Heavenletters: The Crossroad of All Paths


Dear God and Mother Mary, I often see “hieroglyphics”. I wonder if the hieroglyphics encode the Godwriting?


They do encode things for you, but not the Godwriting. That is not encoded. The hieroglyphics prepare you for what is to come, and are stored in you.


This sounds science fiction!


Not fiction. Truth. And it is God Who places the code, not some scientist. It is placed with My love and wisdom.

A Course in Miracles, Lesson 282:
“I will not be afraid of love today… Let me not be afraid of truth today.”


Truth and love are the same?


Yes. Beneath all the subterfuge lies truth. Truth is naught but love. For I am the truth, and where I am love abides. And I am everywhere, and so love is. Love and truth are two names for what is unalterably the same.

The truth is: I love, you love, we love. This is the story of creation.

Love abounds. Only truth is. Love is the song of creation. Truth is knowing My heart. It is knowing yours. It is communication between hearts which say hello to Love.



You know Your message to Brad, dear Father? I am learning to be neutral, but he understood your message far differently from what I did.

I took it to mean for him to send out love from his heart and not be thinking of its coming in for him, that he is here to serve and not for himself.

The effect it had on him was: he thinks it means he should leave this area. I am stunned. I cannot even imagine how he got that idea from your message!

He plans to move to California in two months with Gita and Jill.

Brad thinks the school will give him his tuition credit ($5,000) in money because he is a nice guy. I have never heard of their giving anyone the money instead of schooling nor being pleased with anyone’s breaking their commitment.

I pledge myself to stay out. Maybe that is exactly the message you wanted him to hear, and I am off-base. In any case, it wasn’t my message from or to me. I will do everything to stay out of it.


That is a good idea. Always a good idea to stay out. All learn their lives their own way.


I do wonder if it wouldn’t be good for him to ask for a leave of absence from school. Then he can return if he chooses. Or maybe it’s better he burns his bridges. How does he plan to support himself out there? As I write this, I really realize it is my place to leave this totally up to You.

If Brad has the urge to go to California, maybe he’s right! I cannot even presume to know.


What looks best on the outside may or may not be. You do not know.

Withdraw yourself from any tie here. You are free, and Brad is free.


I also suppose I am older-person-thinking now. Really, when I was young I went by myself to Europe for three months, and I left a good teaching job in Massachusetts to move to San Francisco without knowing what I was doing. Now I would counsel myself not to, probably! And yet, I must have been following my own map.

I suppose some of my perspective here is also based on what seems to be Jill’s influence. She wants to move, and she wants a group to go with her.

Here I go judging, dear God. Please remove all judgement from me… I see You pulling out miles and miles of what looks like cow intestines. Yuck. It’s endless…


It has an end. I am almost done. Here it comes. The last.


I pray I don’t adhere any more judgments.


Judgment is what you saw coming out — intestines and what they’re full of. Judgements are your own. You make them. Based on your past accumulation of waste, you make more.

Judgments are conclusions made on what is in process. Judgment says the process is incorrect and further predicts an ending based on its own waste.

You do not have the knowledge to make conclusions. I have the knowledge, and I say: “Brad chooses this path and not another. So, Brad is choosing this path.”

Brad’s paths will lead him fully to Me as well as other paths. That he makes his own choice is correct. It would be incorrect for him to follow another’s path for him, even if that path is easier or wiser or shorter.

And how do you know that a winding path, such as yours, which seemed like the long way around, isn’t the most direct path? How do you know that even a choice perceived as incorrect may in the short run have all evidence of error but which in the long run may evidence a step forward and a notch on your belt? Or vice versa?

You cannot know. Better to see all as correct, filling its own divine plan, playing out its hand at cards. Some hands lost (not what you thought you wanted); some hands won (what you thought you wanted). All correct. All divine. All ordered. All squeezing, prodding, expanding you to Me.

The Three Little Pigs went out to seek their fortune. How do you know that the straw house was not a good choice or that the brick house was the right choice?

For safety, the brick was. More to life than safety.

Maybe there are other lessons in that story than the obvious ones.

And so it is in life.

To go out to seek your fortune, your life, is a good thing. Every day is a new search.

Your fortune, Gloria, is in the meaning of life and the pursuit and finding of Me.

Those who quest the fortune of fame or gold also search for the meaning of life and also pursue and find Me.

Some come from the left or the right, from above or below. Some pass Me by until the next time or the next. Some spot me right away. Some do not believe their own eyes, and continue search for what they have already discovered.

But no one in their search is alone, for I lead the way to Myself. I am the Crossroad of all paths.


Dear Almighty Father or Divine Mother, what would You like to tell me tonight? I sense that the Holy Mother wants to speak?

Divine Mother:

Yes, I do. I want to tell you how pleased I am at all the typing you are doing for God’s Book and how lovely is your heart as you type and write and fulfill God’s Will.

You remind me of myself, how I serve, wish to serve, and how I assist and guide in soft sweet ways. How gentle are we. How pervading are we. How much like a melodic tune are we. What a refrain are we, what a lasting melody. What a cushion are we. What a sweet sensitivity are we. How graceful are we. How silken are we. We can be Mother lions, and we are not sheep. We are strong and long-lasting. We are steady and permeating.

Our roll is love. God is All Love, and we are receptors of love. We give it and we imbibe it. We are more an aura of love, a quiet rendering of love, a statement of love.

We are also wisdom. We are shades of wisdom. We are more like layers of wisdom. We are shimmering wisdom. We are laid-back wisdom, a soft silken rendering of wisdom.

I do not compare or contract to God, for We are One. I am the feminine aspect of the One God. My feminine energy is like watercolors, and the masculine energy is more like oils.

God is the Originator of Thought, and we are His thoughts. He is the Supreme All-Knowingness, and we are aspects of His All-Knowingness. We are His reverberating thoughts. We take His thoughts like ribbons and play with them across the sky and take them to earth and play with them there.

I feel that you need to know more of your feminine nature. You to attract. You to draw. You to receive.

Not yours to go out and knock on doors, thought of course you can if you wish. Yours is more quiet surrender to the flow of life.

Men also have feminine energy. It is not exclusive to women. It is something special and full and arising like the Moon. Welcome your feminine nature and offer it its place.

Let it sit beside you and make you whole.

It is very comfortable, your Mother Divine energy. Sweet, endearing, welcoming.

Perhaps we could say that your masculine energy stands, and your feminine energy sits.

I am going to give you lessons in accepting your feminine nature because you have long pushed it away. Now is time to allow it forward.

You have no idea what I am talking about. That is all right. Now you have the idea that a soft breeze is arriving, and you will look for it to arrive.

All my blessings to you, dear daughter, Christed daughter. Meditate now and swim with God and me in Heaven’s wonders.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendorff