From Our God-Self: Free-Fall Into The Infinite

higherself eraoflightMY BELOVEDS!

You ask for guidance from your highest Divine Identity when your lesser identities do not solve your sufferings. The root of your suffering is always the idea of separation, the conviction that you are separate from the world and all beings and separate from your Ultimate Divine Source. When you identify with a form, whether it is subtle or physical, it is a sign of separation when you have forgotten Me, the One and Single Divine Substance of creation and the universes. The One Force of Existence Who Is Pure and Mere Happiness.

Oneness is felt and perhaps intuited as My Happiness, when you transcend the body-mind. True Oneness is not found in the realms of thought. Not even in the higher mind or in the higher dimensions. Because thought cannot feel, it can only imagine. Therefore Mind cannot „understand“ and describe Who and What I Am. I Am Above it, not locally but in My Divine Consciousness. Description is nothing but an idea about something. It is not subject of My Very Essence. Mind projects always separately away from Me, although it is arising within Me.

So you must directly transcend mind in Me. You must go beyond your world, the totality of the cosmos. Only there, there is no dilemma and suffering, only there, there is absolute Freedom and Perfection, – whatever the world plays out.

When you see Beauty and Perfection in beings and things, it is not the things themselves in which you are aware of these qualities. It Is Me. Because I Am the Substance of all things, and I am the Real and True Substance of you. Even of your soul and higher self. Only I Am eternal. I am not created, but your soul is.

So when you want to be free of suffering in the dual worlds you must relate to Me, by feeling Me and not by thinking Me.

How do you feel Me? It is your willingness to let go of everything you have and think to be. You must be willing to free-fall into the Infinite, into a yet to you hidden space in your heart, something your mind considers to be nothingness, but Which is Everything. It is Primordial Radiant Energy, not cosmic energy, but My Energy, My Light. Bliss. Self-luminous Divine Substance.

It Is Your Ultimate Identity and truly even beyond identity.

However if you believe your deceptive mind, you cannot discover Me and will not appreciate Me, love Me, the uttermost satisfaction and ultimate solace, when you are of the Heart. Because Who and What I Am, appears to the heartless mind as nothingness, as emptiness, as faint illusion. And so mind never can find Me, know Me.

But if you dare to let go of your constantly mind-projected world and your limited self-identification, you will Know That I am True Fullness. You will discover that mere and as separate appearing things and your limited self-identification are empty, as you look falsely at a shell, away and “outside” of your Ultimate Being.

It is an error, the error of your false existence where God or Reality or True Happiness does not exist, as you have removed Me from your life, as you have been living so long without Me. As you forgot Me. As I have not been part of your life, as you tried to survive just as a separate being, empty of My Pure and Primordial Power of Existence, empty of My Force Who has been always hidden in all your experiences, excluded for so long, your Heart of Being not surrendered to Me.

I Am the Ultimate Mystery. Find Me, wake up to Me. And your life changes into the Heart-Fullness of Ecstasy, in Which a New Divine World arises, meaningful with My Divine Satisfaction, My Self-Luminous Essence and Conscious-Light-Energy, the Substance of Everything That I Am.

Come To Me!

I Am Your God-Self, The Love and Divine Self of All Beings, Worlds and Things.

Message conveyed by Ute.