The Galactic Council of Light: The New Energies

eraoflight federation of lightBarbara: For the last few three weeks I have felt that I was being transmuted or something; while I am asleep, there is a pattern to it so I asked: what sort of down loading is happening when I sleep?

The Galactic Council of Light:
The light spirals are being absorbed into the physical body of man and

Archangel Zadkiel: Focusing on a Multidimensional Perspective

AA Zadkiel Amethyst eraoflightGreetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today we wish to discuss focusing on a multidimensional perspective.

You are making great progress on your ascension path. You have expanded your awareness on many levels, and you are able to see the bigger

Herb Used To Treat Diabetes Works As Well Or Better Than Modern-day Prescription Drugs

eraoflight healthy livingAn herb used in traditional Indian medicine to treat diabetes seems to lower blood sugar and insulin levels in a manner similar to prescription drugs, a new study reports.

Researchers gave extracts of the herb Salacia oblonga to 39 healthy adults, and the results were promising. The largest dose of the herb extract – 1,000 milligrams – decreased insulin and blood

Archangel Michael: You Are in the Midst of a Spiritual Revolution

archangel michael eraoflightBeloved masters, for a moment, imagine that you are fully aware of your origins and that you can tap into your personal cosmic history files any time you wish. Imagine that you have the ability to communicate with those around you without words, mind to mind. Imagine that you have the natural ability to see everyone’s auric field, and therefore, you can read or understand a person’s state of Being at any given moment. Imagine that you can envision clearly that which you wish to

Message for Light Warriors: All Systems Go

lightwarrior eraoflightdotcomStarseed, volunteers, indigo, crystal and rainbow children are lighting up the planet. Spread far and wide, our mission is to raise the vibrations from ground zero. We have each agreed to do this. We experience life as a human, with the usual amnesia to establish a fair playing field. However this is not a normal lifetime. There is nothing about 21st century planet earth that is normal. The focal point for a war of frequencies that has ravaged humanity physically

June 2018 Astrology Report

astroscopeRUNE OF THE MONTH:  Tyr “God/Goddess”. This month we are asked to come in balance with all things, inside and out. It is when we know where we come from, that we know where we are and can receive clarity as to where we are going. Our dedication to our goals and keeping our word are our protections. They keep us focused and grounded. It is the rune of sacrificing what no longer serves us, for the greater good. A month to be

People Who Talk To Themselves Aren’t Crazy, They’re Actually Geniuses

dee4ac31.jpg“If I were my peach smoothie body butter, where would I be?” I say to no one while I search for my favorite lotion. Then: “Aha! Here you are. You rolled under my bed.”

I talk to myself a lot. And I don’t mean only in the privacy of my own home. I talk to myself while I’m walking down the street, when I’m in my office or when I’m shopping

Yeshua and Mary Magdalene: Reunification

sanandaGreetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, Christ. I am here with my beloved twin flame, Mary Magdalene. We are here by great design and are extremely excited to call forth the reunification of the twin flame energy upon this planet. It is of dire importance, Dear One, that each of you begin to hold the energy of your beautiful spirit in its fullest essence. As they say, your powerful spirit is returning to reunification with the essence of your Divine, beloved twin flame. Know

Deutsche Bank Crashes To Record Low After Fed “Secretly” Put US Operations On “Troubled” Watchlist

eol independent newsIt was already a terrible week for Germany’s largest bank, when the Italian turmoil sent its stock price below €10 for the first time since the bank’s existential crisis in the fall of 2016, and it just got worse this morning, following reports that the Federal Reserve has designated Deutsche Bank U.S. operations to be “troubled condition” which the