Goddess of Creation: Integrate Balance

divine mother eraoflightdotcomThis channel spoke of balance in several different ways; your balance as male/ female, the balance of your soul and human experience and the balance of the earth and universe. Truly as we continue to integrate the higher vibration we step more and more into an understanding of who we are. Sometimes this is very clear, other times the edges are blurred.

If you look at life in the 1950’s, it was clearly defined what roles people played as male and female. Since that time huge transformations have taken place. No longer is the man the bread winner, the unemotional disciplinarian. Nor is the woman who stays home cleaning and nurturing the family. Families come in all shapes and forms with responsibilities blended between all. The 3rd Dimension is steeped in duality which is inherently judgmental. The 5th Dimension is living through the heart with love and balance.

During this channel each person can peel away the layers of other people’s expectations. This can help you to understand who you are at your core essence. From there, the energies shift in such a way that the balance of the solstice and Central Spiritual Sun amplify to create greater clarity and allow for easier transitions.

Are you ready to find your balance? Are you ready to move into the next phase for creation of your life?

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out and embrace you in this now moment.

Time is passing more and more quickly upon the earth. There are those scientists that can look at it and calculate it that it’s literally and scientifically moving faster. The more that the earth itself transitions into the higher lighter vibrations there’s less density for energy to move through; it therefore creates a transformation that is felt in each individual, in your activities, in the way in which you measure time space reality.

It is time to think differently. There will be many things within your life that you will no longer say; “I need a certain length of time to accomplish this” because it will be accomplished more quickly. There are certain things in your life that you will be able to recognize, you think about it, you put it out to the world, it manifests immediately.

There will be other things in your everyday reality that will feel as if you are seeking and seeking and seeking. When this happens to you it is essential to remember that that is your indicator to stop, clear it out and realign.

You will hear people speaking more casually about aligning with your higher self, with your life purpose, with your reality. You may even hear people talk about alignment with their soul, their divinity, their I AM Presence.

The more that people are able to speak of this in their everyday life, the more it becomes a part of your everyday life. It weaves into the fabric that is you.

I would therefore say to you, be very aware of what you choose to have. However, be very aware of opportunities that may or may not be around you. If you look for a specific opportunity that does not show up then it is coming in a different way.

Creative thinking, creative awareness, is very much a part of this new vibration and this new reality.

During our last channel you began to work, very consciously with your future self. It is interesting that Shelly chose to view it that way because there is no now and future, it is all in this same moment in time. However, I do understand the linear perspective of humanity. In that regard indeed, because it is not happening already in your reality it is something that is in the future.

Speaking of the abstract thinking and speaking of this perspective or reality, I invite you to recognize the importance of time almost folding in or transpiring atop of itself. So that hologram that is you as your crystalline vibration, you as this reality is right now. The transformation is about recognizing that you have within you and around you all of those potentials that you saw for yourself. Recognize this and allow it to happen. Allow yourself the opportunity to really express the future, the past and the now moment. All is one reality.

I invite you to breathe down moving through your body, sending that breath of energy and light into the earth. As you send it into the earth, take this opportunity to let Gaia be here and present in your reality.

Therefore as you allow Gaia’s energy to not be something that is separate from you; that needs to be taking care of, that needs to transition; if you instead recognize that Gaia is an immense balancer and grounder. Gaia has a rhythm of its own. By grounding your energies by sending your consciousness into the earth you tap into what that is, so that it may then move up through you, may support you and may assist you with all of what this is. You then let that stream of energy move through you once more as it shifts into the space of your higher self.

Look around. Allow your higher self to become something that is even more supportive of you. As you look around, if you need to clear it out, clear it out.

Allow your awareness to open wider that unconscious flow of energy so that you may more easily have the support of your higher self. You could call this your intuition; it’s where a great deal of your intuition moves through and into you. From there you send that stream of light even further. It flows until you come into contact with your divine self.

Open and feel what that is to you.

As you find this space expanding it does so in such a way that you can feel the other lifetimes that make up your I AM Presence, that you can know that you are more than just this current life time, that you may also be wrapped in the love of your own divinity.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst all that are here. I reach out to you. I embrace you amplifying your own alignment with your divinity so that we may shift or move into the space of the All That Is.

Here within the All That Is, look around. One of the first things that you may notice is that hologram of your own life, your own reality, remains within this space. Take a moment and it may be that you just feel the information; it may be that you see the information.

Allow it to illustrate to you what has transformed since the last time that you consciously looked or connected to this energy.

In some ways you may notice there’s even more definition of who you are. In other ways you may recognize that it has cleared out some of those energies that no longer serve you and therefore it has become transformed into something even newer or in what is now in your best interest.

