Monthly Astrology Forecast, January 2018

monthly energies eraoflightIt’s easy to reach the end of a year realising we’ve failed to achieve the goals we set twelve months before. We may take a deep breath and then resolve, once again, that this year will be the year we finally make those dreams come true. Yet, maybe looking at goals in such a way is setting ourselves up for failure? Instead of seeking out goals with finite answers, maybe we should instead focus on the bigger picture? For example, instead of setting a goal to lose a stone in weight, would a better focus be on getting fitter and healthier? Instead of wanting to achieve x, y or z to be happy, why not simply focus on being happier without the caveats? As long as we continue to have strict measures that rule and dictate our successes and failures then we leave little wiggle room. Is life really so black and white?

We often criticise and judge ourselves harshly for the things we haven’t done but we ignore the things we have achieved. It seems a part of human nature to focus on the negatives and this can drive a vicious cycle of never feeling like we are enough. We may strive to be like everyone else without ever really considering the fact that everyone has struggles, as perfection doesn’t exist. The notion of ‘I want what they have’ is another part of human nature but this is a result of the ‘grass is always greener’ effect and this can also extend the gap between where we are and where we think we need to be. Instead of using the perceived success or happiness of others as a measure of our own happiness, it’s important to realise we are all unique and what works for one won’t necessarily work for another.

It seems important that instead of self-judgement we begin to learn how to be more loving and compassionate with ourselves. This involves a degree of acceptance along with a modicum of willingness to re-wire our brains with new ways of living and being. It’s only natural to start a new year thinking about how to begin this new chapter and wanting to finally achieve all of those many things still outstanding on our ‘to do’ lists but maybe by shifting the focus away from goals that are black and white to ones that allow breathing space for the inevitability of everyday life, we don’t start the year setting ourselves up to feel like failures if, for some reason, we do not achieve them?

This isn’t about dodging responsibility or circumnavigating the need to take an active role in re-shaping our lives, it’s a willingness to realise that, as human beings, nothing is ever black and white. The more we judge and criticise ourselves, the more out of balance we become and we then run the risk of feeling unable to truly live until we’ve achieved our goals or resolutions. Life is so much more fluid and unpredictable than that and once we accept this and find more loving and nurturing ways to achieve the things we want to achieve, celebrating the things we do rather than focusing on the things we don’t, then we stand a good chance of finding a deeper and more enriching happiness.

So, instead of reeling off a ‘to do’ list of quantifiable goals that we either achieve or don’t, maybe we’d be better to focus on simpler things such as finding happiness or joy allowing the finer details to take care of themselves? External goals rarely prove as satisfying as we hope, so why not focus on creating a sense of well-being which allow us to ride the inevitable ebb and flow of life with graceful majesty? This is a year to focus on creating harmony within in order to carry it into every aspect of life and to stop giving ourselves such a hard time. In short, 2018 looks set to be a year where what’s inside really does re-shape and re-define the world in which we live…

With love,



January looks set to mark the beginning of a pivotal and affirming year for you as you finally begin to reap the rewards for all of your hard work and dedication, particularly when it comes to your inner world. You have long tried to shift the balance within in order to feel more comfortable with your strength, power and passion; there have been many times when you’ve pushed it away as it somehow felt inappropriate or misplaced. Pushing it away or squashing it within has always been so hard for you as you’ve felt a build-up of pressure and you have intuitively known that, if unresolved, it will suddenly burst out at the most inopportune moments. Such outbursts of emotion are often hard to manage as they are often boisterous and unruly, so, maybe it’s now time to find ways of honouring your strength, passion and power as they are gifts, not curses?

You are a vibrant and gifted soul, so why not let your true essence flow and then channel your gifts into aspects of life that make your heart sing? You have always had a vision of how you’d like to live your life and there have often been reasons why you couldn’t make the changes necessary, particularly those further driven by your doubts, but you have now reached a crossroads and you have the chance to shake free from patterns of old in order to re-shape and re-define your path ahead. If you take a moment, just a brief moment, to close your eyes and take a deep breath, you can feel your strength, passion and power swirling around within you. It’s always there and always with you; you just now need to decide to let it flow freely and breathe energy into the brand new you…


As you step into 2018 there is a sense of clarity and lucidity as you seem to have condensed and distilled the experiences of the past year into a potent and powerful vision as to how you want to live your life. You have learned many lessons, sorted the wheat from the chaff when it comes to things that nourish you and things that deplete you, and opened up your heart and soul with a willingness to gaze deeply within. You have learned a great deal about yourself and you are now wiser, and more resolved, to build a strong connection with your essence and sense of self in order to step more consciously forwards in life. You seem ready, almost bursting at the seams, to charge ahead with your ideas as they have been a long time forming. Now you have stripped back the distractions and peeled back to the truth, you have realised what truly makes your heart sing and this realisation is so important as it will help you to channel your wisdom and knowledge towards living a more fulfilling and fulfilled life.

