Quan Yin: Your Divinity

quan yinSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting with my Higher Self with Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I connect with the vibration of Guan Yin

Namo Guan-Shi-Yin Pusa,

The only wish of the Divine Mother is that all her children are spiritually free

The Arcturians, Sananda, and More: Reconnection

gowithin eraoflightGreetings, we are the Arcturian Collective. We come today to discuss the rapid changes that are heading your way and in some cases are already here on precious Gaia, and are changing you from deep within. For old time beliefs no longer ring true, do they not? And things that once brought you fear are now more of a neutral observance of detachment, yes? We see this as progress, improvement, for as you are less attached

Scorpio Full Moon 4/29

astrolog mind eraoflightdotcomThe April Full Moon is one of the most potent and magical of the year, and falls on the 29th-30th in the sign of Scorpio.

The Scorpio Full Moon is always deeply transformative and is one of the best times for letting go and cleansing away

QAnon on the Rothschilds & Satanism – Trump’s Secret Alliance with Putin

QAnon on the Rothschild, Saudi & Soros Puppet Masters behind the Deep State

truth rising eraoflightThere has been a number of important developments within the U.S. that indicate how ferocious the behind the scenes battle has become between President Donald Trump and senior Deep State officials embedded within the Federal bureaucracy. The most telling struggle involves the April 9, 2018 FBI raid on Trump’s long time personal attorney Michael Cohen, and the Federal Judge appointed

“There’s No Safety Valve” Mark Mobius Warns Of Massive Market Slump

eol independent news81-year-old investing legend Mark Mobius believes that the US market is on the verge of a 30% collapse that would essentially wipe out the gains of the last two years. The renowned fund manager, who left Franklin Templeton after more than 30 years in January, said “all the indicators” point to a large fall in the markets