Heavenletters: For I Am Love

heavenlettersGod said:

Ah, Heavenletters. They are like gravy to Me. I don’t say Heavenletters are like frosting on the Cake, because Heavenletters mean much more than that. I want to say that Heavenletters – and such – are My sustenance, yet I am Self-sustaining. For you, Beloveds, Heavenletters are a breath of fresh air. For you, communing with Me, is Manna from Heaven and sweet to Me as well.

Of course, I disperse seeds. We can say that I plant them, yet, I would like to make the point that what I Create is as easy as pie. I have no desire to make Life hard for you, as you, My Children, may sometimes feel. Yes, Dear Ones, I, too, have been misunderstood. Of course, I shrug off misunderstanding and am Fully of Grace.

I understand that you see that death, yours or a loved One’s, as a punishment inflicted upon you. There are those of My Children who further see Life Itself as a punishment. Yes, many who fear death are also not delighted with Life either. Accept that I, God, do not favor punishment – not ever.

I do not see Life nor death as punishment, nor do I latch onto punishment as a fruitful idea. I don’t equate punishment with Love. I don’t. I don’t say punishment is for your own good. Punishment isn’t My purpose, nor is punishment a sideline or an after thought of Mine. Of course, I think out of the box. I don’t want to box in anyone, quite the contrary. I want to free everyone.

To give Mercy isn’t good enough. There is no need for me to tell Myself to have Mercy, nor for me to tell Myself to Love.

I sure don’t condone punishment, nor do I want you to. It could never be My happiness to punish. I don’t believe in it. I believe in Love, and what I believe in, I practice. Actually, there is no need for Me to practice Love, for I AM Love.

Why would I, a God of Love, a God of Light, a God of Enlightenment exile even one of My Sons or Daughters to perdition? I would not. I wouldn’t think of it. I would not exile anyone regardless of anything. I would not exile even the Best of the Best to Heaven and confine them there, chained up to stay. Heaven is meant for everyone, including those whom the world might call the least. I call no one the least. I know Oneness.

Who would not thrive from being in Heaven with the Angels and All the Great Spiritual Ones Who have walked on Earth?

What Human Being on Earth would even take special care to set apart the unhappiest of all from Inspiring Companionship? I would consign every single person to be in the company of the Great Ones so that, by association, those who already feel segregated from Love will blossom effulgently. I would not lock anyone up forever. Absolutely not.

How could I be a God of Oneness and live with limited Creativity? It is My Will and My Joy to raise everyone High and to keep no one bound. No, I say Yes to Love without exception. Surely, it is built in that I am full of Grace. Surely, I think High and never low. I do not close doors on anyone.

I am God, and I am of One Heart and Mind. I do not hold anyone back. This is incomprehensible to Me. This must have been a mistake in translation, and I correct it now. I am a God of Love and no less.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff