Kryon: The Practical Old Soul

kryon eraoflightGreetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

You are facing a beautiful, beautiful energy and yet you may not realize it. In order to get from dark to light, there are profound transitions. What you know from living on the planet is that transition can be difficult, especially when you go from a darker energy to a lighter one

April 15th New Moon

full moonThe New Moon on Sunday April 15, 2018 at 28° Aries aligns with the planet Uranus. This means the New Moon April 2018 astrology is perfect for making a positive change in your life. The best time to make a fresh start is a following a new moon. The fixed star aligned with the new moon portends determination and final success, so this really is a wonderful time for a positive change

Cosmic Consciousness

divine love eraoflightdotcomGravity when observed through our own Quantum View, shows us so very much… so here, I share with you!

These Cosmic encodements are “targeting” THE GRAVITY OF ALL, shifting our Gravitational Fields (another pole flip) and how our Physical/Universal and Cosmic Realities occur. These will “shift” the vibration

Champissage; Indian Head Massage

lyb eraoflightChampissage™ is a massage technique which focuses on the head, face, and neck. It is derived from the tradition of Ayurvedic medicine in India, where bodywork on the head and neck is a common part of medical treatment and daily maintenance of well-being. The Champissage™ technique is trademarked, with massage therapists learning the style from certified instructors; it is also sometimes offered by hair professionals

Zimbabwe: Jump Starting the Economy

eolnewsSOME money is cash but mostly it is just a number on an electronic bank account. It is just a number on some kind of spread sheet.

Its principal function is for counting who owes what to whom. If money cannot move, or if there is not enough of it, there is no significant economy. People stand idle, waiting for money