Why The Event Hasn’t Occurred, Action Changes Things

change through action eraoflightdotcomGreetings to You ! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy).

The information expressed here is that of my perspective my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.

In the spiritual community there are many today wondering about the Event and why it has not occurred yet?! For this, we can give two reasons. As many are aware during these times on Earth it is the intent of the Collective, the Galactics, the Spiritual Hierarchy and Creator that as many humans as possible have the chance to ascend.

Now having said this, when the Event occurs, the frequency vibration of the Earth would jump three or four steps at once. For example, it would go from level one to five. Two, three, and four would be skipped.

Well, today we still have billions that are between 1.5 to 4.0. The ones that would be affected in a non gentle way and would most likely leave their body if the Event was to occur now are those from level 1.5 to 3.5. Which once again the numbers are in the billions.

This is why the process shall proceed in a gradual manner. So we can have as many as possible ascend. Now, the vibration of millions is changing everyday, they are choosing lightlove over everything else. This also affects the Collective and the Earth in a positive way.

The second reason is; Just as the billions working on cleansing and clearing blocked energies within them, our Sun is in a way also doing this. S.O.L(Source of Light) is not yet ready to accept the full spectrum of light that would be released from the Great Central Sun and for Sol to transmit that to us without causing harm.

This can happen now, but, there would be tremendous damage caused to Earth and humanity. The coronal mass ejections, solar particles would impact Earth’s magnetic field, the environment and causing a geomagnetic storm.

The truth is the Event has never been delayed or postponed because there never was a set date. And as we have said previously in many ways the Event is Ascension. So we may very well not experience the Event ’til around 2020. This does not mean that the energies will stop rising. This continues every minute, the light is increasing, and great change will unfold in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Let’s stop for one moment. Imagine how the vibration of the Collective would rise if it were not for Cabal interference and influence.

I wish to ask you do you think this world now would be different in a timeline where the Cabal was not? I most certainly do. As a matter of fact not only would it be different but more joyous and peaceful.

A world where the Cabal did not exist. Which would mean, all their deceitful creations and influences would have never come about. War, religion, race, holywood, nationalism, mainstream media, enslaving economic system(money, work, taxes), and more.

This group of entities has taken advantage of the angelic aspect of the human being for millennia. They have manipulated, enslaved, and tormented humanity in every way possible. But we still shall send them our love and forgiveness, at the same time they need to understand that it is time for the 99% to also experience freedom and joy. And for this, if not willingly, than forcibly they will be put aside.

Let us move on and speak of what can BE NOW.

Today I say their time is up. The time for talking with them has come to an end. Once again I say no negotiations, no deals should be made with the Cabal outside of the choice that is made for them, which would be to reside in sanctuaries for their remaining lifetime here on Earth.

It is time to once and for all round them up, because of them no thing should be put on hold any longer.

In these words, from the heart, understand that there is no anger here. No fear or hatred, or emotional reaction. Those times have long past.

What is here is pure lightlove for this world and the STRONG DESIRE TO SERVE THROUGH ACTION. For the change we seek to bring about, the change that is required in our world in these times demands action. For this type of great change in such a dense world cannot be achieved through meditation and prayer alone.

I meditate. I pray. I send gratitude to the Higher Dimensional beings for what they have done and continue to do for Earth. I send lightlove to all of Earth and the Universe.

However, it is essential to understand that what is occurring here, and once more the change we seek to bring about cannot be achieved through meditation alone and one just remaining positive. Unless you have half of the population or more doing what lightholders do on a daily basis, which in turn would raise the vibration and maybe halt the dark actions of the Cabal, but this is not the case here.

The Galactic Federation could have meditated all they wanted but that would have not prevented a 3rd World War, or nukes being launched, DIRECT ACTION was paramount.

In order to raise the vibrational frequency of Earth to the point where those not pure at heart would leave their body this would require tremendous focus and energy of at least two billion people or more.

Raising the vibration would also mean losing a lot of other less aware ones with great potential nonetheless, who otherwise would contribute to building the new world if it were not for Cabal influence.


This is a time of serving the highest good of all and not just a few. Everything else shall be transformed. The Cabal too deserves the chance to cleanse and release, they can do this in sanctuaries, where they should not and will not any longer be allowed to interfere with humanity’s evolution. The time has come to put the needs of the billions first.

It is now time to ACT(Action Changes Things).

We must move forward with the release of the various programs and technologies, and provide across the world for as many people as we can with the essential needs. Imagine how this would raise the vibration of our world into a higher one.


The time to spread peace, joy, and prosperity to all of humanity has arrived. The time of FREEDOM FOR HUMANITY IS NOW.

As always, from heart to heart, I am KejRaj!


8 Replies to “Why The Event Hasn’t Occurred, Action Changes Things”

  1. Ved Chaudhari

    I can see more clearly why it has taken so long for the process to take hold – people have been struggling to extreme levels, risking those between 3.5 and 4.5 who are very precious to a point of disbelief for the sake of the masses who really are unaware and uncaring. The Cabal have been dancing like monkeys from one disaster to another to distract us into fear and depression but they will not stop and we cannot stop them or side-step them until the masses wake up. Its a catch 22. The message is very confusing because the few cannot do it.

  2. marc

    The Event and other things never happened because as Winston Shrout has just explained that the real end of the Mayan Calendar expired on DEC.21, 2017, not the 2012 that everybody expected! That’s why Pres. Trump signed the Executive Order on the Dec. 21 to seize all assets of the CABAL, cause this the start of the Golden Age!

  3. Mary magdalens

    I agree that it would be wonderful to have. Most ascend after the event. But I do not see. Many waking up. And the event will bring the disclosure, humanitarian funds, new technology of free energy and health technology, a new financial system and more energy to wake people up. So I join the Sunday meditation each week to bring on the event so we can help others. Lerd Get Her done

  4. Cheri

    KejRaj, your heart is pure like the rest of us on this path and I totally hear it in your channeling, we all want this and are working to do it on all levels. I totally support you in this. This is my two cents cause it’s fun to share!!

    The understanding of what has been done in the etheric plane on the earth grids and by dark manipulation is the most extensive and diabolical thing I have ever participated in uncreating!! The only way we can affect change is by raising our own vibrations by clearing and withdrawing from these old timelines that are still resonating within our cells. The only thing I hope is that we are altruistic and not seeing our work as trying to save others which all the money and resources in the world will never change until each and everyone of us has reached inside and pulled in the higher vibrations of love and truth where nothing lacks. Then we live through example which takes no trying it is just who we are.

    But of course you are right in that we feel a greater need to be doing something and our hearts and souls are purely anchored in a service to others mode which is in itself the highest vibration.

    We just need to remember the collective are not victims. Yes the deck was stacked in the etheric plane as well as here where all the money was being horded and the earth resources abused and technology repressed. But we participated in this every step of the way by giving over our power to others, participating in war, religious dogma or completely turned into zombies.

    This is the vicious cycle we are ending but most people are thoroughly entrenched. We can relieve the suffering worldwide but we can not change the mindset of the billions by throwing money or technology at them.

    Even when the cabal is removed from power people will still be at an individual stage of evolution. Everything in nature is gradual and in the flow. The only “events” we have had are cataclysms or religious dogma of raptures as if enlightenment is not a journey but some sort of end state. However I do see the false construct of time ending very soon which may be the event!!

    I don’t know or understand who in heaven would be negotiating with the cabal, this seems ridiculous to me. But this is a free will universe and we have 7B souls with free will choosing to comply with the status quo which is thier one and only source of power.

    But we each have our own missions and so I have to admit that maybe my abhorrence to this currency reval focus is based on my belief in the corruption of money. I work on unravelling the energy in the astral and on the grids so I am very glad that some of us are focused on creating the new in the physical as well.

    But let’s get real with our expectations, enlightenment is a process, not an event. Thanks for reading my thoughts. Love you!!!

  5. Nora

    A great message kejraj – I fully comprehend what you are saying and your energy too. Thank you for all you do.

  6. Crystal

    Hello again KejRaj,

    Thank you for your message.

    Whatever I am saying, it is with humility and the knowledge that I am in a limited state of awareness.

    As I am perceiving the question of ascension, I think that the essential element is not an intellectual one, but a spiritual one. One of Love and the non-emotional, spiritual Heart.

    It takes a wave of frequency of pure Love to take anyone with It who surrenders.

    So, oh yes to clean water for everyone, healthy and nonviolent food for everyone (= vegetarian), comfortable and beautiful spaces where to live, a clean, uplifting and harmless environment. Yes to abundance, yes to financial and other safety for everyone, yes to health care including in priority alternative medicine … you get it.

    Yes to respect and responsibility on behalf of whichever authority toward each human & living Being and form of Life including plants and minerals on the planet.

    As for information: truth is ever more available. Not loud enough yet, but for those of us who want to know it, we can find ever more reliable sources. Now, how would someone who has not yet surrendered to Love and Light, and thus forgiveness and nonviolence, be processing raw information and truth? Wouldn’t there be an upsurge of violence? One more excuse for the lower nature to lash out? How would technology and finances be used, if not guided by love, caring and wisdom? I am not here justifying in any way the hold of the few on the many, the few who are definitely not loving, caring and wise in the way they are abusing of their power and money.

    I am feeling that the essential element is a huge wave of the highest and purest LoveLightGod frequency, which addresses Itself to our heart, spirit and soul – rather than our intellect which was exploited until now to keep us limited, and which would only be further fed by information. A wave of the highest and purest LovelightGod frequency which is raising people at a level as, it seems to me, nothing else can do, and which will allow humans to use information, technology, money and others, wisely, constructively, caringly, LOVINGLY.

    Some speak of that wave. It may be gradual. It may be more sudden, and combined with truth, technology and money. But this quality of energy and its implications like surrender to It is what I think will be the decisive source of transformation and upliftment for Humanity and Life on Earth.

    I am humble in my opinion, and will see if I keep feeling the same with the passing time and events.

    Love to all