The Energies of February 2018, Soul and Body Integration

aquarious ageWhat you are the world is. And without your transformation, there can be no transformation of the world. – Jiddu Krishnamurti

At this phase of our evolutionary journey, we stand under a very intense, and liberating, passage that began in December and that will continue until March. For we are immersed within a very intense, and fiery wave, with the first Lunar Eclipse at 11 degrees Leo, within an 11 Universal Year!. An eclipse strongly felt, as its vehement energy has been building, for weeks before it occurred. This Eclipse begins to trigger the profound influx of light that we will continue to receive with another eclipse in Aquarius, one happening later on February 15.

The frequencies from both eclipses and this new energetic month of February, are not separated, as all is happening at once, it is a continuation, for in truth there is no beginnings or endings, all is always interlaced, and we no longer follow a human fixed and lineal order of how these events occur. The eclipses bring creativity and passion, but especially a major heart opening and the cosmic gift to liberate ourselves from the egoic chains that are impeding us to stand firm into who we are and came here to be, shining our unique gifts, and uniqueness, for we came not here to compare ourselves or be like others, dimming our unique Divine Creative Spark, but to share and spread it to All, as it is in variety that true power, strength, assistance and richness, reside.

At the time of the Eclipse, on January 31, we have the Sun and Venus conjunct Aquarius, opposing the moon and the North Node in Leo. The strength from Leo and the freedom from Aquarius are meant  for us to be direct these energies into the conscious liberation of 3D habits, thoughts, beliefs and old ways of being, and as the next Eclipse is in Aquarius, we will have another opportunity to keep anchoring ourselves within this New Timeline, by being free of the attachments that our old self is still trying to feed.

Sometimes we are not aware that the only thing that impedes us to experience a major growth is our own selves, for while we are busy blaming other people and/or circumstances, we are not seeing where the solution lies, which is always within. So this is going to be a very important passage for us to continue with the conscious work of self-liberation, for we do not have control over the outer or have to wait for something or someone to improve our reality, for the only thing we are responsible of, is our own selves and actions. Once this is accepted and the responsibility is taken, there is no need to continue blaming outer factors.

This is a long and sacred passage for us to bring deep transformation in both our inner being and in our earthly reality, as the 13 – 4 reduced – Universal frequency of this new month of February reminds us. For we are indeed experincing a deep inner transformation at the same time that we anchor and build, the strong foundations, the structures that will support ourselves and creations, in the physical.

It is during this phase that we most should become the eternal Witness that always dwell into the depths of our being and begin to observe where we still resist to let go, for all that we keep inside, that shall be released is not allowing us to embrace a new level of consciousness. Listening to our bodies, is pivotal, for they will inform us of the physical blockages we need to dissolve as well as what is in need of more assistance in order to integrate this new wave of light.

Soul & body integration

As we keep descending more Wisdom from our I AM Presence, and consciously working with the inner work of soul integration – and liberation – the more we will have to take care of our physical bodies, for they are also becoming more and more aware of this new Light influx that we are constantly integrating, since December and that will continue to increase until March.

This Eclipse in Leo, following by another one in Aquarius, will set the perfect frequency for us to properly support our physical bodies, as it is only while we are incarnated as humans, living in the physical, that ascension can take place, so we need to work with our bodies the same we work inwardly.

When we begin the endless process of embodying higher aspects of our True Self, dissolving more of our lower or egoic one, our physical bodies will begin to experience pain, resistance, especially if we hold this same resistance from within, for our bodies are letting go of lower frequencies and blockages that are impeding our bodies to integrate this new level of consciousness.

The Lunar Eclipse in Leo quincunx Neptune, which is a perfect frequency for us to work with opposite and emotional conflicts. To this alignment we have to sum the fact that during the Eclipse the Moon will be at home, in Cancer, aligning with Ceres, who has also feminine essence. This will also assist us in the transcendence of polarity or synthesis of our masculine and feminine essences, for during this Year, the integration of polarity, will be a constant.

A lot of people who tend to have excess in their masculine essence, could experience this new consciousness in the physical as sadness, anxiety and essentially discomfort, for they are beginning to see how their old world fades away and with it, what was familiar, the delusion of control and the many protective layers that comes with this delusion. So they may experience this transformation as something wild and unknown, for their feminine essence is not yet embraced, and hence, the intuition – and deep communion – with their soul and Unified Self, required to envision a wider perspective of our own human life experience.

For the ones who tend to nurture more their feminine essence, then, you will find more difficult to ground yourself, as well as to manifest abundance and balanced relationships. For it is all about the perfect merging of both essences what brings harmony in our outer life. If this is your case, then you will feel a deeper connection to the ethereal realms, to your inner ones, you are a caretaker and a very creative soul, however not so much in the physical, which is as Divine as the non-physical planes, for it is the masculine who manifest and protects what the feminine first created within. This is why it is so important that both dance as One, instead of in separation.

For those who are leaving behind addictions – by addictions I refer to everything that enslaved us, as negative thoughts etc, not just drugs – they will notice the strong resistance of their bodies to release old 3D habits. The more you focus on what you are leaving behind, the more anxiety, you will experience. Resistance and hence, painful physical sensations, come when we are reluctant to leave something that it is not natural, and welcome by our physical bodies.

There are also many things to dissolve/heal when soul integration begins, such as healing biological/genetic patterns, healing 3D mental beliefs, and many other things that need to be dissolved, as we keep retrieving more Wisdom.

The more you will keep feeding yourself, and body, with lower thoughts/situations,/relationships/drugs, the more you will keep experiencing these sensations. Surrendering and consciously working with embracing these higher aspects that you are integrating, will help you to allow what is natural to stay in your body, and release what once were imposed by our human egoic desires. Once you are able to release all the 3D old habits, you will find out that after all they never satisfied you, they were actually just keeping you in a lower frequency of pain and giving you the illusion that all was well, which is what the ego desires, to create the illusion that everything is fine.

These are some of the many effects/sensations that some are experiencing, due to the embodiment of higher level of consciousness, and hence, the deep body transformation:

  • Life changes – as a result of the embodiment of new level of consciousness – such as changing jobs and physical locations.
  • Disorientation – due to the time the physical body need to adjust to a new frequency/timeline.
  • Loss of hair – due to inner stress when we begin to accept this new consciousness and releasing the old one. (Please, if it is your case make sure it is not due to poor nutrition).
  • Nerve system affected.
  • Digestive issues due to the purging occurring within the body, for it is releasing toxins etc.
  • Retrieving wholeness – when we embrace opposite polarities, and work on soul integration, we no longer feel with the need to be completed by a male/female physical person, for we now count with both essences unified, and are ready not to depend on one another but to co-create together. For we leaft behind the feeling of something being better than the other. We simply feel in a space of oneness with All.
  • Pressure and/or tingle in the seventh chakra – as a result of all the new wisdom, we are embodying.
  • Pain and/or any other sensations in the genitals (diagnosed or not but without able to see the real cause) this is due to the many traumatic issues and the imprint of fear, within our first and second chakras. Our bodies are asking us for assistance when releasing all these past traumatic experiences.

We are all unique and even if there are general physical “symptoms”, we all must move inward in order to regain true knowledge about what story our bodies are telling us. This is the first step before becoming fully aware of what must be healed.

