The Pleiadians: Access to Self

The PleiadesBeloved ones we greet you, This is a time for a conscious transformational step forward of reconnection to Self. For each moment you choose to align through your Heart you reconnect to your inner guidance system. You are being called to begin to create moments of this reconnection by reaching out consciously to this aspect of Self

Embracing Angelic Light On Our Path Now

the collectiveDear Friends,
just last week we have collectively experienced the influence of a quite challenging Libra Full Moon. The energy field of this stellar event represented very strongly  the master energy of this year to bring new creations into this world, which are aligned with the laws of a brotherhood of man on planet earth. A big chance for us to vibrate closer to the essence of the Golden Age of Aquarius lies in

Archangel Uriel: Moving through the Veils of Illusion

aa urielGreetings and love extend from my heart to yours; I am Archangel Uriel, I am the guardian of Angelic Wisdom and an activator of remembrance of the Creator within all. This is often why I am referred to as the wisest of Archangels; it is due to my ability to activate wisdom within others, bringing it to their conscious awareness. My role and purpose in the ascension process is becoming greater and more involved as many people upon the Earth are consciously choosing

Five Kids Who Recall Having A Past Life

starseedsReincarnation is a fascinating topic. It gets even better when we hear about children who not only claim to have had a past life, but who remember intimate details about it that make you wonder how they could have such knowledge.

Often, when a child claims to have been someone in a past life, research confirms that the person once existed. It would make sense if these children only

Arcturian Council: Physical Upgrades

arcturian council eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have taken the steps forward on your journeys that are necessary to bring in the help that you’ve been getting. You see, help isn’t just distributed when you are in need of it. That’s what happens when the help you need is coming from non-physical, but when you

State Sets Massive Precedent, Makes Big Pharma Pay to Fix Opioid Crisis THEY CAUSED

itstime eraoflightdotcomArkansas has become the latest state to hold Big Pharma accountable for its role in the country’s ongoing opioid crisis, but unlike the other states that have filed lawsuits against major pharmaceutical companies, Arkansas is demanding compensation for solutions to end the epidemic

Truth at Last: The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

eraoflight newsWhat happened to all of the great freedom fighters and conscious objectors in America? The answer to that question is revealed in the story of one of America’s greatest heroes. On the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we can finally tell the entire story of why he was gunned down by the United States government