Selacia New Moon Wishes

full moonA new moon like we have today is an excellent time to energize your life and commit to a course of action that helps you manifest your goals. Continue reading for additional suggestions for using this week’s powerful energies.

The Opportunity

This week provides an opportunity moment to take stock of key things in your life – like relationships, work, fun, health, spiritual growth.

Since it’s the first new moon of 2018, this one can be just the catalyst you need to energize things on the back burner and to dream into being what you want to be manifesting this year.

If something is out of balance, or simply stuck, now is the time to look at it.

If a relationship has become stale or toxic, this is the moment to reassess things. Look at your role in the relationship as you assess. Relationships are a dance between two people. Take responsibility for your part.

In fact, this week’s new moon energy is an ideal time to take a deeper look at the relationships of your life and take an initial action to address what’s missing or out-of-balance. Pick just one relationship at a time for this assessment, starting with the one that comes to mind as you are reading this. Getting your most problematic relationship into more harmony can make a huge difference in your progress during 2018.

New Moon Wishes

If you don’t usually set intentions during energy gateway moments like a new moon, I suggest setting some today and over the coming days this week.

To make your list, I recommend connecting with the feeling you will have when something happens. As an example, when your book is published or you finish a project how do you want to feel. Tap into that feeling and combine it with the intention of completing the book or project. Similarly, if you have disharmony in a relationship, tap into the feeling you will have when you have harmony with the person.

Here’s another tip. When making intentions, make them specific. To say you want a good relationship is very general. The specifics of “good” need to be identified and felt inside your heart – to manifest the intention.

Set Goals

Intentions are wonderful, but without goals involving action, you have missed a key element.

Therefore, for each intention, set specific goals of actions you will take to create the desired result.

As an example, if your intention is to share your wisdom with others, what specific steps can you establish towards that? The possibilities in that case are numerous, of course, but perhaps start with teaching a class or writing a blog. Most likely, you have boundless wisdom to share – don’t be stingy with it.

Remember that you are a divine changemaker, alive now to shine your light and be an example to others of how to live and how to love. When you remember that bigger picture, and factor in examples like those above, you can be inspired to be your very best self – every day.


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