Feel as if you look around or as if you just send out all of your senses, that you may know yourself as not only the person living your life who’s been in this reality but also as the person you may seek to be.

As you take this moment, simply be in the space. Feel the flow that moves between you and the hologram of yourself integrating more and more of that vibration so that it may more fully support you.

As this integration continues, I invite you to take a moment and consider your life.

As Shelly tapped into at the very beginning when speaking about the fact that this is Father’s Day when this is taking place and how the roles have changed between men and women, partners, life mates, parents, children, siblings; we could go on and on and on about the relationships that take place upon the earth. But more specifically as both the male and the female, particularly in the last 70 years since the middle of the last century; the role of each sex has changed dramatically. This was part of the beginning of the revolution or shall we say that evolution of humanity.

For so very long the world has been in a state of duality. The foundation of duality is judgment; if it’s right-if it’s wrong; if it’s high-if it’s low, if it’s yellow-if it’s green. Whatever that may be, it also created that belief system that karma is something that is ongoing every single day; “I did something mean to this person, I will have something happen against me in this next moment”, again, an illustration of duality.

As you look at humanity now so many of the roles have blurred. No longer is the male expected to be the head of the household, the only ones who works, the disciplinarian. Now both the men and the women frequently will work outside the home, they will both raise the children, they will both prepare the dinners, they will both do the cleaning. Then you need take another step. When you have two men in a relationship, two women in a relationship, again an illustration of the transformation and the blurring of the lines so that there is no longer that rigid sense as if you were born into a particular body you therefore it was all map out for you what your life will be.

Yes, there are still those that believe in that reality, however looking into the next generation it will blur even more as it is already been illustrated by someone born into particular body that realizes “Not the right sex”, “I should have been a Girl”, “I should have been a boy”.

These are all a part of the transformation that is moving into balance. The balance begins within each individual, as you balance your own masculine attributes with your feminine attributes, as you balance your relationships with one another, as you create the reality of what your life is to be. There will always be those more stuck within the third dimensional reality, which is that reality of judgment and duality.

It is essential that each person find within their own hearts who they are and that each individual finds the balance and how it is reflected outward so that the partner that you have in life is the partner that makes you sing inside so that the relationships you have are those that you bring love and balance and honor and respect to every relationship.

I feel a great deal of emotion coming through people as we speak of this. So if there is anything that is the lack of that within your life right now then just let it come up, come up, come up, come up, come up ~whew~ let it go, let it go. There will be others outside of you who will attempt to put you into that mold. It is your opportunity, your choice to disconnect from that other person’s belief system.

The more that you find your balance within you the less other people’s opinions will matter. So, take in a deep breath and allow yourself to sit with that energy for a moment. Are there people in your life whose judgment keeps you from being at peace with your relationships? And if so, let that come up, bring it up from within you ~whew~ and let it go.

As you consider anything that may be happening within your own life that has to do with your responsibilities and you feel you should be doing something else or you should be responding in a different way, the word “should” is a judgment. Therefore take anything inside of you that may be programmed due to the last years of your life or perhaps when you were growing up and take anything that has to do with “should” and let it go. ~ Whew~

Open up, feel the unconditional love of source, of God, of you as your divinity. Let that wash over you. Let it fill you up.

Is it time to let certain relationships within your life be released?

It may be the release is an energetic release. It may be that the release is physical, that you simply go your separate ways. Allow yourself to sit with that energy for a moment.

As you do so, allow yourself to realign in a way that is going to support you and then again, clear out. It’s as if you wash away or smooth away those rough edges that have been out of sync due to that relationship.

When you align within yourself, what is the intrinsic balance that is within you? Considering the infinity sign where the upper is aligning with you as your divinity, it then moves past through the space of your higher self and then it comes down into you as your physical self. The infinity symbol is balance.

Open to that balance of you as the divine with you as the human. As you live your life strengthening through realizing that you as the person you are, are defined only by your own truth. Feel how that strengthens that infinity symbol.

Look around at your Life. I invite you to have the strength and the courage to be the person you want to be. I hear from people saying, “I think a lot more”, “I think I could be more”, “I think I have a potential”, “I would love to make this change, do it, in this now moment do it.

As I said that it was as if I felt everyone blooming, as if these flowers just gained in height and breath and as if they just opened up. Allow that flower within you to bloom to your belief in yourself, to taking that first step, whatever it may be; through first of all accepting yourself as you are. As you integrate that hologram of you in your expanded self by letting go of other people and their beliefs and their opinions. You know who you are. It may be a tiny little speck at first but it will grow and grow and grow.

Not only that you have the summer solstice coming up or for those of you who follow this in the southern hemisphere, you have your winter solstice coming up. Just as the earth is finding its balance of the shortest day and the longest day, it’s a way of enhancing or amplifying you and the balance that you are creating within yourself.

As you consider the solstice let that powerful pulsation of energy align with you. The universe is aligning out perfectly with the earth to amplify, to clear out and to assist humanity. It will happen whether you think about it or not, therefore by recognizing that you can stand in the energies of that moment, feeling the flow of the solstice let it support you. Again, winter or summer, it is balanced; it is there to assist you if it’s your time of hibernating or if it’s your time of growing. .

The more that the energies of the earth integrate with this higher lighter vibration the less defined the winter and the summer solstice will be, because you can always tap into the other aspect than what you are living within your hemisphere. We constantly send energy into and upon the earth to assist with balance. Gaia finds her own intrinsic balance. We therefore work with that intrinsic balance to support those of you living upon the earth. Know that you have such potential and such ability.

As I feel these energies flowing within and around you, I also see the sun. The sun as it’s moving within and around the earth, the sun as it is out here in the solar system as the central spiritual sun. Allow the energy and the light of the central sun as it flows in front of you in this now moment. This is source energy. This is source from which all of humanity was derived and which all the planets were created in which all the beings on other planets were created. This is source. Let that amplify for you whatever it is that is happening and you feel it as it radiates its light and energy into and through you.

As you take a breath in, you breathe out. Breathe in source as it is at this time of the solstice and breathe out. Breathe in balance, you as the divine with you as the human and breathe out. Breathe in the knowledge of who you are in your heart of hearts, breathe out anything else. This is powerful. This is supporting you and you are always loved.

I invite you to come back together as a group. As you come back into this moment, you begin to see all the many people who are here as a part of this and as that flow, as that energy, as that light moves through you, let yourself recognize that you as a group have the potential to create immense change. Therefore as the hologram comes up within the group it sparkles, it rotates. It is here to receive the balance from each one of you. It is here to receive that very clear knowledge of who you are and it is here to receive the choice that each person can make to let go other people’s opinions.

The hologram takes on its own energy and vibration and we see coming down, piercing through this hologram the energy of the solstice creating that balance for the hologram itself amplifying the energies of the solstice, so that it will support humanity in that way which is the best possible. You release that hologram and it flows down. It always moves in a pattern that moves down from the All That Is, moving through the dimensions. There is a part that moves out to the universe, there is that part that goes down into the center of the earth.

As this energy integrates within the earth it’s mixing with the crystalline vibration, it’s mixing with the core, gases and rocks and all that makes up the earth itself. As it does so it then expands. As it’s coming up from within the earth it’s clearing out everything that is ready to be released. You feel that energy come up within you from where you anchor inside the earth. Take a moment and as if you were just feeling that energy move through you, allow it to integrate. Feel the acceptance for who you are.

Experience the knowledge that you are yourself as the divine and you let go of anything at all that no longer serves you; so too, this is coming out and it is clearing out the collective consciousness more at that third dimensional vibration ~ Whew~ it’s cleared out. It integrates balance into the collective consciousness. It integrates the reality for every person to find out who they are and to understand and recognize who they are. It opens up to the infusion of light and energy from the solstice that it balances all in that now moment opening up the vibration of the universe to really amplify what you as humanity are doing.

There is a flow; it’s almost like an undulating wave that moves around the earth clearing out all that can be cleared out and then anchoring more deeply within each one of you. Feel the love and feel the reality for who you are.

You may choose to bring back the rest of your consciousness. It flows down from the All That Is. It comes down through that cord of light from your divinity moving through your higher self and anchoring within you. It flows down through the top of your head, through all your energy bodies and it mixes with everything that you just brought up from the earth. Take a moment and just let it wash through you, let it move into every cell within you.

Feel that intrinsic balance. Accept that you are divine. Accept that you are powerful in your own right. Let that strength and awareness come down from your divinity filling you up so that you may let go anybody else’s judgment of you.

Beloved family, whether you listen to this at the time of the solstice or you’re listening to this when the solstice its past, take a moment and breathe deeply, allowing your energy to tap into the moment when that solstice is at its peak. Feel who you are in the balance of your divinity and your human self. Recognize that the energies of the solstice can amplify that balance helping you to clear out even more and helping you to be in this now moment.

Feel your essence. Feel the love. Understand that transformations are taking place every moment, every day, every month, every year. Where are you in your own transformation? Receive that unconditional love of your own spirit. Express the balance that is you living through your heart, understanding who you are and accepting all of what that is.

Beloved know that I am always with you and within you.




» Source » Channel: Shelly Dressel