Sananda: I AM Presence

sanandaSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence I connect with my Higher Self, with Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I am graced now with the Presence of Sananda and he gives the following message

Beloved tell them this,

Truly I have preached to your souls then and now in all octaves of being. For I am come, the Presence of the Lord with you. And I come to redeem, and the redemption is of the Lost Teaching and the Lost Word. For here, then, is the restoration of the soul. As the dried fig is restored by the water of Life, so may the fullness of your soul now become plump. Having drunk of this water, may you live forever and not be turned aside, because you have heard a prognostication, to seek again and again predictions of your life.

There is only one prediction in life, beloveds. This one prediction in life is that you are here and now a potential of Spirit realizing itself. You are not a soul becoming the Spirit but the living Spirit itself internalizing and manifesting itself in the soul potential that has gone forth.

Therefore, rise with me now to the level of the One and of your I AM Presence. Rise in meditation to that mighty sphere of Light and look down upon your soul, beloved, and see how you, as the I AM THAT I AM, direct life and mind and consciousness into this vessel that is the feminine potential—the waiting bride that now must appear and understand the self as this I AM.

I place you, beloveds, in the center of the I AM Presence, that for a moment you may realize being as God, as the masculine Spirit of Life. For you have long labored in the vineyard of life and of your own karma to perceive the self as the soul becoming. Well, beloveds, the soul that is ever becoming and never being true Being is the soul that has lost a certain sense of the absoluteness of Life itself.

Thus, come to know the value of meditation unto the Source that you might be one with the Great Projector of Being who has sent you forth. For unto the Omega out of the Alpha the I AM THAT I AM is one. This is the affirmation of Being that becomes the foundation of all endeavor. It is the a prior awareness, beloveds the awareness of that I AM. It is the premise of manifestation, of all precipitation, all knowing and interior life.

Therefore, be seated in my meditation with you. For the rising of the soul and the resurrection thereof is more than a physical standing or even a standing for God. It is an inner walk. It may be an outer tribulation but through it there is an inner mounting of a spiral staircase.

Yes, the inner gnosis is proven by the outer manifestation. But the outer manifestation, beloveds, is not always proof of the inner gnosis. Therefore, take care that you stray not, remaining on the periphery of the circle as the builder in life and forgetting to retreat to my sacred heart and to your own.

I leave you with peace, the peace that is not of your world but a peace that inner peace that you once knew…. connect now beloveds to the Sacred Space within your Hearts and find that Peace within.

I AM Sananda and I speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio