The Pleiadian Collective, Universal Mother, Mother God: Choosing Love

The PleiadesWe are the Pleiadian Collective here this day, this evening, to offer our words of comfort and encouragement. For we see how weary you are, many of you, and yet you continue onward in your quest for finding love and being love to those around you. Love. Love! Can you feel our vibration of love and friendship extended towards you now? We are as proud parents when we see your progress and successes. We boast with each other “See how well he/she did that? See how they chose love?” And our vision is a bit bleary eyed with the tears of love at your successes, for they are many.

You have had many successes and you are about to have some more in your near trajectory as well. Earth is shining brighter now. We see your little blue orb as glowing ever brighter as more and more humans choose love and the Law of Oneness, which will soon be the law of the land, the true laws hijacked no more. Many of you are Lumerian and you remember us deep at a cellular level of our interactions and adventures together. Many of you were seeded by our kind, in love with the purpose of new beginnings and seeding new worlds with our light and consciousness.

We have known you for a very long time. Many of your soul sparks are from our system and many of us have had many adventures on your beautiful Gaia. Life is eternal. You are eternal beings and many of you are surprisingly older, much older, than your Earth years or current memory / understandings of age. Soon you will be able to set your age and remain so, much like setting a timer at a certain number and not pressing the start so that the time always has the same amount remaining. Age is but an illusion, one of many on your beautiful blue sphere. Some of you have also had lives on Venus to prepare for your Earth adventures and then to heal after them as well. Many of you have had ghastly experiences that needed deep healing. Did not your Rumi say “The wound is the place where the light enters you?” And friends, (for it does not seem right anymore to say ‘children’) friends, this is what we see when we look at you. We see your scars and woundings being radiant in their light and we see you spreading your light and love to the others, even those who many not appreciate or understand your love and light, they feel it and are in turn blessed. Keep it up! We are so proud of you. We are your Pleiadian family. We are one.

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of All things. I see you children. I embrace you warmly tonight. For I am all around you. I see you, I feel you, I know you. Rest in me. Breathe in my breath an be comforted. Galaxies are birthed, just as the human soul is birthed. Universes stretch, grow and change just as the human collective is in the process of doing. You are kicking up star dust all around you children, for as your expansion progresses, so does the expansion and ascension of this sector of your galaxy. For this quadrant has been greatly involved in the battle with the dark and much healing has taken place and still needs to take place further on a deep energetic level.

And this is where my breath comes in. Allow my nurturing love, and yet my zero point of calm sooth you. Climb in my lap and just be for awhile. We can watch the stars form together. See how the nebulas stretch and swirl? Ah, I am very partial to the vibrant colors of the nebulas. You are but a tiny speck of me and yet I am all through you, and you are your own universe, remember? All of your trillions of cells look up to you to tell them what to do. You are their master and creator, they are listening to what you say. Rest is needed in these times of energetic upheaval and immense change. Your bodies are trying to catch up with the energy upgrades of the Solstice. Some of you have had many ascension symptoms and this shall continue for awhile as you ascend ever higher and become a marvel of the universe for your tenacity and power of creative spirit of the human collective.

Dear children, this is Mother God. Utilize my presence. Wrap it around you like a thick cozy blanket and be soothed, comforted. All is proceeding. Soon you will have many new friends and neighbors to meet. It is your destiny to be great leaders and teachers for the other worlds / systems to learn from. But first you must build and create your new world, which I see many of you are doing, yes? You are clearing the old to make way for the new. Such is natural phenomena and to be expected. Enjoy the ride, the changes, and the expansion of your innermost self. Many of you are realizing it is perhaps a bit easier day by day to love yet a bit more those who you have found to be infuriating perhaps not as irritating today or the following day? For you are beginning to see them through the eyes of love, through my eyes, and they are your teachers. Love and release, love and release, love and forgive and move on. I love you. I am your Mother God. I teamed up with the Universal Mother tonight, for we are one in our love for you, our precious humanity. You are never alone. We are with you always. We are you. We are one. Share our light and you will see your own reflection and soul signature within it. Excellent work, children. Much love.



» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl