June 2018 Energy Update; Power and Vulnerability

spirit and physical worlds eraoflightThe themes of Power and Vulnerability will be hitting us strongly through June and into the month of July.


It brought with it a lot of change, a SHIFT IN OUR IDENTITIES and also new levels of CLARITY around any aspects that had been unclear or muddy in your life. Your mind may suddenly have become clear about these areas and allowed you to make changes in patterns of behaviour, relationships or careers. The changes may have been obvious – things that weren’t working and for many, the element of surprise would have accompanied this. What this now ALLOWS you to do is make room on the inside to adjust and calibrate, before taking your next actions or welcoming the next level of energy into your life.

There are two ways we create change on the planet; we try something out externally and it changes who we are internally as a response; or equally, we can sit with ourselves and go within for a while and meditate on who we are and what we want from life. Then after this period of INNER SHIFT, different and new things start to manifest in our outer lives.


Manifestation is MAGNETIC right now and partly that’s because things are so fast. So you can now process through energetic shifts (emotions/thoughts/experiences) that used to take you days and months, sometimes in an afternoon or an hour – and that can make for very intense living. But that allows you to re-arrange things in your inner-self, your outer-life and bring in new connections equally fast. This SHARPENS THE SENSES and BRINGS NEW CREATION with it.

Over the next few months there will be A WAVE OF CREATIVE CONNECTIONS – connections with new people – and in general, an experience of more and more people connecting with each other. This is because WE ARE BECOMING MORE ONE as a society, despite the division ‘story’ that we are being invited to see play out in news cycles. We will be connecting with more people than ever before as the years go one – RECONNECTING OURSELVES AS A TRIBE.


Power and vulnerability are getting closer as energies, and that is a good thing. In the old days, we were taught to celebrate versions of power that did not contain vulnerability; the kind of power that didn’t contain the ability to own a mistake, or take a step back and apologise, or forgive. That’s the kind of power-based ‘dog eat dog’ example that many of us grew up around. Power was often attributed to people who weren’t necessarily loving and supportive of others, but who had a big bank balance or some kind of status or power over others. These energies are what are dying off on the planet slowly but surely, and because they often aren’t going willingly, we are observing the throes of that OLD POWER GAME playing out energetically.

This energy DANCE BETWEEN POWER AND VULNERABILITY is happening in a very strong way in the wider collective, so this will likely be SHOWING UP FOR YOU PERSONALLY TOO. For example, you may be going through some power struggles with others in your life, inside yourself personally, or with organisations you are involved with and that’s just par for the course right now energetically. That’s part of the process of HEALING these energies of separation, conflict and power-struggle on the planet.

As the power struggles come up for you with others or towards yourself, you may feel disempowered, you might have suddenly lost your self-worth and you will notice these pulses playing in and out of you. What these pulses RELEASE in us is vulnerability.

Vulnerability and Power are so closely connected. Those who deny their vulnerability will really struggle in the years to come as the energy of these times invites and requires it.

In June you may be experiencing power and vulnerability in your life in a whole new way. Don’t be surprised if you go from feeling empowered, alive and open and then suddenly vulnerable, fragile, questioning safety – because that’s really the dice that are being rolled on the world stage right now. You may find that rather than pushing yourself forward with power in June and July, you will find yourself questioning and deepening in yourself around what power REALLY IS to YOU, rather than a story we have been fed.


For me personally, POWER IS CONNECTION. I feel in my power (and feel we are in our power) when we are able to connect with what’s in front of us, who is in front of us and to be able to feel alive and like we are part of something much bigger than just ourselves.

The OLD PARADIGM around power was ‘What am I getting?’, ‘What is this going to do for ME?’ and ‘I am not safe if I am not taking power over others or from others.’


So, there is a vulnerability that can rise as part of our shadow that says, ‘Am I safe?’, ‘Am I going to be looked after?’ and that can just come up and we can sit with it and BE with it as a feeling state we observe.

But if you are able to communicate with vulnerability to yourself and to others, then there are going to be many, many healings and the arrival of an ALL NEW POWER as you go through this. A HEART-CENTRED power.

So, be mindful of that dance between power and vulnerability AND be aware that there is a fragility and heightened sensitivity at this time. Take good care of yourself and take care of others as you need to.

Big Love Everyone.

Lee x



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