Quan Yin: Your Divinity

quan yinSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting with my Higher Self with Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I connect with the vibration of Guan Yin

Namo Guan-Shi-Yin Pusa,

The only wish of the Divine Mother is that all her children are spiritually free.

I Guan Yin, come forth at this hour to call upon you all to connect with your own Divinity to fall in love with your own Divinity. As you connect with your Divinity you shall see your enlightenment unfold.

I activate you all at this hour with the Divine Ocean of Peace, of realization, of Love and of Unity, within and with each other.

An Ocean that wipes away fear, separation and scarcity and that will bath you in abundance and bliss.

Beloved children it is time for you to carry the torch of enlightenment. Let this torch shine everyday within your lives.

Allow your lives to be a Temple for your Souls to grow to nourish to prosper.

Allow your Heart to expand the radiance of Divine Love. Connect with your Sacred I AM from the chambers of your Heart – Allow your Heart to rest in the assurance that your light shines so brightly and as it shines your Soul expands and grows.

Connection with all aspects of your Higher Selves you shall understand the path of your Soul. True connection with your Higher Self is about connection with your individual timelines, undertaking the Divine initiations of Light.

The Oracle of Life unfolds a greater understanding of the paths of your ascension.

Dear children as you connect with the Love and Purity within your hearts, many truths shall unfold for you, use your heart to discern wisely.

As you reach a higher level of Consciousness you will understand this purity. And with this tool you will be in a greater consciousness to use your discernment wisely.

Be patient in this journey, be open, trust and have faith. It is an intense time for spiritual growth as in the integration you shall see your selves shifting and letting go of the pain and traumas of your cellular memory of this lifetime that no longer serves you.

Let go now my child, Let go…. Breath… Connect with your Heart… Let go now… All is well. Connect with your space with your Divinity now, with your Light, with your beauty.

From this space allow your Light to shine, and with this dear ones connecting with your lifetimes of past, of the many incarnations that you have embraced, bringing forth all your talents and abilities that you have developed therein are now coming into this space of your divinity of your Light and this shall shine forth now beautifully.

Each and every one of you are my pearls… and I treasure you all very dearly. Know my children, I AM with you every step of the way.

I AM GUAN YIN and I speak through Elaine this day.

www.EraofLight.com Channel: Elaine DeGiorigio