As I wrote a few months ago, there are certain tools that we can use, in our ascension journey, to bring deep transformation, healing and/or purification within ourselves and into our physical enviroment. Some of the tools I use to bring great change and purification are:

  • The White Flame: This is a purification tool and the main Ray for ascension. Its Chohan is Serapis Bey, who rules this fourth Ray of purification. His sacred site is in Luxor, Egypt, and he will assist those who are ready to embrace who they are, commune with their I AM Presence and begin to descend new level of Light – Wisdom – and with it all you need for your initiation as well as for embodying new aspects of your soul mission.
  • The Emerald Flame: As I previously wrote, this Flame is the one who brings deep healing, love and compassion to All, especially to Mother Earth and our physical bodies, something we all need to work with, at this integration phase. Their Masters are – Mother Mary and Raphael – and can assist you in bringing balance to your body, for this Ray works mainly with the elementals and Earth to bring profound transformation.
  • For those working on the balancing of their masculine and feminine essences. You could work with the Golden and Silver Rays. For they will assist you in bringing balance to both essences as well as into your sense of abundance, self-empowerment… and everything that comes from both polarities and that you need work with.
  • Lastly, The Violet Flame: This is a tool to be used often, when we work with our bodies, when we experience that we need to clear blockages and I am receiving it lately a lot. This is one of the most transformative tools given to us by the Ascended Master St. Germain and it is for purifying our bodies, release stagnant of lower frequencies and being to embrace new ones.
As always, as you are your own masters and healers, I leave it to you to create your own meditations/activations to work with these tools, in your unique way. Of course I always share, when asked, my own ways, but I think we all have, as sovereign beings, our own ways, for what works for me, may not work for all.

Healing occurs with acceptation, with surrendering, instead of resisting to change, for the majority of the times, healing begins when one surrenders – and with the conscious healing we do from within. Others can assist you or confirm what you already know, but no one can work on inner alchemy, shifting feelings, dissolving old traumas etc, but yourself.

Old Earth’s Grids dissolution vs. New Earth’s Crystalline Grids

The profound transition that occurred within ourselves and that allowed us to dwell into a New Timeline, has also been experienced by our Planet. Old Earth’s structures are crumbling, even though the manipulative dark forces want us to believe otherwise. Earth’s old grids are finally shifting – retrieving their lost purity, again.

There are several countries whose process is being “slow” for everything has its own Divine Time. Our focus should be not in what it is said or invented for us to remain in fear, but to focus on selfless assistance, at all times, whether in the astral or by consciously sending our unique Light to All in need  of it.

The ones who work with Earth’s Grids are connected – in Essence – with the Grids, for everything in truth is an extension of us and vice versa. Our mission is to connect our consciousness with that of the Grids and begin to work as a conscious organism. At this phase of shifting timelines, it is pivotal that we unite our Forces and begin to work together into the crystallization of Earth’s Grids, without focusing on what is happening in the outer.

Due to the profound change that Earth has suffered and continue to, there will be many people, changing physical locations, moving to other places where their Essence best connect, and can be anchored, with Earth’s Grids or simply to what they are here to be and do, and be able to ground again their Essence on a new place.

This happens when our work in one place ends, or simply when due to the many changes happening, everything is recalibrated and our Essence is no longer in resonance or required in the same place that has been, until now. To understand these changes, we must first know how our mission works. As you know, we are pure consciousness, we are not a human body, so we go where our consciousness can help and be anchored.

I would like to thank, with all my heart, and soul, all the precious beings who have contacted me, sharing they are and will continue to do so from some of the countries that most need assistance. Your help has been deeply felt, appreciated and required. It is absolutely Divine seeing the new amount of people who appear to me – in the astral – when working with Grids, as flashes of pink light,  when the number used to be smaller.

Thanks for all you are and for for All and for not decaying into your pure intention and soul desire of shining your uniqueness, wherever you are!

Planetary alignments

February is a very unique month, astrologically speaking, I have not seen, or remember, others like this one, for it can seem the least busiest month, of all the Year. However, even if it can seem little is happening, it is one of the most intense months, for we have another Eclipse in Aquarius, on february 15, which is very close to the last one we on January 31. For as I have shared, it is not about physical dates but about the continuation of what we have been experiencing since December.

