Longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century is Coming, in the Sign of Revolution

full moon eraoflightOn July 27, 2018 at 1:21 Pacific time, the longest eclipse of the 21st Century will peak. It will last an hour and 43 minutes during the total phase, with the entire eclipse lasting four hours.

Unfortunately North America won’t be able to see it, it’s happening in broad daylight for us, but Africa, the Middle East, southern Asia, and residents of the Indian Ocean region should have no problem seeing it.

This article is about spirituality. It is an astrological interpretation of what this eclipse could mean, how it could affect people, based on the idea that one, celestial events actually do correspond with human emotion and two, the idea that fate speaks in a language of synchronicity.

Eclipses are thought to be a snapshot of the future, a sign of what is to come. I believe they literally solidify a certain energy in people, but I also believe they represent a sign from God, a sign from the universe if that makes sense.

So if you’re willing to give that idea a chance and see for yourself if the eclipse does anything, or foreshadows anything like a sign, here’s what people into astrology believe it means.

This is the astrology chart for the peak of the eclipse.

The two lines on either side of the chart represent the horizons, and each symbol represents a planet in the sky. Planets make angles to other planets in astrology, like a square, a 90 degree angle, so this is a literal representation of what is going on in the sky at the time of the eclipse.

First off, the eclipse occurs in Aquarius, aligned with (conjunct) Mars.

Aquarius is the sign of the revolutionary, of technology, of freedom and uniqueness. It’s the sign of intelligence, but what it lacks is warmth, and there’s a certain awkwardness and detachedness that comes with the energy, like a very intelligent but socially incapacitated person.

However, the opposite sign to Aquarius, Leo, is the very sign that has warmth, social sense, and all the things Aquarius lacks. So when those combine, you get the revolutionary thinker with the warm and heart of Leo.

So when the Sun is in Leo, and the Moon is in Aquarius and that is solidified in the Earth to foreshadow what the entire Century will be like, this is what you get: a very complete complex of revolutionary, rebellious, freedom oriented energy, intelligence, with the warmth, social sense, humanity, and power of Leo.

The eclipse is aligned with Mars: that suggests that some revolutionary force, force seeking freedom (Aquarius) that is equipped with warmth, social sense, and humanity (Leo) will be fighting something.

The eclipse makes a square, a combative aspect (90 degree angle) to Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the planet of Aquarius, also representing intelligence, what people believe in, what people are willing to fight for, their ideas, ect.

And Uranus just entered Taurus, the sign of stability, home, comfort, structure, and foundations in life.

This eclipse strongly suggests the next Century will see themes of a battle between freedom and comfort. This eclipse foreshadows a battle between freedom, intelligence, warmth, humanity, and comfort that is laced with hegemony and slavery.

This eclipse foreshadows a Century rife with a battle between freedom and slavery.

The details of eclipses like this matter, because I believe the universe, or God, speaks through a language of synchronicity. I take it as a sign, so if you can agree, this is what I believe the sign says.

The Sun during the eclipse is exactly semisquare Venus in Virgo. A Semisquare is a 45 degree angle, half of a square.

That suggests a conflict between logic, science, stability, and everything that is tangible, with the ideals of freedom, warmth, and humanity.

At the same time during the eclipse, Jupiter is in Scorpio, not quite square the eclipse but close. This suggests that a force of darkness (Scorpio) will be waiting to fight with the ideals of the eclipse, the revolutionary warmth.

Also, the eclipse is semisextile Saturn in it’s own sign of Capricorn, suggesting that people will be very serious and disciplined about these revolutionary, freedom oriented ideals in the future.

During the eclipse, Venus in Virgo which is opposed to the eclipse through the semisquare, is exactly trine Pluto, the planet associated with demons, darkness, but also purging and self transformation.

This suggests that the rigid, logical, freedom inhibiting forces in the world might be laced with a certain darkness or intensity.

And finally, the eclipse occurs with Mercury in Leo, which is a positive sign because it means that people may be in a mental space (Mercury) that is warm, humane, calm, and strong for the next Century.

Whether you believe in this or not, see if it comes to fruition. Hopefully this was useful or interesting.



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