Divine Mother: Speak Your Truth

mother god eraoflightdotcomNever doubt your power when you are intending to bring in light and expose the horrors taking place in the darkness.

Greetings my sweet Annas! I am the Divine Mother, I am your Mother, Mother of hope, Mother of change, Mother of love and Mother of all. I come here to bring love galore; I am here to bring hope and reassurance; I am here to bring clarity and truth for you and for your loved ones. I am here to hold you in my heart, to have you sit beside me, for you have grown up and matured so much. I am here to remind you of who you are, a child made of love in my image, in your Father’s image, to be love, to experience love and to spread love and only love to everyone and every place you go.

And you may be going and meeting people in physical form, or you may meet them energetically, through your dream travel or following your thoughts, and then focusing your attention upon a single one or many, it matters not, for you are affecting them greatly with your love and intention.

Never doubt your power and your magnificence when you are intending to bring into your world, into your Nova reality and the world, only that which is of the purest love and for the highest and greatest good of all.

Many of you, my brave and sweet Annas, light-holders, beacons of love, angels in form, many of you are here to bring in light and expose the horrors taking place in the darkness, horrors that have been taking place on this planet for too long. Many of you are here to be the guardians of this new life that we are creating together, protectors of children and of the other pure and innocent souls coming in and incarnating at this time to support and hold the space for the Nova reality and the world.

These diamond and rainbow children recognize you easily, they see with their hearts and they feel with their souls that innocence you possess, that love that you pour through every pore of your being and then spread out and give to everyone, without any discrimination.

They come to you for a split second or they stay with thee for a longer period of time, they smile and talk to you in their own way. They embrace you and then allow their heads to lean on your shoulder in love and trust, even if this is the first time they have ever seen you.

The light that shines through you attracts everyone, but children know the feel of purity and unconditional love. And whether you are their country’s president, their parents’ physician or their own school teacher it matters not, for this cannot be staged or taught to them. Their hearts are wide open, their eyes see everything. You see they don’t know how to lie, fake, or pretend to see love, when there are conditions of fear lurking around.

They bring their own parents to thee so that they can speak through you and bring some more awareness of the new ways of teaching and education, dieting and eating, wellness maintenance and health to their parents. They come when they feel threatened and neglected, they come indirectly, or bluntly with honesty, and they ask for your protection and intervention.

That is when you must listen with your hearts as most of you are doing already. It hurts you deeply to feel that there is much confusion and denial in some of these fortunate families that have been chosen by these wonderful and strong new incoming souls, and yes, despite the obvious truth being revealed to them, when they turn their heads away in disbelief and feelings of powerlessness.

Speak your truth dearest ones, with gentleness, strength and love. Know that the seeds and the reminders have been placed into the hearts of the appropriate ones. Bring in that certitude that your support and assistance is on its way, regardless of how much or how little you are actually doing concretely to correct the situation. Trust that your intention to only bring love and light into a child’s world will attract the right and most skillful sweet angels in form, sweet Annas of mine, trained specifically to clear the clouds of confusion, to bring the required healing, and then restore the rightful peace to the hearts of everyone.

You are not to give up on anyone, even when you have no clue or expertise as to how to proceed next. Just open your hearts, set the intention to bring in resolution and a loving solution, and it will be done.

I thank you for your continuing service. I thank you for fulfilling my heart’s desire to bring home to me all of my children. I thank you for showing the way.

I am leaving you now, embracing and enfolding you in my Blue Diamond love and cloak! Farewell.


» Source – Channel: Genoveva Coyle