The Federation of Light: Staying Grounded

energy field eraoflightGood Day,

We of the federation of light and Love hold a torch of admiration for you and wish to speak. It is important that everyone at this time stay grounded as you move ahead in this year.

As many know there are much changes happening behind the scene. You can do your own investigation on the particular events but the thing we want to discuss now is about you taking care of you.

Just think if you have a car and you want to have it get you from point A to point B you need to take care of that car, feed it with the gas, take care of the tires, and do the maintenance necessary to keep it going especially if you are traveling on mountainous road ways.

Now the same idea goes for you as you move through these changing times. Here are some examples:

First it is important to eat right,- includes drinking a lot of water. It is far better to go with drinking and refrain from a meal than poisoning your body with unhealthy fast food. If you can give yourself the gift of a cleanse or fast to wash toxins out of your body that would be beneficial. There are many ways to do such, just take the time to find the one that is right for you.

Another is Sleeping when you feel the need to is very important. Remember the body needs to adjust to the new energies and therefore it does that by getting extra rest. If you find you are having restless sleep patterns it is best to either try and take naps OR try using NATURAL sleeping aids like teas or herbs. CBC creams and oils are good as well. These symptoms will pass and you will balance them out so worry not. It is temporary.
Thirdly Not moving with low frequencies of fear. It is important to watch your thoughts and do your best to be positive. It is ok not to know the outcome of things but to move with trust.

Aligning with the moment will also aid in staying balanced.

Lastly for now is to ask for assistance and guidance as needed. When we say ask we mean not only guides, higher self, ancestors, God who ever you feel comfortable with but also the animal and devic kingdoms and Mother Nature.

We want to encourage you to remember that you are constantly provided with signs if you stop and look. Stop and listen. Stop and reflect inside breath.

Stop to move with Gratitude. It is one of the most powerful tools you as humans have as it allows you all to move to a higher vibration and feel fully taken care of. Just think when you echo gratitude that a being somewhere is whispering gratitude for you as well.
You are enormously powerful beings and when you know the power you possess you can than move inside the flow for harmony and freedom.

Even if you have been on your spiritual path a long time and what has been mentioned above is shall we say old hat it is important to revisited them as sometimes they need replenishing inside mind.

And now let us talk about the ego mind for a moment. With all the things going on in the world it is sure to cause the ego mind to jump in with doubt and causing one to do too much questioning. The best way to combat this is to take balancing breaths into heart more and recall that you are being taken care of at all times. When in doubt ASK.
We leave you now with love and light and tell you right here and now you all are at the doorstep of a grand surge of change. Move with this grand celebration and allow the doorways of opportunities to open wide. Let the bells ring with love and prosperity, Health and well being, freedom and song.

We asked this channeler/poet to share a poem to remind all of your journeys. Blessings!

Pilgrims Of Love

On the eternal quest for love,
harmony, and abundance,
we meander along
releasing layer after layer
of armor.

Some forged in past lives,
harboring loneliness and abandonment.
Other armor in this life where many
challengers are faced.

The quest for eternal light continues,
searching to unite inside love
as we move
releasing old mind-pattens
for new beginnings.

Times to align dancing in sunshine,
where birds sing gracefully.
Time to release crying to water
seedings of dreams buried.

Seeds, now sprout
in the new times
to align with self love
To full integrating dark and light
to be avatars of love.

New grand times are here.
to step into ones inner power
and enjoy the treasures of life.
The birthright of mankind. – Channel: Star Blossom