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Greetings to You Lightholder!

Today I wish to write a little bit regarding some of the readers’ unhappiness with our choice for adding political articles on the web page.

In kindness, as always from heart to heart I KejRaj say this on the matter;

We share everything in connection with the process of ascension. Spiritual articles, health, ancient civilizations, information on extraterrestrials, independent world news, science, Earth history, and more. Politics plays a huge role in this as well whether we like it not. Politics are used in the Higher Dimensions also for those that were not aware of this. As a matter of fact “politics” was used to convince many negative factions of ET’s to lay their hands off of Earth so we can move forward with this process.

One of the main reasons our world is in this dire situation today is because people did not pay attention to what was happening in politics and behind the scenes, they blindly trusted their so called leaders and were duped into a system of enslavement.

Now, I for one do not care or align with any political or religious party, political correctness or political “wrongness” and other ideologies created for the purpose of causing distraction, hatred, and chaos in our world.

However, this current president of America was chosen not just by the people but by a group of Higher Dimensional beings who not only saw potential in this individual but who also is fearless and would not hesitate to act against the Cabal regime once the truth was shared with him. Let us be clear on this, Donald Trump is NOT acting alone. He is being guided by positive groups of beings who have the best interest for humanity and Earth. Step by step as how to totally bring down the Cabal. If he did not have the support of those beings 1) he would have been forced to start an all out world war, 2) he would have been assasinated all ready, or told to resign.

Once again, on this web page http://www.eraoflight.com we share, perhaps not enough of, what we deem is useful, helpful for our readers. Channelings, astrology, history, science, meditation, news, health and more. We do not censor, we do NOT keep information away from our readers just because we personally may not agree with an article, or a few here and there may not agree with a ceratin share.

We have many times said it is all a matter of choice, it is all a matter of perspective. It is how one CHOOSES to SEE the world. And basically the same can be said about the things we share on the page.

You also can always skip, scroll up or down or use the MENU bar to take you directly to what you’re looking for. If you are looking just for channelings, click on the Channelings menu. Please understand it is never our intention to cause fear or offend anyone in any way shape or form. We are here to serve the ones who seek something beyond the “holywood” life style. And we share a bit of everything that these ones are seeking. Does that make sense? Nothing is being forced on anyone from eraoflight.com – The intention is always light/love and to AWAKEN.

From heart to heart, I am KejRaj!


13 Replies to “We are here to serve the ones who seek”

  1. Cheri

    Thank you, dear family, we must stay aware of what is happening at all levels. It has to be witnessed by us with compassion and emotional detachment. You will be amazed at the wisdom gained once we can view this from a higher level without being hooked into emotional resonance. If it still causes you pain you are still in the process of DNA clearing so just disregard it like I did for awhile. I disconnected from the TV and all the Hollywood violence, death and destruction being pushed to us constantly.

    We are learning discernment of truth, love and forgiveness while not condoning it in anyway. This site choses a good variety of information that I appreciate not having to sift through volumes of detail on the muck and mire.

    Trump is not a role model in any way shape or form but the guy is fearless and stands in his own integrity of having become a successful businessman. We needed someone outside the political system to clean it up yet strong and tenacious enough to stand on his own and not be intimidated. It is not just one man but a whole group of people including us that are driving this.

    We are all here for the experiences of this life. We must know and remember so nothing like this will ever be allowed to happen again. Awareness creates intent as the light of truth is revealed. Ignorance breeds repetitive lessons over and over.

    With love for us all in every step of the process!!

  2. D Cris

    All Good. Although if ETs are helping Donald Trump, then what’s with all the crazy environmental safeguards that he seems to be dismantling almost daily? Seems the opposite of what he would be doing to help Earth.

  3. Pat

    Good article! And thank you for your site. We have to be aware of the good, the bad, and the ugly as we go through the Ascension process.

  4. Siri Jote

    Thanks for your endeavors to bring awareness as all that is occurring manifests our new world. We are One.

  5. Chris and his Guardian Angel

    I AM ONE, like the others’ who commented, who appreciate your tireless efforts. Bravo


  6. Diane Kettleborough

    I honor your integrity and willingness to follow your Divine guidance, and I have come to trust your judgement! Thank you! Diane K

  7. Ai_Shifu

    I for one appreciate and read every single article on this site. The political articles eventhough do not apply to my country directly, nevertheless I understand that your government and its actions influence positive/negative the intire planet. So therefore YES I, personally, I am glad you are updating us. As always your site, your sources and finally the people visiting and commenting are a source of fresh air. I feel I am among my Soul Tribe and I value every single one of you, eventhough we may be miles away. Thank you for existing ♥

  8. divsy

    Well elucidated – awesome, it couldn`t be expressed otherwise.
    TY for your work – great endeavor !!!

  9. lightseeker1956

    It is sad that so many cannot rise above their political views.There is not a side to blame. One side is not right and the other wrong! The plethora of lies told, has created an intricate and dense atmosphere of deception. One must look vastly deeper, than the surface of the situation, if one is to find any truth at all.

  10. Anne

    Thank you for all that you are doing to help humanity In read and use discernment on the info given ,we need this support.