby, and the baby fulfills you. Each of you give each other a lot, and you each gain a lot. Neither of you reap all the rewards. There are blessings to go around as you share a relationship.

I ask you, when you are a seeker of My Knowledge, what are you expecting Me to bring to you? What more do you want? What are you really seeking? What are your reasons for seeking? There is something you are looking for to fill your heart, something beyond curiosity, beyond glory, beyond the ordinary world.

I don’t pry so deeply into a Godwriter’s desires. Godwriters want to come closer to Me. It is the knowledge of My Heart that Godwriters yearn.

In the case of Godwriting, I don’t even have to ask what Godwriters are looking for. It is clear that what Godwriters really want is to come closer to Me. This is different from wanting to claim My Knowledge.

Generally speaking, a Godwriter’s want to know Me, is desiring that We hold hands. This is good enough for Me.

I ask questions in this Heavenletter to those who want instant knowledge because I desire that you know your own answers. Please seek your answers for yourself. It is you yourself who learns from your answers. Access to Me goes beyond all accumulated Knowledge.

Godwriting, on the other hand, comes closer to My Heart than any encyclopediac pursuit, do you agree?

Godwriting brings your Ear close to My Heart, My Heart that seeks you. I make a distinction between Heart and mind. Of course, I do.

Hey, it is fine for you to seek All Knowledge. I ask you what you want all My Knowledge for so that you know more what your premise is. What is in your Heart beyond what at first may have beckoned you?


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff