The Secret of Presence

7 chakras eraoflightIf you are reading these words, you are already in the process of ascending, whether you feel the way you desire, or await a “big bang” moment of realization to fall from the sky. The primary purpose of ascension is to help you navigate your human journey of time while aligned with the timeless wisdom, inspiration, and guidance of your soul’s highest knowing and deepest calling. As you ascend, the story of time will still play out externally, but felt and experienced uniquely from the view of your timeless inner witness.

The Universe has instructed me to be clear and specific on this moment of ascension, so to align our individual and collective focus into 5D consciousness. Since the 4th dimension is a corridor of time, ascension teaches that each and every moment in time is created to escort you out of the boundaries of time. This doesn’t mean that perceptions of reality appearing in time won’t matter anymore. Instead, you are naturally flowing in peace, unity, and harmony with the current of time, so to ride the waves of expansion versus getting toppled or displaced by them.

One of the biggest confusions and distractions for ascending light workers is the recognition that all old paradigm spiritual teachings act as a gateway to deeper more resonant insights. This means that many of the quickly becoming outdated teachings were created to help light workers awaken from a 3D perspective. It’s one thing to be awake in a 3D reality and another to keep waking up into higher dimensional perspectives, such as the 5th dimension of unity consciousness. At this time, life only seems tenuous, unbearable, confusing, or frustrating, as life creates the exact framework to render old 3D spiritual teachings extinct, as a means of driving the focus of light workers deeper into the mysteries of their infinite potential.

When you are awake in a 3D reality, it is common to have spiritually-themed judgments projected upon the patterns of 3D ego consciousness in others. When we are awake in a 5D reality, we are aware of the play of ego, as the evidence of someone’s inner healing journey being so overwhelming to their nervous system that they have been thrusted into fight or flight mode, unable to meet you where you hope others will meet you. In the 3rd dimension, we assume and conclude about others. In the 5th dimension, we empathize with others by striving to only understand ourselves.

As a way of assisting you beyond the perceived boundary of time, I will offer you one of the newest teachings the Universe has offered me from a 5D perspective. It is called the secret of presence.


Presence is not a new concept, but has always remained elusive when viewed from a 3D standpoint, as an object to seek or a location to find. Especially when held over your head by the voice of an inner critic, the notion of “I should be more present”, wondering “Am I in the present moment?”, or even commanding yourself to “stop thinking and just be present” are all ways in which the innocence of ego transforms an insight into a spiritual form of inner bullying. I say the innocence of ego because it is only using your wisdom against you, hoping to capture your attention and receive the love its afraid you won’t give it. So how do you surrender the need to search for the present moment or judge yourself whenever you’ve decided you aren’t in the present moment? It occurs by unearthing the secret to presence that transforms it from a 3D accomplishment into a 5D awareness.

Presence is not something to practice. It is a cultivation of focused relaxed attention that awakens within you over a period of time. While there are things you can do to assist in the matter, you cannot make it happen by the efforts of personal will. That’s essentially how you push it away. The secret to presence is desire. This means the way in which you can measure how naturally present you’ve become or are becoming is by tuning into how much you desire being nowhere else, but right here, right now.

In the 3D, a need to be present is no different than extra items added to your grocery list. In the 5th dimension, you surrender the aggression, intensity, and desperation of trying to be ultra spiritual and super-mega present with a simple willingness to let honesty be your guide.

Ego consciousness is not wrong. It’s something you outgrow. Much like a child shouldn’t be ashamed of its precocious nature in the presence of adults, ego can be embraced with authenticity and openness, as a means of helping it evolve and integrate. In ego, it’s instinctive to desire things that aren’t in your present moment reality, perhaps even desiring outcomes or even the ability to visit places outside of the present moment. That’s not wrong. The question is, how much time does it occupy? If the majority of your time is spent anticipating the arrival of different characters, outcomes, and opportunities, it explains exactly why the present moment seems so unsatisfying or fearful to your nervous system. In a nutshell, you aren’t disempowered by how things are or aren’t, but by how deeply committed you are to waiting for things to be different.

To take a bold leap into 5D presence, simply ask yourself:

  • “What if I allowed myself to desire being exactly where I am and celebrating however it seems?”
  • “Is desiring changes in my reality helping in any way to change it?”
  • “What happens to the nature of desire when not associated with objects or outcomes beyond this moment?”
  • “Can I notice how when desire is given to what already is, it transforms into fulfillment, gratitude, and joy?”
  • “What would it be like if this was all I desired?”
  • To assist you in anchoring 5D presence, please consider or repeat out loud the following mantra:
  • “The present moment is not something to find. It’s a divine reality I cannot escape.”

Please do not try so hard to be present. It just shuts you down and feeds the inner spiritual bully. Instead, take a moment to realize the light of your soul only desires this — as it is — right now. It knows better things are coming, but it allows the Universe to bring that forward on its behalf, while embracing the way in which life appears solely for its evolutionary benefit.

There is a law of attraction and in the coming months, I’ll be teaching it from a 5D perspective. The difference is astounding and will transform your life radically. In the meantime, this teaching help you complete your journey out of 4D spiritual purgatory by allowing present moment reality to be your object of desire. It’s natural to want things to be different, which they will be, when the time is right. Until then, may you give tour desire to the crucial and auspicious moments at hand, where your soul’s impulse is found in craving simplicity, peace, balance, and well-being.

Whether you are already giving yourself this gift, opening the door to this insight, or expanding this commitment with renewed enthusiasm, it is your willingness to desire however the truth of reality has been molded to be that determines your experiences and perceptions of life. The more open you are to celebrating exactly how things look and feel, the more miraculous your journey is bound to become.

Matt Kahn.



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