Mother God and Sananda: All is Proceeding

starflash eraoflightAh, children, you are so precious to me. It is I, your Mother God. I Am all that I Am, just as you are all that you are. You are within me, within my heart, and I see you as extensions of me. This magnitude of change upon your beautiful blue green orb is intense at this time, and you may feel a bit windblown, but anchor to me. I am your safety, your foundation.

You are so loved children, it is currently beyond your comprehension, as you have become so used to the isolation of the Earth experience, that it breaks my heart. It was not supposed to be thus. We are one; we always have been and always will be. Allow my honey love to flow, deep into the wounded places of your Earthly experiences. Many of you are having more and more flashes, rememberings of your deaths, of your previous woundings. Allow my honey love to coat, to soothe, to clear and let us be healed together. For your woundings are my woundings, for we are one. But think of all that enrichment of experience, of purpose, of understanding that you have accomplished both for yourselves and for the collective of humanity.

You are a formidable foe to the dark. You are powerful beyond your current imaginings. You are, oh children, you are so loved. Warriors need healing. Climb into my lap as this one often does. Allow me to stroke your hair, to wipe away your tears, and let me sing a lullaby of what it is like on the outside of the matrix, where you are tall and strong, and healthy, where all is done and won, as this one likes to say. You are growing, maturing so fast – so much faster than we could have anticipated, for we are always learning from you, as you are learning from yourselves, and relearning of the love of your galactic family.

It is true children, you are not alone nor have you even been alone. Isolation has been perhaps the greatest pain, burden and lesson. What have you learned? Have you understood yet that you can never bee truly separated from me? For we are of the same heartbeat. You and your animal kingdoms, your mineral kingdoms, your galactic family – you are all one within the cosmic breath of creation, of oneness, of experience. There are may forms of you having many adventures as I have said before and will say again. It is true children. You are mighty, you are vast, your experiences are encompassing great swaths of times, realms, worlds.

Remember me. Remember the greatness within you. Remember your higher self. Call upon your higher self for transillumination, for understanding, for clearing. And the time is ripe now children to become the masters that you already are, and have been always, but had been playing a part so that you ‘forgot’ for awhile. Your galactic brethren are longing to reconnect with you. For you are their family, you are their progeny many of you, and many of you have your soul origins from the places that you will soon be hearing much more about. It is true children. You are galactic. See, you are already in space! The illusion is over, it has crumbled, and you, my precious candles, are blasting your light with such tenacity that it warms my heart and yes of course my energies will magnify yours a thousand fold. It is my gift to you, my motherly love gift. There now. Do you feel better? If not, remain here awhile and let me sing to you some more. Let us rediscover your soul’s song for it will bring you tremendous peace and excitement of remembering. I am your Mother God.

Greetings, humanity! I am your brother Sananda. I am here to surround you with the support and comfort of all of our galactic brothers and sisters, your family in galactic form. Be at peace. All is proceeding with clarity and speed. You are benders of time space, creators of the highest order, becoming honed in your talent of this Earth school that you are a current participant in and have now graduated and become that of a master. It is true! Aha! Can you feel it? The winds of change that are permeating your planet and the great heart of humanity, who, through out all of the painful experiences has not forgotten how to love, whose heartbeat beats stronger, more illuminated every moment of every day?

Friends, you are not only coming home, you are home! Open your hearts to us, to me, and let us forge this new path together, as we build a new paradigm to explore and enjoy. The time of tears is past. Now is the time of remembering, of joy, and of family reunions. Can you hardly stand the excitement? We are brimming with joyous anticipation here on the ships. We love you so. I am your Sananda. I am always here for your friends. Call on my anytime. Let’s talk.



» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl