Sananda: The Best is Yet to Come

sanandaGreetings my friends,

Today I would like to discuss potential futures/timelines faced by the Human Collective, based on current Light data and planetary vibrations level. I am sure all of you know that the future is fluid. The future is what you all make of it. Your individual and collective futures are very interconnected. The thoughts, words, feelings and actions of just

The Next Huge GMO Crime Is Here

gmoposionThe official propaganda could go several ways. One version: “We won’t be inserting foreign genes from other species into food plants anymore, as we do now in GMO crops. Instead, we’ll be tweaking and editing the genes that are already in the plants. It’s wonderful.”

Of course, this “new and improved process” can produce unintended and unpredictable effects that ripple through plant DNA. Oops

Council of Light: Mindful Deliberation

ascended beingsYou have only but to think of us and we are here! Your mind is a very powerful tool when used well, and a potentially dangerous waste when not, like a violently snaking hose as water races from it. Harness that power, and great things are accomplished. Remember to use this gift wisely, for it dictates your entire life and value within it. When intensity from any source causes it to surge with energy, direct it to good use. Focus, affirmations, prayer, song

Lower Your Blood Pressure With Yoga and Lower Your Risk for Major Health Conditions

meditation one eraoflightAround one in every three people in the United States has high blood pressure, a condition that can slowly damage the body overtime. High blood pressure can cause disabilities, kidney failure and stroke. It is often a precursor to cardiovascular disease, which kills more people in the US than anything else. Lifestyle changes can control high blood pressure. Yoga can actually lower it