It seems the more you honour your true essence, the greater sense of peace you will begin to create. Your tenacity, courage and talent can inspire you to reach beyond the boundaries of the four walls of your everyday life into pastures new as you seek out new adventures and new ways of living and being. You seem ready now to break free from the treadmill of keeping on keeping on in order to raise the bar when it comes to your dreams and goals. You’re a practical and innovative soul, and, if you listen to your intuition to guide you, you will feel the confidence rising up from within and this will inspire you to focus on what truly makes your heart sing…


As you continue to formulate a stronger sense of self, along with a clearer vision for your path ahead, it seems you are beginning to find peace with the jumbled-up nature of life. You have always loved to ask the ‘big questions’ in life (why are you here? What is your purpose? etc.), challenging the status quo and trying to make sense of why things are the way they are. Although you acknowledge the inherent randomness of many life events, you are the one who has always looked for a higher or deeper meaning as making sense of it all has helped you to anchor yourself into the here and now. You have a need to rationalise the irrational and a desire to quantify the unquantifiable as you constantly push at the boundaries you perceive to be holding you back in life; your thirst for wisdom, knowledge and understanding is breath-taking.

Yet, you’ve now realised that this constant questioning doesn’t really anchor you as it still leaves you floating somewhat aimlessly in existential meanderings as you have no respite from it. However, the more you have acknowledged your tendency to do this, the more you have come to accept that sometimes life just doesn’t make sense and rather than let this disempower you, you have found a sense of peace with the jumbled-up, irrationality of it all. You have started to find peace with the equation of life not being clear-cut and you have also started to see the unknowable nature of life as a gift rather than an irksome frustration as it has the capacity to take you towards a way of living and being that inspires you to wholeheartedly accept the wisdom of not knowing as being just as important as the wisdom of knowing…


January looks set to be a month of high energy as you begin to gain a much stronger sense of your personal destiny. You may feel slightly perplexed at this point as your life is simply so busy with things to do, people to see, books to read and places to go, you haven’t got much capacity left to even contemplate a destiny! However, if you take a deep breath and go beyond the hustle and bustle of keeping on keeping on, you will begin to reconnect to your true essence: that part of you where dreams are made. Life may be full of distractions but you are never far away from that inner sense of connection to ‘something bigger and better’. You have been rolling ideas and dreams around your head for quite some time now, not really knowing what to do with them as the time hasn’t felt right and circumstances haven’t afforded you the space to focus on them.

However, the balance is shifting as you begin to step beyond the saturation of busy-ness and open up your heart and soul towards realising that there will always be things to do, people to see and places to go but these are simply a part of the nuts and bolts of life, if you let them take over then you will always have reasons ‘not to’ and your dreams will start gathering dust and lose their shiny, glittering hue. It’s understandable to be cautious as you’ve had your toes burned in the past, so the status quo of ticking along feels quite comfortable to you. Yet, your heart and soul are longing for something more and the more you look beyond the distractions, the more confident you will feel to allow your vibrancy, passion and energy to lead the way…


January looks set to be a month to find new ways to let your inner strength and vitality flow freely. You have a natural fiery roar in your belly so speaking your mind and standing your ground are not usually things you find challenging but there is a sense that you haven’t been fully in touch with this inner fire over recent weeks and months and, as a result, you have struggled to assert yourself in many different areas of your life. This has left you feeling disconnected and out of sorts as you have wondered why you have been so passive lately as you can feel the fires within but they just don’t seem to be burning with any gusto. Of course, this feels so out of character for you, it’s understandably stirring up some inner restlessness. At the same time, without your inner fire roaring, connecting to your usually creative, innovative and courageous energy has been challenging.

