2018 Frontline Gaia Energy Update

newlight eraoflightdotcomIndigos, lightworkers, healers, channellers and volunteers are here as way show-ers, to illuminate pathways unlocking quantum potential. Warriors of Gaia are bit by bit lifting the lid on the third dimension. The thinning veils is frightening for many conditioned to fear frequency. We can expect some of this fear to translate as hostility, as aggression, as personal attacks. This is natural in a world waking from such a long slumber. A world awakening to depravity, greed and deceit at the heart of global society. We could diagnose the planet with Traumatic Stress Disorder. Its people karmically, emotionally and intellectually overwhelmed to the point of energetic paralysis.

Compassion is fundamental. Ignorance, arrogance, entitlement, intimidation, hostility and deceit may be thrown our way. We are on the frontline of a traumatised planet. We are here as organic beings to connect with her people. Some attacks may be preordained, ancestral karmic clearing. We have the power to cut cords, end contracts and exit negative spaces. The way out of the darkness is to go inside and find our inner light. We heal by releasing pain or anger or any of those other dense energies stored deep in our bones, our psyche, our gut. Using meditation, mantras, holistic healing therapies and nature to release and realign.

The matrix locks down the heart in fear, giving the ego way to much power. Our ego is our weak point, our Achilles heel, it is fragile. The extreme vulnerability of human babies and children leaves us wide open to reconstruction of our mind body soul connection long before we hit adulthood. Survival instinct has meant against the odds humanity thrives in heart led love filled tribal living. Her heart does beat with Gaia’s. Despite the onslaught of war, poverty, disease and predatory abuse humanity continues to thrive. There is anger and rightly so. There is ignorance and understandably so. There is fear and we learn as we wake up this is all instilled into humanity. We can get stuck on the ‘humans are a virus on the planet’ shock and shame part of awakening. We can resonate so fully with this that we fail to grow beyond it. We do not then recognise the innate humility in humanity. The small, beautiful, joyful interactions that pepper the planet every day in high frequency love.

Dialogue, space to communicate across the polarity chasm is the push for 2018. To recognise our adversaries, to protect and be kind. There is a dark force at work here, of that there is no doubt. Many people are caught in the karmic crossfire of the war of light and dark raging in the third dimension. The goal for the elite is to keep us all here rooted in our own dense frequencies, unable to raise our vibration to fifth dimension freedom. We have been catapulted into the Age of Aquarius and Kansas is going bye bye. Much has been revealed, disclosed, exposed. More will follow. There will be justified anger, frustration and fear. There will be vast swathes of heavy karma released for clearing, cleaning, transmuting. Empaths and transmuters will continue to work hard every day doing this monumental light work. Energy healers will steadily become more in demand as the word spreads.

The practice of self care is paramount to efficient karmic clearing. To educate ourselves, esoteric wisdom of frequency, energy fields, third eye sight and zen vibrations. The rainbow children, the indigos, the way sho-wers are born expansive. They illuminate with art, inventions, designs for a new earth, recycled, rebalanced, redesigned in harmony with nature. All of this is possible and its happening. We are here as humans. We are here as Warriors of Gaia. We are here to show the world doesn’t have to be this way. We can and are changing the world one small interaction, one creative pulse, one love filled gift at a time. Stay strong and kind. We are living the rebirth of a planet and her people, a giant quantum leap in the time space continuum. We are good people and the world can and will be a better place. Its going to be stormy and wild at times. Go within to calm, centre and thrive in fifth dimension love frequencies. Stay golden cosmic surfers. Namaste.