The Arcturians: You ARE your Fifth Dimensional SELF

arcturian gratitude eraoflightWe the Arcturians wish to introduce you to your fifth dimensional SELF, so that through your very own fifth dimensional expression of SELF, we can better show you your/our Starship. We say “your-our” because different groups will live on and work from different types of Starship.

You will need to allow yourself to deeply connect with your fifth dimensional expression who resides within the core of your spin, in the higher frequencies of your Multidimensional Mind, as well as in your High Heart. The degree of interaction that you have with your fifth dimensional SELF is dependent on the clarity of your mind and the unconditional love of your heart.

Your mind was designed to create inter-dimensional synapses once your consciousness has expanded into the fifth dimension. Therefore, we advise that you keep your heart and mind open to the fifth dimensional frequencies of Unconditional Love within your heart area and Multidimensional thinking within your mind and heart.

Yes, your fifth dimensional SELF intermingles Heart and Mind in the same manner that you may intermingle the third dimensional fingers of your hand. But, within this NOW, we ask that you focus on whatever idea your heart and mind has created about your fifth dimensional SELF.

Therefore, we would like to assist you to “have your fifth dimensional SELF introduce you to your third dimensional self.” Some of you would prefer to believe that your third dimensional self has finally made contact with your 5D SELF, which is a positive thought to maintain in your mind.

As you hold this thought in your mind, feel how your body feels different. You may, also, feel a growing heat within your spinal column and a sense of “something” impending within your mind.

You are correct in that assumption because once you consciously put your attention on even just the concept of your Lightbody SELF, there is a portion of your “High Heart,” that innately and automatically moves into your “Whole Brain Thinking.”

It is in this manner that you will know when you are in “living connection” with your Multidimensional Thinking and your Unconditional Love. Once your thinking is multidimensional, you become quickly bored with the mundane thoughts of daily life and begin to “day dream” of another reality which resonates to a higher frequency of reality.

You may become “homesick” for a place that you cannot even remember. However, your body has not forgotten. Your heart can feel a higher dimensional frequency of love and your mind feels like a bird that has just taken off into the sky for a long flight to a new place.

Please remember to send Unconditional Love to any component of your thoughts or emotions who are doubting this experience. You are, of course, quite familiar with your “inner skeptic.” This Inner Skeptic is a version of you that has learned to “act like a 3D human” so that others are not threatened by your fifth dimensional SELF.

You may begin to awaken in the middle of the night filled with an angst, a sense of missing someone or something. Of course, your dreams have taken you to a higher dimensional situation. But, “OH NO,” is that an alarm clock, a child crying or even a mate awakening you to begin your third dimensional day.

You may even awaken with a sense of “Synchronistic Missions.” Synchronistic Missions have a strong FEEL of Unconditional Love because only Unconditional Love can create a deep enough merging to be assigned to, or choose to, have Synchronistic Missions.

These Synchronistic Missions, which, are very important for Planetary Ascension, and are a major “Key to Ascension” in that they assist you to remember your INNATE ability to feel the opening of your Fifth Dimensional Portal to your own Fifth Dimensional SELF.

Once you can “consciously” feel, see, hear, or sense the open portal, you can choose to consciously experience it. We say “choose” because all of our Ascending Ones are increasingly perceiving, opening, and feeling a “CALL to Duty” flowing into their Heart and Mind from their fifth dimensional SELF.

Of course that conscious experience is usually quickly forgotten, as the physical world will quickly “grab your attention.” Fortunately, many of our brave “Ascension Pioneers” are sharing their experiences with others who are like-minded and of similar states of daily consciousness.

Through sharing your own experiences with others, you will see that everyone’s inter-dimensional is just as unique to them as their third dimensional experiences. On the other hand, there are many who are “like minded,” but they do not share the same frequency rate of consciousness.

Therefore, it can be difficult to create a “Synchronistic Mission” because your view of reality is quite different if one is just third/fourth dimensional and the other is fully multidimensional.  Multidimensional in this context means that one is able to consciously be aware that an “incoming message” is from the Here and NOW of the fifth dimension.

Initially, those that share their inter-dimensional experiences form a “bond” which may feel like there is a “deep link” between them. It is only via their higher frequency perspective that they will be able to understand the deep link that has been formed.

These links are very powerful, whether it is only with two people or with many people. Fortunately, if at least one of the couple, or the group, opens their Mind to the NOW of the fifth dimensional portal, it will assist all the others to also activate their fifth dimensional perception.

Fifth dimensional perception is not like third dimensional perception in which every one and every thing is separated by time or space. With fifth dimensional perception, one is able to “feel” a connection, even if they cannot see or hear it.

Those who recognize this link can greatly assist each other by merging their higher states of consciousness so that they can transmute their perceptions to the fifth dimension and beyond.

Then, the merging ones may be able to “leave 3D/4D time” and flow through every embodiment they have ever taken in all of their incarnations. This journey through the physical and astral planes greatly assists them to deeply bond with whomever they are sharing this merging.

Through this merging of consciousness, they will find that they are able to identify an incarnation in which the two of them, OR the group, have served Gaia together. This realization will take them all into that shared incarnation to review, complete and learn from that group merging.

If your group experience has left any fear, anger, sorrow or imbalance that needs to be cleared from Gaia’s Aura, it will become obvious. Then the group, or couple, will work as ONE to clear Gaia’s aura. Of course, when one consciously chooses to “clear Gaia’s aura,” they will also clear their own.

Many “old friends,” or “new friends” are meeting now in unusual and unexpected ways. Their physical and astral self may not recognize each other, yet, their fifth dimensional energy field of the NOW and the ONE instantly remembers the source of their group or friend’s inter-dimensional experiences.

The higher dimensional expressions of these 3D “chance encounters” have actually decided together, within their own 5D Selves, to find a way to “jolt” their third dimensional expressions of consciousness into allowing the flow of Unconditional Love to come into their awareness.

As soon as a physical, Ascending One consciously registers this gift of Unconditional Love, they will have a few seconds in which their limited 3D brain/consciousness is transmuted into fifth dimensional consciousness via the Flow of Unconditional Love.

Within that Flow of Unconditional Love, which is unseen, but deeply felt, their High Heart opens widely to blend more deeply with their Multidimensional Mind.

As their High Heart merges with their Multidimensional Mind, there is an activation of fifth dimensional consciousness, which usually flashes through them—beyond time—and into the fifth dimensional “NOW.” Within this split second, they can consciously perceive their own fifth dimensional expression of SELF.

It is common for the Ascending Ones to brush off, miss, or misperceive this blending of their third dimensional time with their inter-dimensional NOW. However, this inter-dimensional experience, whether it is conscious or unconscious, creates the merging their third dimensional self with their Multidimensional SELF.

It is for this reason that we ask you ALL to share YOUR moments of the NOW of Ascension with a friend so that there is a strong enough reaction to this fifth dimensional “stimuli” that you can consciously EXPERIENCE and FEEL your OWN fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF from your own perspective, as well as from a perspective of another who can understand what is occurring. 

You are all moving into higher and higher frequencies of consciousness AND reality. As this process progresses and grows to engage more and more humans, who are more and more remembering their own fifth dimensional self, humanity’s PERCEPTION OF REALITY WILL BEGIN TO EXPAND.

As your perception of reality begins to and continues to expand, you will be able to consciously perceive higher and higher dimensional versions of reality, as well as those who inhabit those higher realities.

You may even be surprised to discover that some of these higher versions of reality are quite familiar, and many of the inhabitants of these realities are quite familiar. Many of them are your “childhood imaginary friends,” or the “hidden voice that got you through a difficult time,” or the “invisible one who comforts you when no one else could ever understand.”

In fact, you will also find that many of these higher versions of reality are quite familiar, and the ones who inhabit this reality seem to be sending you love and caring. You will also, eventually, find the YOU who is resonating to the fifth dimensional octave of your multidimensional self.

This “YOU” does not have a 3D job, but you DO have a Mission, which is the reason why you took this third dimensional vessel. This Mission will NOT be a mission for your personal benefit or enhancement, as that would be third dimensional thinking.

Your higher dimensional self is your Multidimensional SELF, who is NOT bound by third dimensional temptation, sorrows and hard work. However, within your third dimensional self who faces temptations, sorrows and hard work every day, is VERY brave for “splitting off” from the collective of your Multidimensional SELF to take on the comparatively low frequency third dimensional self.

Therefore, we remind you that your fifth dimensional, and higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF, are NOT better than you. YOU are the courageous ones who left behind our higher frequency expressions of SELF in your higher dimensional Ship or Homeworld, to wear a simple, fragile, third dimensional earth vessel.

And, why did you come to Gaia’s greatly wounded planet? You volunteered to take your current earth vessel so that YOU can assist—not with personal ascension, as you are already ascended—but to assist with Planetary Ascension.

You can remember lives and realities in which you, too, damaged Gaia for your own personal gain. You can also remember incarnations in which you tried, and failed, to protect dear Gaia from the great harm that humanity has done to her.

One may say, “Oh it wasn’t us. It was the weather.” However, the native peoples have always known of the great power that humanity has to effect the weather. Every thought and every emotions leaves the consciousness of the beings who dwell on Gaia to influence the reality of that NOW.

Therefore, what we, the Arcturians, ask you, each human, NOW is:

What do want to do for Gaia?
What are you doing for Gaia NOW?

What have you done for Gaia in your PAST?

We the Arcturians, want to share with Gaia’s healers and protectors that:




Dear Humans, if you wish to assist Gaia, please do so.

You cannot assist too much or too little.

Gaia needs you, the members of humanity

And you, the members of humanity

Need Gaia!


We are the Arcturians.


» Source – Channel: Suzanne Lie