5 Symptoms Of Current Planetary Energies You May Be Experiencing

spirit and physical worlds eraoflightThe Facts: Collective energies, coming from the cosmos, sun or other factors, play a role in our state of being, psyche and so forth. Often times they bring up various things for our observation.

Reflect On: These energies are not an excuse for your feelings. They show you what YOU have inside and need to work through. Be careful not to spiritual bypass, but to take responsibility for what you are feeling. You can only feel what is actually in you.

Global Energy Check In – 26 June 2018 – covering global energies that are impacting most people

The global check-in covers the common shifting patterns and themes that basically everyone is experiencing.

1. Feelings Of Inadequacy, Lack Of Self-Worth – External Validation

Lots and lots of doubt going around… what value do I add? Why isn’t anything moving for me? What am I doing wrong? Thoughts around I am not good enough and will never get there – I’ll never be good enough.

This is a common ego trap of external validation and it will rear its head repeatedly on your journey, commonly around the theme of “how can I be of value if people don’t like me and don’t approve of me?”

An easy fix for this is to go watch a reality show and remember who these people are out there that don’t approve of you – how they think, what their lives are, how shallow they are.

We all get lonely and isolated and want to reach out, so we assume we must be the problem, and then get disappointed when we get out there and find that there’s no one we can, or want to, connect with.

You can go fast or you can go with people — if you go with people you will always go at the same pace as the slowest person.

Every time you grow you move faster and further forward — making the chasm much greater between you and them. They feel inferior around you and stupid because you open your mouth and say something smart and it forces them to learn and change.

Most of us have the complaint that we can never say what we want because people get caught up on background facts, but to them, the old news is brand new information. From the first piece of background we give, we are forcing them to learn and change. People hate those two things.

People want to feel smart and we have a tendency to make them feel stupid – that’s why they mostly don’t like us.

It’s never going to change, and the better you get at handling it, the bigger the load you’ll get to handle.

Watch a reality show. Remember who you’re dealing with.

2. Wanting To Leave Or Not To Be Here

You’re moving closer to God, even if God is still a swear word on your journey. And even though it doesn’t feel like it, your ego death is moving you closer to that goal.

When you get closer to the thing you really want, have you noticed how your hunger increases? Like when you’re bursting to go to the loo and you’re fumbling the keys in the lock because you’re so close to the toilet now?

That’s exactly why these growth periods can trigger suicidal thoughts, or thoughts of wanting to leave, not be here, be done, and go – you’re so close to God that you just want to cross the finish line now.

It will pass – every energy has always passed. Nothing lasts forever, and this won’t either.

3. Money, Worries & Anxiety

I’d love to assume that I can just leave this one as standard and not have to type it out each time, but well, we need reminders.

Everyone is going through money problems, even if they aren’t owning it. Unfortunately, they won’t – it’s the shame that makes money issues a thing in the first place.

The money thing is one of the fastest ways to create the global change we are after — but that means that basically everyone on earth has to be in the issue before we all start acting on it. That includes you and me.

The balance of figuring out how to survive in a world where money is survival while building a money-free world is extreme. It’s unbelievably hard. But that’s the job.

We love to talk about the lightworker mission – this is a big part of it. Figuring out a way to do the stuff that seems impossible to achieve.

It is entirely natural for us spiritual types to have an inherent conflict with money – here’s more on the topic.

4. Exhaustion & Fatigue

I was giggling as I spoke about this to a client this morning… remember a few weeks back when we were all moaning that we were getting no sleep? Well, now we’re getting all of it!

Partly this has been a rest period because we’re just into the main shifting period of the year – from now until end September.

So for the next few months, we’ll be complaining that it’s too much – and then October we’ll be saying we’re bored.

The periods always end – nothing goes on forever. Be grateful that at least you have some idea what is going on.

A few daily basics can go a long way towards helping your entire system cope. Butterfly release is a must-have!

If you need distance energy healing or clearing work done, shout. We have healers that can help you at distance.

5. Focus, clarity and practical functionality

Productivity and getting stuff done… wow, we’ve all been badly procrastinating the past while.

I had this thought one day, how cool would a world be where we can say “bugger it – the global energy is too bad, we’re declaring a worldwide rest period!” #goals

This is one of the places where we really see the failure of the money as survival system – the money pressure doesn’t allow for any other aspects of life.

This isn’t just happening to us, though — this is a global lesson playing out in our personal lives – it shows us what so many other people are experiencing. That’s what we’re here to fix – what everyone has to live in.

The only way that it becomes relevant to you is if you are living through it, so it gets drawn to us to make it an issue we’ll look at and spend time thinking about. We’re meant to NOT personalize it and to recall that this is global and we’re here to fix the global problems (lightworker mission is a job in other words – a frigging hard job!).

At the same time you are less and less “human” — so these periods where you experience overwhelming human experiences in your body actually seem harder for you than what you’re used to. It’s the contrast between the two experiences that makes it so rough.

One thing that helps me enormously in these periods is if I keep planning and working, without jumping into projects.

Previously, I would allow the restless days to spur me into immediate action and then I’d land up with half-finished projects. Now I step back and plan – play it out in my head, do too much research. The results are really great though and the practice helps to build patience enormously.

Find other ways to approach your work, schedule meetings, brainstorm, do the social connections stuff – that seems to be easier at the moment.



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