Heavenletter: All Dreams Are Meant to Come True

heavenlettersGod said:

Sometimes it seems endless to you all that can go wrong. You have seen it.

Again and again, I urge you to spend more time thinking about what can go right in Life. Take a second look. Steer your thoughts in an upward direction. What do you want to happen?? Who says that Greatness and Beauty must be out of sight for you while what you don’t want rushes in before your very eyes.

I say: Set yourself up for treasures.

As I look around the whole wide world, I see many of My children dogged about insisting on – not their rite of passage — but rather their right to discouragement. Discouragement isn’t intended to be one of your inalienable rights. Get out of your own way. Let long-lasting Light Bulbs go on all over the world. If cartoon characters can have light bulbs go on as they do, why not you, My Beloveds? Go to a hardware store and pick up a supply of long-lasting light bulbs so you always have Insights popping up for you!

Look, if you see a long-waiting line and a short-line waiting for the bus as well, why on Earth would you choose the long line? Would you be apt to make reservation on a train that is going to arrive late. It seems to Me, time and time again you project the idea that your good fortune isn’t coming. Get a move on. Board the train that takes you to your desires NOW.

Don’t consider for one moment any of the erstwhile things that can go wrong and speculate about them. Go where the butterflies are. Project yourself where the flowers grow. Fly as the crow flies.

Be your own harbinger of Good Fortune. Whisper sweet nothings to yourself. Go for the best. Dreams do come true. Why not yours? You are My Beloved as well as anyone else.

I don’t tell you to keep your nose only to the grindstone, nor do I tell you blindly to keep your Heart back either. Let your Heart leap forward! Catch a ride where you want to go. Surely you don’t want to affirm that good fortune is averse to you. I say:

“Beloveds, move over to the sunny side of the street. Think! If you want Sunshine, don’t turn your eyes in a northerly direction. Sometimes, Dear Ones, you make no sense at all. When you Change your direction to the East, anything can happen. Sure, you can lose your wallet. This also doesn’t cast out the idea that your Heart’s Desire is a stone’s throw away. Where is it said that your thinking can only be wishful thinking. I say no.

“Mary had a little lamb. Leave the lamb alone, and she will come Home.”

Your Desires also will follow you all the way Home. So, well may a Pied Piper follow you. Everything under the Name of Good Fortune can be enlivened as well. How you see makes a difference. Make your own difference. Do it now.

Let go of the down side, once and for all. Too often it is your predictive slant that holds you back. When you think that Good Fortune slips past you, introduce the idea that Good Fortune precedes you. Let Good Fortune be the taxi that takes you where you want to go.

Write your own scenario. If half of your lambs come home, you would have untold happiness. Bet on it. Bet on Me. Bet on you. I take you by your hand. Keep Me company. Take Me at My Word. See Me Sweep your blessings before you. You deserve. Wave your dreams in. See your Dreams coming True with Me at your side.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff