Activism Against 5G In Europe Sets Examples For Others To Follow

independent media eraoflight.comTechnology, especially microwave-produced radiofrequencies that will operate in the millimeter wave rangespossibly above 6 GHz (Gigahertz: one GHz is one BILLION frequency oscillations per SECOND), experiences serious consumer opposition being undertaken, and publicly demonstrated, in numerous cities in various countries in Europe.

One of the colleagues I network with emailed a detailed synopsis of what’s been going on in the EU, which apparently is not being covered nor journalistically reported by the mainstream media in the USA.

Since the information I cite below came on an email string, I assume it is to be considered open access and in that open access spirit I want to inform my readers about what’s going on but, more importantly, to take note of it.

Activism to oppose 5G with its refrigerator-size cell towers on a pole in front of your home, or even in your backyard, streaming powerful RF millimeter waves into your home, which you cannot oppose nor get moved due to U.S. FCC regulations, must become part of the Wi-Fi revolution focusing on valid health reasons, i.e., electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) and cancers, or suffer the consequences of dramatically ill health, as I’ve written about before.


Below are pertinent excerpts from the voluminous email I received and which I think readers ought to know.

“Our press briefing was held Thursday 28 June 2018 in Paris.  Dr. Marc Arazi, President of the NGO, Phonegate Alert, together with two members of the scientific committee, Dr. Devra Davis (USA), President of the NGO, the Environmental Health Trust, and Dr. Annie Sasco, former chief of a research unit, at IARC-WHO, called for the withdrawal of millions of mobile phones that present a risk to health, particularly of children.” [….]

“For her part, Dr. Annie Sasco recalled the basis on which IARC correctly classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields in 2011 as belonging to group 2B, possible carcinogens for humans. Since 2011, new epidemiological studies (Cephalo, CERENAT) have confirmed the increased risk of brain tumors for the most exposed persons (intense use of the phone, long duration in terms of years of use, with an excess risk for people who started using the phone at an early age, and also an excess risk for the most exposed areas of the brain, especially on the side of regular phone use).” [….]

“Finally, Dr Devra Davis, President of the Environmental Health Trust, stressed the increased risks for children: “My research and the work of dozens of other scientists show that sperm is damaged by cell phone radiation. The Cleveland clinic advises men who want to become fathers to take phones out of their pocket. The State of California also says people should keep phones off the body.”

Source: Appeal for the withdrawal of more than 250 mobile phone models in France, Europe and internationally


1st scientific conference on 5G and Health, Organized by the Stop 5G platform, and the EHS and MCS Association Experts predict an increase in health problems associated with increased electromagnetic pollution. Electrosensitive, the first victims of the expansion of new mobile telephony networks. The society continues without taking conscience of the sanitary impact that will suppose the models of technological development to the service of the industrial interests. We reproduce this text that the Electro and Chemical Sensitive Association for the Right to Health (EQSDS) has sent us.  

On Saturday, June 16, the 1st Scientific Conference 5G and Health took place in Segovia. In coordination with the Stop 5G Platform, the Electro and Chemical Sensitive Association for the Right to Health has organized the event. During the morning, in the old Faculty of Teaching, before 200 people from different places, experts in electromagnetic fields and health sciences have reviewed the implications of the excessive development of radio frequency transmission technologies. The speakers included Dr. Annie Sasco, former director of epidemiology at IARC, and Ceferino Maestu, director of the Bioelectromagnetism Laboratory at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. In the afternoon, a human chain was made in the center of the city that concluded with the reading of a Manifesto in the Plaza Mayor. The human chain wore a 300-meter-long woven scarf symbolizing the balance between the traditional and the modern through the safe use of technology. At the end of the tour shoes were placed on the ground reminding those affected that for health or economic reasons could not attend.

The electrosensitive are the first group damaged by the rise of electromagnetic pollution as a result of the expansion of telephone networks such as the future 5G network. People affected by the Syndrome of Intolerance to Electromagnetic Fields, used by mobile phones and other wireless transmission systems such as wifis, are in some cases in an emergency situation. Electrosensitive people are people who are forced to leave their homes, who have difficulty using public transport or even to attend a hospital in case of emergency because there are no protocols for their care without exposing them to the agent causing their symptoms. A part of them lose their social and family relationships, and some have no choice but to escape to isolated places looking for places with less burden of electromagnetic pollution leaving behind everything that is dear to them.

Source: Demonstration against 5G in Stockholm, Sweden


“They marched to the Plaza Mayor where the protesters deposited shoes as a symbol of all those who are suffering due to exposure to electromagnetic fields and who have not been able to participate in this act of protest.”

This article was translated from Spanish by EMFSA. Original article below.



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