Montague Keen: Big Changes

montaguekeen messages eraoflightIs there any intelligent human life left on Earth or have you all been turned into zombies? Every day your eyes are being opened with irrefutable evidence of what the Cabal is doing to wipe you out. What are you doing about it? You do not even get together to share ideas about your plight. You are allowing it to happen by stupidly saying: What can I do about it? Together, you can stop it! Think for a moment what it is like for us, on this side of life, seeing you doing nothing to save and protect humanity and the Earth. By doing nothing, you are as guilty as those who destroy you. Look at them. They are no longer hidden from you. Yet you still serve them. Have you lost confidence in who you are, and why you are on Earth at this time. I tell you that you are going to face BIG CHANGES very soon. How bad those changes are, is up to what you are prepared to do now, to ensure the human race continues.

The power of the Banks has been used as the BIG STICK to beat humanity and keep it down. We are endeavouring to remove the control of money from the few, so we can create a more level playing field. This will require the shutting down of the Banks for a short period in order to rearrange procedures. We hope to ensure that poverty will be but a bad memory of the dark past. Those of you who want these changes must get on board to ensure things happen quickly without incident. All the attempts the Cabal has made to start World War 3 have been thwarted. They are losing their vice-like grip on the throats of humanity. All the Cabal’s plans to destroy humanity are on the following YouTube video. Please watch it and take note.

Earthquake, EMP, 5G Attack Plans and More Bad News (YouTube)

Just think for a moment that while you were serving the Cabal, THEY WERE PLANNING TO WIPE YOU OUT. Do you still rush to vote for them? Do you still worship them and kneel before them? What will it take to open your eyes to see things as they are, not as you are told they are? The vultures are surrounding you, eager to kill you. Are you going to stand by and allow this to happen? Connect with who you are. Step into your power. When the 99% do this, the Cabal will quickly retreat from the Earth. All the power that you have given to them will be gone forever. They are PARASITES and should be treated as such. You must wipe the slate clean and start again, knowing what you know now. Remove from your minds all the lies that religion has taught you. Religion stole your souls.

[Look on the main page of this website and you will find out how to take back your power, take back your souls, and free yourselves]

Forget all the lies you were taught about your history, all orchestrated by the Vatican. These lies ensured that you would never learn your true history because it would expose the lies they are guilty of. Your true history is nothing like what you were taught.

When you learn your true history, THE PARASITES WILL RETREAT WITH THEIR TAILS BETWEEN THEIR LEGS. There is one thing that terrifies the Cabal: the awakening of Ireland. This is why the Pope is visiting Ireland this year. He wants to ensure that the Irish REMAIN ON THEIR KNEES. What are you prepared to do to free yourself from the parasites?

First, free your soul, become a complete human being. The truth will set you free. When free of the shackles of religion you can connect with All That Is and become a complete human being, having an experience of life on Earth, as it was before the parasites arrived here. You are, at last, waking up to the fact that the Cabal controls every aspect of your lives. It is always a shock when the truth of your situation hits you and you see the parasites for what they are. They still try to hold on to control and blame Mr Trump for exposing them as he did. There is a plan to try to assassinate him, so it is not advisable for him to travel to London. He would not be safe there. There is no respect for him in the UK. Even the Mayor of London does not want him to come to London. What does that say about him? Ask yourselves why. Is he speaking for himself, or being told what to say? Mr Trump has better things to do with his time, saving humanity.

My dear, the Cabal is making life very difficult for you. What you thought was bad has got worse. They are desperate and they are losing their power. Big changes are on the way.

Always be on guard, my dear.

Your adoring, Monty.


Justice for Dave McCann. Irishman framed in California | Legal Expenses Fundraising with GoGetFunding


» Source – Channel: Veronica Keen

4 Replies to “Montague Keen: Big Changes”

  1. Cheri

    Well I have to admit these posts from Monty always crack me up because there is so much emotional ferver in them. On the sad side I feel like he may have passed into the astral with all this fears and is stuck there. We have to integrate all this fear and darkness as all of it is still resonating deeply within us.

    I agree with Naomi because I too work in the astral and on the earth grids. I can not tell you how much has been cleared within the earth’s energy grids. Layer after layer of monsterous thoughtforms from religious beliefs. I personally have cleared so much of the energy we have created in our eons of ignorance represented mainly by Satan and Allah and all of their astral alters. We have unraveled the control grids that were woven into the fabric of our reality through mind control programs in alpha, delta and gamma.

    The Clintons were second only to David Rockerfeller as the dark magicians and Illuminati heir apparent. Not to be outdone by Martin Luther and Rasputin. And we are just now getting down to the Vatican. I would have never believed any of this had I not had a spontaneous full blown lightbody activation to do this work.

    So we are the galactics that are unraveling this mess both above and below at every level. It takes a great deal of love and compassion for all the soul fragments that have been so abused and used for life force by this dark agenda. Also all the earth cataclysms and timeframes are being cleared of soul trauma. What we see here in 3d is pale compared to the energetic trauma of what happened when the earth exploded and fragmented the entire galaxy.

    So hang in there we are getting it done. But one thing I will tell you this whole money chasing agenda is a false flag operation. The more we focus on the money and the lack we feel, the more we feed the dark agenda. Money will solve nothing it is a ploy to keep us energetically tied to these memes!!

    With love!!

  2. marc

    HEY MONTY YOU are a f-ing retard! Of course we know they want to wipe us out! But we know this earth movie is being run by divine retards like yourself and others , this f-ing planet is a puppet on strings for the entertainment of the DIVINE, NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS! MAYBE all you assholes should give us some real firepower like the RV so we can take back our planet ! IN THE MEANWHILE MONTY SHUT THE FUCK UNTIL WE HAVE THE RV! MARC

  3. naomi segal

    dear one thank you for your help I was born in Ireland and live in USA I went back to Tara as requested by the ancient guardians and some work therethe Pope going there will be powerless the great ley lines are forming already completed making all ancient sites activated and raising earths songs forming a celestial star grid.