It seems that part of the problem is a blurring of the lines when it comes to defining your intent; your vision of what you truly want seems a tad vague and unclear, and this has led to a slightly wishy-washy appearance to your usual determined state of mind. The most likely explanation for all of this is a combination of giving so much to others without regard for your own well-being leaving you depleted, and secondly, scattering your energy by trying to achieve too many dreams and goals at once as you then cannot focus on any of them with much clarity or momentum. Establishing balance therefore seems the best way to re-connect to your inner fire and this comes from taking a little time each day to breathe deeply, to feel the fire within you and honour yourself more from the inside, out…


You have always been someone who likes to be busy, ticking off your forever-growing ‘to do’ list and using your inner sense of personal growth to be your guiding light when it comes to setting the pace, shape and form of how you live your life. As a result, you have achieved a great deal, and you have grown and evolved, becoming a very different you to the you of yesteryear. However, there is a sense of a need now for you to shift the focus away from doing so much towards living more consciously and reconnecting to your deeper sense of self. Whilst this isn’t likely to stop you from your love of ‘doing’, it is likely to inspire you to let go and trust rather more. It’s important to remember that letting go is not giving up or walking away, it’s a willingness to trust to the flow of life and to live in a more intuitive and self-aware way.

It takes great courage and strength to let go as it means stepping beyond the four walls of your everyday life and venturing into pastures new. It also means listening to your finally tuned intuition much more in order to navigate your path ahead in ways determined more by your heart and soul than simply your need for personal growth. Whilst you are more than ready for new terrain to explore, you are also quite settled in the realm of keeping on keeping on as it has allowed you to tick along quite methodically. Yet, you know that ticking along, whilst comfortable, isn’t really what makes you thrive as you love the throng of a challenge as it’s the territory where you come into your own and shine. So, January looks set to be a month for letting go of preconceptions and wholeheartedly embracing the essence of being you…


As you continue to step beyond the boundaries of your everyday life in order to explore your true nature and to re-connect to your dreams, there is a sense you are beginning to feel more connected to a new way of living and being. You have long contemplated a life where you are free to fulfil your hopes and embrace your dreams, and you have spent a long time shaping this in your mind. Yet, if you were to pause and be asked to outline your dream existence, you may stumble and stutter, struggling to clearly define it as it somehow seems quite woolly around the edges. Although you have pondered such a life for a long time, you haven’t had the time, energy or focus recently to check back in to ensure it’s still the life you truly want to live. Of course, in many ways, until you are living it you can never really know if it’s the life you long for, but it’s hard to make it a reality unless it makes your heart sing and your soul dance as it’s your passion, innovation, intellect and lively spirit that ultimately drive you forwards.

The main reason for this slight discrepancy seems to be because you live in a kind of kaleidoscopic whirlwind of possibilities, ideas and thoughts, so honing things down to the basics isn’t something you do very often. You are a bigger picture kind of person; however, sometimes you need to think about the details as they help to bring shape and form or you run this risk of metaphorically running around in circles reaching towards your dreams but without really knowing how or why. You are on the verge of a brand-new chapter in your life so make the most of this opportunity to re-shape and re-define exactly what makes your heart sing…


Liberation and freedom look set to be your keywords in January as you begin the year with a clear sense of where you’ve been and where you’re heading. At the same time, and rather unusually for you, you also have a strong sense of where you are now. This is unusual for you as you are such a fluid soul and you often drift with the currents of life rather than taking the helm. However, this is much more a perception than reality for, in truth, there is no one as strong and sure-footed as you! The reason you give off a kind of floaty, drifty waft is because you hide your depths incredibly well and you can seem disconnected when you are, in fact, quite the opposite. As a result, you have developed something of a reputation for being one of life’s dreamers and, over time, you have bought into this, believing yourself to be generally much more passive than you truly are.

Of course, when you go deeper within, intuitively you can sense your strength and vision, but these get lost in the distractions of everyday life. In many ways, floating along has suited you as it has made for an easier and quieter life, and, as a result, you have left your dreams to tick along in the background. However, this has led to a build-up of pressure within as you are not being true to yourself, so you are damming yourself up within to be something you intrinsically are not. Denying your own essence restrains you and suffocates you, and you have reached a point where you are no longer able to just be the person everyone else wants you to be without being your true Self as well. You already know how to shift the intent, so take a deep breath and shine…


January looks set to be a month for some much-needed breathing space as you take some time to re-establish balance in your life. It’s a time to think about the life you’ve been living, the life you’ve lived and the life you still hope to live; it’s time to think about how to bring your life back into kilter with the life you intuitively know you were born to live. You may well notice a gap between where you are and where you want to be, but it’s important to acknowledge that you will always be striving towards new horizons as that’s a part of your pioneering, free-spirited nature. You are never content to stay in the same place for long as you thrive on the spontaneity and adventure of exploring new terrain and pushing your boundaries as much as possible. So, try to see the gap as a part of the bigger picture, rather than an obstacle.

At the same time, such a shift in attitude will help you to stop thinking about the gap as the main challenge and re-focus you on the more important aspect of living the life you were born to live! It seems the ‘gap’ has become reasons not to, the gap allows you to drift off into distractions and the gap stops you from fully connecting to your effervescent, sparkling and dancing free-spirit as it’s become a chain around your neck. This is all a matter of perception as once you realise the gap is simply part of the process of being alive, it becomes a part of the vision of your life rather than something to overcome before you can live your life. It’s time to stop procrastinating and time to start doing as you are ready now to breathe deeply into life whilst allowing life to breathe deeply into you…


January looks set to be a month for an internal overhaul as you begin to re-shape and re-define your thoughts, beliefs and dreams. You have reached something of a turning point when it comes to embracing the concept of wholehearted and conscious living, as you have stepped beyond the idea that this is some kind of ‘namby pampby’ silliness and instead realised that wholehearted living is about living in ways that feed your spirit and bring you joy. This is quite a monumental shift in you and, as a result, you are beginning to think more deeply about how you live your life as you are eager to sort the wheat from the chaff in order to live a life that feeds your spirit and makes your heart sing. As a result, you may feel that you have a way to go in order to get to such a point and you may be tempted to start thinking about how much greener the grass looks on the other side of the fence and how brightly the sun shines on the other side of the hill.

It’s human nature to do this even though you intuitively know it’s not helpful, however, don’t give yourself a hard time for doing what comes naturally! It’s easy to contemplate how much better things may be ‘over there’, particularly when things ‘over here’ are not quite as good as you would want them to be, but don’t weaponise this against yourself, instead use this as a reference point to shape the internal overhaul mentioned above as the more you start picking holes, the harder it will be to maintain the momentum that’s rising up from deep within your heart and soul. Don’t get lost in the details and don’t over-think it, instead trust your own wisdom to guide you and let the concept of wholehearted living become your everyday…


January looks set to be a month of inspired vision and creative innovation as you open up to a brand-new way of living and being. You have let go of some long-held beliefs which have shaped and defined your path in life for a long time and you are beginning to feel the presence of the wanderer within as you untie the restraints and begin to think about what you truly want in life. Letting go of those ‘ought’s’ and ‘should’s’ have been liberating as you are now free to connect to your inner wanderer – your expansive, adventurous and curious spirit – and allow this energy to flow freely through every nook and cranny of your life. Try not to fill the newly created spaces left behind by these old beliefs with new beliefs and ideas, why not leave the spaces as spaces for a while and see what happens? Sometimes it’s the gaps and the spaces where true inspiration resides and if you fill it all up then you choke and clutter up your inner wanderer, limiting your ability to thrive.

At the same time, why not make the most of the extra space to breathe more deeply and to establish a stronger and truer sense of balance? You have spent a great deal of your life trying to be the person you thought you ought to be and suddenly you now have an opportunity to be the person you want to be. Although you have long had ideas as to the life you want to live, take your time to sharpen your vision before charging ahead as it’s important to make the most of such a wonderful and life-affirming opportunity. Don’t forget that the thrust of this opportunity comes from your own willingness to let your inner wanderer out, so what happens next is in your hands…


January looks set to be a month for you to bring together the many different facets of your life into a more unified and cohesive whole. You have spread yourself thinly over recent weeks and months as you have tried to be everything to everyone. Of course, this is not unusual for you as you often give everything of yourself for others, and you already know the cost of this as it can leave you feeling depleted but, at the same time, it also warms your heart as you love to feel like you are making a difference. Yet, when you step back to look at the bigger picture of your life, you can see that the perspective you have of your life is quite different to the reality you are living as you cannot continually give so much without withering slightly as a result, but you don’t like to accept this as a reality so you try to ignore it!

It’s time now for you to take a good look at the bigger picture of your life with complete honesty in order to see how you can feed your soul and live a more balanced and affirming way. This isn’t about stopping giving to others, it’s more about not forgetting to give to yourself as well. It’s also about realising that unless this equation balances out you will reach a point when you can no longer give much of yourself as your tank has run dry as even compassionate, free-spirited, giving souls like you need fuel. This is a shift to celebrate as it will inspire you with a new momentum of both energy and vision, enabling you to re-shape your life and to find new ways to live a richer and more fulfilling life. In short, this is your time to blossom…


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