As you can see, this is another confirmation of the dissolution of our deep sense of our human time and space, for the more we consciously integrate, the more we will realize that everything within the Universe is always in a constant state of motion and change, our main aim is simply to adapt to change, instead of wanting to separate and structuring cosmic events, in months, days, and so on.

Like I shared, at the beginning, this is a 13 – 4 reduced – Universal month. 13 is the number of transformation and renascence, which is represented by the death card in tarot, the period between worlds, in which, we are still giving birth to something new but it is not – yet – brought into the light, exactly the inner/outer process that we are also experiencing since the Eclipses begin and that culminated in March.

After ending a transitioning phase, we pass to anchor these inner changes into the physical, which is also the same message that number 4 (number 13 reduced) gives us at this time and that the following months will confirm – establishing strong foundations in our earthly lives, and remembering that not only can we live off mere dreams that reside in our ethereal plane, but that we are also here to master the art of bringing them into physical matter.

Numbers 13 and 4, represent the Yin – feminine – and Yang – masculine – polarities in perfect unity and balance, which is the phase we are achieving during all this year. Another reminder of the need we all have of synthesizing opposites. These numbers, are a reminder of where we find ourselves, at this time of our ascension journey.

We are, especially the collective, experiencing a mental transformation, as well as physical change, as the number 13 reminds us. It is at this time, and within this mastering 11 Universal frequency of this year 2018, in which we will learn how to master the new realm that we inhabit now, that we shall build the strong pillars that will support ourselves as well as creations, for if we do not ground ourselves, the rest of what we wish to manifest, will not have where to stand firm.

The same occurs when we want to dwell so much in the ethereal, that we forgot that as humans, first we need to establish a connection from Earth to Above, which is done in many ways, but especially by the conscious building of the Antakara, a conscious decision to build the cord, from our body to Above, that will help us commune with the Illuminated Realms.

The first important cosmic alignment happening in February is Venus entering into Pisces. The energies that we are going to receive from this cosmic and magical encounter between these two loving Forces are formidable healing ones for both, the unresolved healing issues with our own selves and with our relationships. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, hence, it invites every planet that dwells in its deep Waters, to dive deep into its visionary and healing frequency to realize if challenges, and our deep sense of separation, have been transcended and if not, to integrate all the experiences and wisdom acquired in order to move forward by being renewed and with an open heart, as the Eclipse in Leo, whose energies will remain with us for a while, also reminds us.

For those of you who have already integrated the knowledge received from past challenges and its wounds, it is going to be a time to go deeper into your unique process of alchemical union, as the inner process of soul integration never ends, and start anchoring all the magic, manifestations and soul encounters desired from this same place of openness and wholeness, by knowing that you need no one else or any other external thing to make it happen. For others that have not yet integrated all the fragments of their souls, this is a cosmic gift for you to work with self-love/acceptance, and forgiveness when the echoes of the past begin to come back again, without judging the self or any other soul involved in this process.

It is a time to surrender, to become the observer of all the past relationships we maintained that served a purpose and that for some reason, we have not released yet and are not allowing us to fully step into new enlightened ones. Visualize all your soul past encounters, and surround them within Golden/White Light, feel the heat of the love, become aware of the perfection that these souls, in Essence are, see them as Divine beings and not as someone who hurt you.

Speak to their souls, their human body may not be present, but their souls are fully aware of this healing process of integration and the recognition that you both are equal beings helping each other into this earthly realm to embody higher levels of love and consciousness. It is only after remembering that no one has ever done anything to you – but being a Light assisting you in your path – that true forgiveness will be embodied. And you will be able to finally transcend what was not coming from a total place of integrity, authenticity and alignment and be fully anchored in your new life.

The same occurs with our sense of abundance. Abundance is another form of love, first toward the self and later on with All. If we are not yet whole, if we continue to talk negatively to ourselves, not respecting and honoring who we truly are, then no abundance can come from a space of separation and resistance.

Venusian energies (especially when it will turn retrograde in this New Year) together with the powerful ones of Neptune in this same Water sign, connect us with our inner creator, helping us to give birth to our new visions, expanding ourselves into our soul desires and other realms of existence, as this is a time for us to immerse ourselves within our inner senses – connecting to our souls, listening to our own guidance – and Divine inspirations – more than focusing on the outer.

As we also have the asteroid Chiron in Pisces too, it is also going to assist us to heal and restore our relationships, by dissolving everything that is not pure and authentic within our own being, leading us to an inner synthesis, and helping us to establish a deeper connection with all the aspects of who we are – loving each one of them as unique and equal without any judgments – before we can love and accept others as they truly are and embrace new relationships.

On February 15, we will face the next Eclipse, a New Moon Partial Solar one at 27 degrees Aquarius. This will be the catalyst to assist many ascending souls to liberate themselves from more attachments, for many are still oscillating between embracing higher frequencies or continue to dwell in lower ones. To me, this is the eclipse that welcome us within our new dimensional space, for we are already dwelling, in frequency, within a new reality.

Remember Beloveds, This is not about a physical location or about what some call “negative” people and situations disappearing from your life, for you are the main one who needs to shift, to bring this change, but about to open our hearts to everything, instead of keep living in fear and begin to create the loving frequency, from within, and spreading it to All, that we are so eager to receive, from outer forces or people.

On February 17 Mercury, moving into the Water sign of Pisces together with the sun, doing the same in the next day. Mercury in Pisces will be exalted, communication will flow and we will feel deeply this creative and innovative wave that Mercury in Pisces brings. It would be a great time to listen to the Wisdom of our soul and stop other noises that may confuse us and impede us to fully receive all the guidance we need as well as to keep descending all the gifts that should be used to assist ourselves, in our unique journey, and shared with the world.

Embracing our Uniqueness 

The message from the eclipses – in Leo and Aquarius – as well as from this new energetic month os February, is a loving reminder for us to stand tall in who we are. For we did not come here to compare ourselves with others or think we are more special than others, but to honor All as equal, understanding that even though our Essence may be the same, our gifts, as humans, vary, and this is precisely where beauty and assistance reside.

We are sovereign, free beings. We already have within all we are searching outside, in other people, in outer Forces, in other star civilizations… forgetting that we are, already, all that we admire, outside ourselves, and while we waste our efforts in trying to be who others want us to be or simply to do things as others do, we are dimming our unique Divine Spark, and the precious assistance we could easily give, get lost by the demands of our ego and its illusions.

It is time for all ascending souls, starseed free sovereign souls, to stand firm in their unique Light. You are all stronger, brighter and wiser than you think. You just have to remember where to look, which is always within, choosing only to listen the soft but constant voice of your soul, raising above the noises from our ego to keeps you enslaved in who you are not.

You are already a free, wise and Christed being, dwelling into a limited human body for the purpose of being of assistance. You just have to recognize who you are and reclaim it.

Your are forever protected, loved and appreciated within Creation, there is nothing more you should be or do other than being who you truly are.

You are, always, working in perfect unison with your God Self and with the Forces of Light of this Universe and all multi-universes. Nothing is ever going wrong.

You are the dark your egoic self is so unwilling to embrace.

You are the Ligth where you try so hard to dwell. For All is God and there is nothing this Pure Source do not embrace and love as One.

You are a LoveLight being of the Divine – always One with this – unconditional – loving Source within you.

You are a pure conduit for the Divine Truth to manifest through you.

Yes, you are all this and more. The question is: are you ready to become the sovereign being that you already are, embrace your true power and stand firm in it?

Whatever you choose, you are, and always were, and will continue to be, a pure love being, and Divine Creator, in control of your human life experience.

And So it is and it will, always, be so by Grace and in a perfect way for All!

I wish you all a blessed, liberating and joyful Eclipse season and new month of February, Beloved Companions

In love, light and service ∞

Natalia Alba!


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