Central Banker Admits A Global Financial Reset Is Underway

truth rising eraoflightFor anyone who does even a modicum of research, the 2008 financial crash was not just a cyclical ‘bump’ in the credit cycle, but an actual death event for the entire financial system. And this is primarily why central banks like the Fed, ECB, and BOJ have had to constantly fund their ‘life support patient’ with endless amounts of QE, Zero percent Interest Rates, and even Negative Rates

Montague Keen: United You Stand

montaguekeen messages eraoflightMy dear, the mental turmoil humans are experiencing on Earth is without precedent. The energy is being deliberately engineered to disarm and confuse you and so cause conflict. Everyone seems to be attacking each other. This is all orchestrated by the Cabal. It is when you are all fighting and arguing, attacking each other, that you are not looking at what the Cabal is doing. The Cabal is delighted, as this is their

The Pleiadian Collective, Universal Mother, Mother God: Choosing Love

The PleiadesWe are the Pleiadian Collective here this day, this evening, to offer our words of comfort and encouragement. For we see how weary you are, many of you, and yet you continue onward in your quest for finding love and being love to those around you. Love. Love! Can you feel our vibration of love and friendship extended

Enjoying The Blessings Of The Upcoming Capricorn Full Moon

horoscope planetary energies eraoflightdotcomDear Friends,
we are on our way to enter the energy field of the next Full Moon of this year. On June 27th or 28th, depending on where we are spending our life right now on this beautiful planet, we will collectively experience a Full Moon in the earthy stellar zodiac sign of Capricorn, this time positioned at 6 degrees and 27 minutes. For our collective awakening process into the

Why Empaths Are Easily Hurt by Criticism and How to Prevent it Impacting Your Life

mike quinsey eraoflightThere is no escaping this simple fact of life, the majority of Empaths are easily hurt by the criticisms and judgements of others. In some cases, so much so, that it may prevent them from taking any creative risks in life.

Yes, the pain of criticism holds many of us back, for the simple reason it is human nature to avoid anything which causes pain

India to Buy Iranian Oil With Rupees in Order to Skirt US Sanctions

realnewssource eraoflightdotUS president Donald Trump not only wanted to placate Israel in pulling out of the Iran nuclear accord, but he wanted to economically strangle the Middle Eastern nation through economic sanctions while calling for a color revolution in typical coded language. Those sanctions have been a hot topic for every nation that wants to save the deal as well as those interested in continuing to do business with Iran. India is another such