From Our God-Self: Free-Fall Into The Infinite

higherself eraoflightMY BELOVEDS!

You ask for guidance from your highest Divine Identity when your lesser identities do not solve your sufferings. The root of your suffering is always the idea of separation, the conviction that you are separate from the world and all beings and separate from your Ultimate Divine Source. When you identify with a form, whether it is subtle or physical, it is a sign of separation

Monthly Astrology Forecast; June 2018

astrology eraoflightLife is rarely as straightforward, or as black and white, as we might like it to be. Although most of us accept the unknowable nature of life, considerably less of us embrace this fact joyfully! Of course, it’s reality, so resisting it doesn’t change anything, but we are human and rarely take the logical approach! Indeed, even when we feel we have reached an enlightened state of awareness, those human quirks and nuances make sure we’re reminded of our human-ness