Yeshua: Awaken to a New Dawn

sanandaAwaken to see the morning in all of its glory. The world looks anew and everything is full of promise. No matter how dark the road behind or in front of you may be, bask in this beautiful moment and be grateful for all that you have. This moment is all that you have and is all that matters. See it as a promise of what is to come – the dawning of a new era in your life where the Earth and Universe provides all that you need

The Arcturians: Being the Master of your Mind and the Guardian of your Heart

arcturian councilIn order to be the MASTER of your Mind you must also be the GUARDIAN of your Heart

In other words, once your consciousness expands enough to sense the Fifth Dimensional energy fields, you will begin to leave the “time and space” of the third and fourth dimensions. Fortunately, the more you are the master of your mind, the more you are

Cosmic Intervention Triggers Mindbodysoul Upgrades

dna activationThere are times in our complicated lives when joy flows like a river, and other times where sorrow threatens to drown us. We learn to navigate highs and lows with measured core balance. We are able to manifest our experience of reality when we realign our chakras, clear blocks and expand our consciousness. Each chakra has its own needs, its own role in our energetic system. Becoming familiar with them, what they channel