Full Moon Update 1 31 2018

full moonDear Friends,

Our second full moon of the month is a “Blue Moon”, a Super Moon and a total Lunar Eclipse.

This amazing full moon is on Wednesday, January 31 at 6:27 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

The eclipse will be most visible in Hawaii however the west coast of the US may be able to see a bit of it.

There is fire and determination in this powerful moon. It is best to do something physically active and moving centered during this time. Use your action to represent your desires and intentions. Stay away from toxic people, arguments, heated discussions that don’t go anywhere, and your own fruitless worries and obsessions.

Bring in the element of emotional healing through music and other creative expression. Express love and gratitude and make sure to do whatever it takes to keep your frequency high and to stay away from any negativity. An eclipse always opens up a more powerful portal and initiates change. Use this energy to fuel changes that you want and be ready to jump into action when they happen. Wait for right timing and allow for things to unfold instead of effecting at them. This is a powerful, wonderful and exciting time. Use it well.

Astrological Notes:

Aquarius Super Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse
Moon in Leo 11º~ Sun in Aquarius 11º
Wed. Jan 31, 6:27 AM Mountain Standard Time
(Wed. Jan 31, 1:26 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

We begin eclipse season with a dramatic Super Moon and a total lunar eclipse ~ Leo would have it no other way! Super Moon means closest to the Earth and measurably bigger and brighter. Amplified! With Leo as ruler of the heart and upper back, the best medicine here is to open and fill your heart with these moonbeams. We are opening to love in magnificent new ways and breaking down the old walls of separation with all the growth we have done in the past. Leo is the fixed, fire sign of the zodiac and a sign of (power + love) = one.

Both Aquarius and Leo have to do with individuality. Aquarius, fixed air and a universal/collective sign, wants to reclaim its uniqueness from the collective programming of parents, family, and culture, and the detached nature of the mental signs is instrumental in this need to be its own expression. Leo, on the other hand, being a personal sign is about embodying individuality by radiating and expressing the royal ‘me’. ‘I am this one!!!’ And none can express with such confidence, warmth and generosity as Leo, The King of Beasts!

We have not only a Super Moon, but also the opening eclipse on the Leo/Aquarius continuum. We will come to value this fire/air axis as the year progresses, because the water and earth signs will predominate. Fire gives inspiration, enthusiasm and positive forward-looking frames to all we do. Air gives us perspective, clarity, flexibility and mental detachment. Without their gifts we get too bogged down in our day-to-day lists and emotions.

To have an eclipse, the Sun and Moon must be aligned with the North and South Nodes. Here we have the South Node aligned with the Sun and Venus – an opportunity to let go of all those times we felt we weren’t loved the way we thought we should have been loved. In Aquarius, we can look with some real detachment at the events of our lives, acknowledge the experience, let that old loved/unloved story go and put on our big-girl britches and move on. Aquarius Sun/Venus can help us move in to the modern moment of now, push the boundary, and live in an entirely new headspace where we ARE love.

The lunar eclipse at Full Leo Moon is aligned with the North Node – our edgy point of growth at this time, and exactly conjunct Ceres – Earth Mother, agricultural goddess, Nurturer and giver of unconditional love. Ceres nurtures her children of the Earth through her fertile fields. Along with deep nourishment and fertility, we learn self-love from Ceres and how to nurture ourselves and those around us. Many food-related, parent child relationships (separation or attachment) and parenting issues are associated with Ceres and may rear their heads during this time frame. Mother and nurturing issues go deep and eclipses are known to reveal and release that which is hidden. Eclipses are times of endings and new beginnings, closings of the past and openings to new paths.

Ceres is also the midwife to the cycles of birth and death so evident in agriculture and the seasons. Ceres/Demeter (Mother of Persephone) also brings an element of grief, loss, and separation along with rage and disempowerment that is an aspect of the feminine reawakening. It’s Eris and Uranus, ruler of the Aquarius Sun, that turn the outrage into feminine warrior action.

Eclipses are 19-year cycles. They are our change barometers. We evolve as we are pushed to realign/reset to the cosmic forces as the nodes march around the zodiac spending 18 months in a sign affording us new lessons and growth. A lunar eclipse pushes into the resetting of the emotional realms. With Venus and Ceres opposed and aligned with the Sun and the Moon respectively, our personal values, relationships, aesthetics, and ability to nurture our self and others will come prominently into focus. As the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon, and the Earth blocks the light at eclipse, we feel the shiver and release into emotional truth.

Reflecting back on our pasts 19 years ago and these themes of love, nourishment, growth, creativity, abandonment, and parental relationship, what have been your experiences, what has ended, what desires to be born?

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, Imbolc Feb 1-2, a cross quarter day, marks the midpoint between winter and spring, also Ground Hog’s day. A time when the seed awakens and begins to stir under ground, the light of day begins to lengthen enough to notice. The seeds we have planted move towards the light.

Venus is now obliterated by the bright light of the Sun as she moves from morning star to evening star, soon to be seen in the western sky in February – something to watch for next month as you look west after sunset. So beautiful!

As we complete this eclipse cycle at next New Moon in mid February with a partial solar eclipse, take time to open to the insights, experiences and clarifications offered you, then make adjustments to your goals, your relationships and your ability to receive and express more from your newly opened heart for the next 6 months until we move into the next eclipse cycle in July.

The following are in Mountain Daylight Time (MDT):

02/15 Aquarius New Moon/Solar Eclipse 27º 2:06 PM MST
02/18 Sun enters Pisces
03/01 Virgo Full Moon 11º 5:52 PM MST
03/11 Daylight Savings Time begins (USA)


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