Heavenletters: Your Purpose in the World

light shines unveilingGod said:

I hear you cry out that life on Earth is unbelievable. That it is absurd. It is ridiculous. It is unexpected. It is rote. It stays the same. It never stays the same. It always surprises you unless you happen to be feeling ho-hum about life.

Yes, you do wonder whose life this is you are living anyway and what on Earth it amounts to. You hardly feel like a voyager on the high seas – more like a stowaway or possibly someone who has hacked a random identity; therefore, you are such a good interloper that you don’t exactly know who you are or will be the next time you check in. For lack of enough reliable information to base yourself on, you feel up in the air.

You do know that I insist you have purpose. That’s well and good so far as you are concerned, if only you could have a sighting of your purpose.

Beloved, if I say you have a purpose or two, you can know you do. It isn’t a given that you have to search for your purpose or purposes. You were born with them. They will find you. Meanwhile, you can know what you generally tend to like to do.

Perhaps you have considered that your purpose in life is to find your purpose in life. No, dear one, you don’t have to be on a shopping spree for your purpose. You don’t have to track down the purpose of your life. Your specific ideal purpose may not show up surrounded with stars and sirens blazing, yet your purpose will show up of its own accord some day, yet not necessarily with a big title “MY PURPOSES” in magic marker and underlined. You may be surprised, or you may not be surprised at all, or you may not quite recognize your purpose.

This you can know: Your life serves. Purpose could be too specific a word for you to apply. You may expect your Earth purpose to appear lighted up. I say that you won’t be able to miss your purpose if you tried. Regardless of your catching onto your purpose or not, you have a purpose or two. Your purpose may not be up and running as yet, or your purpose may still be up your sleeve.

Often you recognize your purpose in retrospect. Or, you may have always known. Or the specificity of your purpose has not as yet dawned on you.

Perhaps you knew you were going to become some kind of writer and teacher. Yet it never occurred to you that one day you would become a spiritual writer and teacher, and that you wouldn’t be able to refuse.

The choice was made long before you knew about it. You were sitting in a certain chair. Possibly an unseen hand had simply lifted you up and plopped you into that chair. The deed was done without your agreement, yet it was done all right.

When Lana Turner walked into a coffee shop, she may well not have realized in the moment that when a movie mogul spoke to her, she was meant to become a movie star – or maybe she did. In any case, she did find out soon enough, and she did indeed become a movie star.

And you, too, will find out about yourself. Your purpose isn’t against your will. If your family perhaps insists that you take over the family business, this doesn’t have to mean it’s your purpose. Of course, you also might find out that you like the work.

All right then, life may not be as simple as you would like. Your path can be roundabout. Or it can be sudden and firm as if out of nowhere.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff