Zap/Poofness for 4/8/2018


Greetings and Salutations,

There will new fun in the ol’ town when all of this is done. The good news is that it is again far more authentically real than it is fraudulently not real. There are issues and there are people

Q&A Session with KejRaj: Earth, Self Love, Atlantis

gowithin eraoflightGreetings Friends, It is I KejRaj(KayRy). These are questions I have received from readers via email. Please understand that the answers are from my perspective, my point of view. For all truth resides within your heart.

Question: Hi Kejraj! I have a quick question to which I have heard many different answers already, but I want your thoughts on this

The Mass Upgrading on Planetary and Galactic Levels

starseeds earth eraoflightdotcomAs souls we are now going through a massive re-awakening period, to a much higher degree and at much higher frequency bands than ever before.  We are called back to the higher truth within our own soul, our soul mission and purpose and the reasons why we incarnated onto planet earth.

On planetary level

Any Type Of Cancer Can Be Cured In Just 2-6 Weeks

eraoflight cancer is curable.jpg“Cancer can be cured!” claims Dr. Leonard Coldwell. The video at the end of this article is very important. Everybody should see it.

Cancer can be cured! You can imagine the look of surprise on my face when I first saw this. In fact, many of you out there must be feeling surprised right now. My mother died of cancer just as I was finishing

Archangel Zadkiel: You Are Making Great Strides

aa zadkielGreetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangels Lady Amethyst and Zadkiel, and we greet you in Love. Today we wish to discuss the Divine balance of masculine and feminine.

You are making great strides in honoring both your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

Petro-yuan to Launch Renminbi as Global Currency

eol independent newsYuan-backed oil futures can shatter the US dollar dominance on the crude market, according to experts polled by RT. However, the greenback will not give up the top spot easily.

“The question number one is whether China will be able to make the oil market

The Angels: Your Life’s a Garden

angel messageMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

Think of your life like a garden. There are seasons of planting your dreams, seasons of tending and weeding them, and seasons of harvest. There are seasons of rest, and seasons of growth.

There are seasons of allowing

Intuitive Astrology: New Moon April 2018

horoscope planetary energies eraoflightdotcomThe April New Moon falls on the 15th-16th in the fire sign of Aries. This is a busy and highly active New Moon that is going to bring some powerful changes.

Since the Libra Full Moon back in March, the Universe has really been challenging us to get our priorities in order and to assess what we have been giving our time too

Galactic Council of Light: Why Do We Long For Contact?

light shines unveiling“We are here now. We love you. We are you, from your future to assist you on your path.

Dear Ones, we would like to focus today on the amazing light of your soul that is becoming brighter and brighter.

You have done much work to release old energies, and you are creating more and more