Super Blue Blood Moon And The Leo/Aquarius Axis

monthly energies eraoflightThe Leo Full Moon on January 31st offers a trifecta of attributes which make this lunar event somewhat significant.  Most important from an astrological perspective, this is a total lunar eclipse with very tight angles to the lunar nodes, the points that represent our passage from past to future.  This tight connection between the Moon and the Sun and the nodes opens up a force field that unlocks areas of our life which we have shut down, or attempted to protect ourselves from.

Four of the five eclipses in 2018 are on the Leo/Aquarius axis, forcing us to confront areas where our need for personal development and satisfaction (Leo) are in conflict with the need to let go of some of our personal satisfaction in order to achieve justice and equality in the world around us (Aquarius).  Leo and Aquarius are opposites in the Zodiac – there is a tension between them that require integration and balance.  In this eclipse the Sun and South Node are in Aquarius, demonstrating the consciously creative impulse that is detached and manifests as pure energy.  The Leo Moon is bringing out our secret longings for recognition and pleasure, to find joy in the world and a sense of feeling special and unique, admired by those around us.  The North Node aligns with the Moon to assist us in this journey while not leaving behind the higher Aquarian aspirations towards a more transpersonal view.

The fact that this is a so-called “Blue Moon” is merely a calendar accident and has no real astrological significance.  However, this is a SuperMoon (© Richard Nolle), meaning the Moon is closer to the Earth than at other times so it appears larger to us here on Planet Earth.  SuperMoons are associated with extreme weather events but can also intensify the effect of a Full Moon.  In the case of this January 31 eclipse, this is an astrological double whammy that can offer an opportunity for a tremendous breakthrough, especially for those of us who are more sensitive to lunar events (such as those with Cancerian signatures in their chart or a prominent Moon).  Breakthroughs sometimes do manifest as breakdowns instead, often when we feel stuck or have resisted necessary change and personal evolution.  Because of the potential for a higher degree of emotional intensity, I recommend spending some time in meditation or retreat at the time of this SuperMoon eclipse in order to set an intention for the creative power that may be released.

The eclipse formation is tied in with Ceres (nurturing and self-care) at the lunar Leo end and Venus (love, beauty, harmony) at the solar Aquarius end, accentuating the need to avoid losing ourselves in our obligations and duties at this time if at all possible, while maintaining an awareness of a connection with others.  It’s the balance between these two polarities that is the key to successfully utilizing the energies of this eclipse.

Full Moons are times of culmination, of fulfillment – the inner flower has bloomed and is at its peak right now. If you can resist the temptation to be lost in the Leo story, whether that is for grandeur or for victimhood, and align in your Truth seeking the highest good, you will find a showering of blessings at this eclipse time.


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