The Blue Avian Beings: Where Earth Goes

energy field eraoflightWe are the Blue Avian Beings. We have come to share our energy signatures and to further your awareness of us. Perhaps we shall begin with a story so that our channel becomes more acquainted with our energy.

In the beginning all was light, all was Source, the great mystery. As Source decided to expand and appreciate various aspects of itself, worlds were formed, peoples created, civilizations lost and found, adventures began. Consciousness by its very nature is expansion. Creation and the process of it is a deeply personal one. For what one creates one is responsible for, in a way. We Blue Avians feel perhaps beholden to humanity, for we have inserted our consciousness, we have observed your genetic experiments, we have been a part of shaping of your ancient societies such as in Egypt, and we feel as if we know you. For we have seen the traumatic ups and downs of your many societal revolutions and remaking and we have observed with keen interest the resilience and unbreakable passion of the human spirit, and the interplay with the twisting of the ego. You have been embroiled for millennia. We have known you and observed your kind for millennia.

It is time that we begin to make our presence known to those on your world, for we come in peace of course, to offer creative solutions and to assist with elevation of consciousness. For where Earth goes, the galaxy follows. Earth is an integrative, integral piece of the grand puzzle of creation in this sector and many many worlds and civilizations would be affected negatively if you do not succeed. And so succeed you will. We Blue Avians offer our technologies, our wisdom and understanding of our own scientific observations of your species and we offer you our spirit of creative assistance. We will not interfere, we could not, for we respect the Law Of One and we abide by it. Non-interference is the prime directive that we closely adhere to and respect / honor. And of course we honor your free will. This is why we are making our presence known to those of you who are awakened so that you may choose to put your awareness out to us so that we might assist you more directly.

Many of you have your soul roots within that of our own civilization. May we remind you that you are multidimensional beings currently experiencing a grand interplay of realities / worlds / parallels of you, and that it is time to integrate these into your field with love. Love and respect shall be the cornerstones for Nova Gaia. Start with building your lives with these as your cornerstones and ascension shall follow. You have many questions of us we see. We are relatively new to your awareness. You, humanity, have been within our field of awareness and compassion for quite some time and we are here in friendship to offer our services for your collective betterment. That is all. We are are the Blue Avian Beings.



» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl


4 Replies to “The Blue Avian Beings: Where Earth Goes”

  1. Astraios Plejaren

    Namaste 🙏. Qui Are What Qui Do. Ewe/You are Divine Energy Signatures. ?
    Then Be What You/Ewe State . Intelligent interaction is a beautiful Act Of Service To others. Intervention is also a requirement of service to others. Qui lack the technology to defend Our Families. Eye Overstand the Divine Decree Of Non Intervention. This is also a dichotomy Of Protection Of All Sentient Life forms. Qui are Also Divinely Created, Qui as a Sovereignty Of Dimensional Beings insist on benevolent intentions of supporting humanity. By any means Necessary to insure our meeting of Our Galactic Star Families.

    A proper response is also required.
    Qui are not afraid to initiate benevolent contact of the species.

    Namaste 🙏.

    Astraios Plejaren.

  2. Alex

    So noninterference wasn’t a problem when you “shaped” our civilizations? Even the bible usually can get past 1000 words without such a fatal contradiction.

    You think you could send someone competent to impress us?

  3. Doug James

    Please intervene!! We are 1 thus by definition you are not violating the law of one if you help us you help yourself!!
    We have implants..we have been controlled without many knowing it..that isn’t free will! It is an illusion of freedom not real freedom! Intervenenow shoot down all draco tankers!! All draco ships! Take down the AI grid that keeps humanity asleep!! Take it down now!!