We Are in Uncharted Territory

light_speedWhat a huge whirlwind of energy we have been in! We are experiencing massive upgrades to our physical form and purging deep conditioning and even collapsing timelines. The gateway we experienced on the 31st of January has left many feeling out of sorts and exhausted. Some, however, are energized by these energies. Whatever you experience is perfect for you.

Physically, I noticed lots of cranial expansion and upgrades in the brain. I experienced “headaches” in different regions of the brain that lasted 5 or 10 minutes and then it would move to another area. Many people experienced back of the head/upper neck pain as the cerebellum was rewired for a higher vibrational experience. After the upgrades, my estuation tubes are clogged and I am heading to a cranial/sacral treatment to ensure that all of the bones are properly aligned.  When the cranial bones are misaligned it can make unbearable the common symptoms of ascension such as sinus pressure, ringing in the ears, dizziness, nausea and the mental fog.

Digestion is still an issue for many and it is a good opportunity to ask the body what it wants.  This open line of communication is essential as we make the transition to multidimensional light beings.  We must reconnect with the body and really listen to it. Our culture has not supported this as many of us have had to “push through” illnesses, injuries, and traumas. The body will do what is asked of it until it simply no longer can and each of the times it was unheard will need to be addressed.

When my middle child was 14 she injured herself playing lacrosse. We were told by two separate orthopedics that she had pulled a muscle. Hearing this she then told her body that it needed to stop hurting and it did… she went on to run miles over the next few months and even started sliding in softball. Five months after the initial injury she had to go to the ER for a suspected appendicitis. While that was negative the doctor came in and asked when she had broken her pelvis in two places as we had not reported that on her history. We were shocked. As there was new bone growth it was obvious that it was not a brand new injury and it was in the process of healing. All this time she had been playing top-level lacrosse with a broken pelvis.

At the time I marveled at how amazing the mind is and how strong she was to be able to command her body. Now my understanding is completely different. At age 20 she is now working with a talented healer that is helping her reconnect with her body and address the many traumas it experienced in her desire to dominate multiple sports. When they tapped into the pelvic injury it was as if the body was holding onto a silent scream that it was finally able to release. My daughter is working on regaining the trust of her body as it fears the next injury is coming.

Often times when I see someone completely wiped away by this very physical process, there is often a body that feels unheard. A body that held onto traumas, maybe a sports injury but also abuse, neglect, fear, or even just the energy of “ I can’t be sick.” We live in a culture that views rest as weakness and recovery as not profitable. This is programming that must be recognized and healed. We need to come to a place where we can allow ourselves to rest without needing illness or injury as an excuse.

Anxiety is prevalent for many right now. There is a feeling that something is different or that something is coming. It is vague unease that many feel and then assign definition too. The human mind wants order and if you feel anxiety there must be a reason and it searches to assign that reason whether it be onto another or onto oneself. Many are asking if they are doing enough, on the right path, or what direction they “should” be going.

I decided to journey on this as I too have had this odd anxiety that I haven’t felt in years (Flower essences have helped). I knew that part of it was simply the energies transforming things and the body not understanding and sending stress signals, but I also knew there was something more.

As I settled into the journey, I found myself walking on the beach. The water was calm, gently coming into the shore and the sun shone so brightly. It was simply beautiful and peaceful. I was taking in the views, the smells, and the sounds as my grandfather, who is one of my guides, fell into step beside me.

I shared with him about the anxiety that I and others have been feeling as we go through this embodiment process and embrace fully who we are. He listened and said that he understood. He told me to turn around and take a look. I did and all I saw were two sets of footprints. He then told me to turn back around and take a look. All I could see was pristine beach ahead, but nothing else. Puzzled, I looked at him to explain and he said

“This is where your fear is. What lies in front of you has no path. Humanity has been conditioned to walk a path and where they find themselves now is in uncharted territory. This makes many uncomfortable as it is requiring each person to become fully responsible for their creations.”

I looked ahead at the vast empty beach and understood clearly why so many are feeling this unknown vague anxiety. There are no signposts ahead telling us which way to go. As belief systems on the planet continue to crumble we are being asked to step up, to lead ourselves. It is understanding that as all the conditioning collapses within us, as our true self-emerges, it is us that determine the direction we should go. The training wheels are off. We are responsible for our personal creation, our thoughts, and actions. It is us and us alone.

So as I stared at the unchartered territory in front of me I asked my grandfather “How do I know which way to go, which is the best direction?”

He smiled and told me to simply follow what makes me happy. “Follow what brings you joy and excitement.”  He looked at me knowing me all too well and told me that I need to replace the word scared or anxious with the word excited. “You will find that this simple change will bring ease to your fear of the freedom that is now yours.”

I then asked him what would happen if I choose a direction, begin to walk it and then decide that I don’t have the passion and excitement for it. He replied “Then you simply change your mind without the attachment of failure that was part of your old programming. How can there be a failure in any experience when the goal is to simply experience all that there is?”

As I came out of the journey I sat with his words knowing that for some of us the momentous task in front of us is to determine what makes us happy, what brings us joy? Who are we once the belief systems and conditioning has crumbled away? Each person must answer this question for themselves, search what it means for them without apology and without the fear of making a mistake. It is time for us to be the most authentic version of ourselves that we can be, no matter what that looks like or who it triggers.

In working with my highest self after this session she says to me, it is so much simpler than you think. “What if instead of calling light to yourself you call JOY to yourself instead.”

I hope that my journey was as helpful to you as it was to me. I am sending you all so much love and JOY as we transverse this unchartered territory. I appreciate all those that share the messages I put out, it means the world.


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